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NDNP Profile for JPEG 2000, Part 1, Core Coding

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Full name JPEG 2000 NDNP Profile

Implementation of JPEG 2000 Core Coding (Part 1) that constrains the use of variables in the specification and has been designed to support the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). A number of elements are required by the specification, including but not limited to:

  • Grayscale imagery: file to contain only one 8-bit component, color specification to be the grayscale enumerated color space or the Monochrome Input restricted ICC profile
  • Lossy compression: wavelet transform to use the 9-7 irreversible filter
  • RLCP progression order (Resolution level-Layer-Component-Position), thus providing a progression "by quality" to make it easy to extract low resolution thumbnails or a navigation pane.
  • Image tiles at 1024x1024
  • Specified metadata to be provided in the JPEG 2000 XML box

Additional general information about JPEG 2000 profiles is provided in J2K_C Notes.

Production phase Used for content in middle and final states.
Relationship to other formats
    Subtype of J2K_C, JPEG 2000 Part 1, Core Coding System
    Used by JP2_J2K_C_NDNP, JP2 File with JPEG 2000 Core Coding, NDNP Profile

Local use Explanation of format description terms

LC experience or existing holdings See J2K_C
LC preference See J2K_C

Sustainability factors Explanation of format description terms

Disclosure Public specification. Developed by the Library of Congress/National Endowment for the Humanities National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP).
    Documentation JPEG 2000 Profile for the National Digital Newspaper Program (2006).
Adoption Required of participants in the NDNP.
    Licensing and patents None
Transparency See J2K_C
Self-documentation Metadata is required by this profile; see also JP2_FF.
External dependencies See J2K_C
Technical protection considerations See JP2_FF

Quality and functionality factors Explanation of format description terms

Still Image
Normal rendering See J2K_C
Clarity (high image resolution) See J2K_C.
Color maintenance Not applicable
Support for vector graphics, including graphic effects and typography See JP2_FF
Support for multispectral bands Not relevant to this profile.
Functionality beyond normal rendering See J2K_C and JP2_FF

File type signifiers and format identifiers Explanation of format description terms

Tag Value Note
Filename extension See related format.  See JP2_FF
Internet Media Type See related format.  See JP2_FF
Magic numbers See related format.  See JP2_FF
Indicator for profile, level, version, etc. Rsiz=2
From the specification: "This profile corresponds to Profile-1 of the JPEG2000 standard . . . Rsiz=2."

Notes Explanation of format description terms

General Chronicling America is the product of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP). NDNP is a twenty-year project that will digitize millions of newspaper pages, generally by scanning pre-existing microfilms.
History The development of the NDNP JPEG 2000 profile was led by Robert Buckley, for many years a researcher with Xerox, and active in the JPEG 2000 and other standards efforts. A preliminary version of the specification was posted online during 2005; the current version was posted in May 2006.

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