Sustainability of Digital Formats: Planning for Library of Congress Collections

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The Sustainability of Digital Formats Web site provides information about digital content formats. The analyses and resources presented here will increase and be updated over time. The compilers, Caroline R. Arms, Carl Fleischhauer, and Kate Murray invite feedback on the content.


Background information and overview: What is a format? How shall we evaluate formats? What projects in other organizations are addressing these questions? Overview | Formats, Evaluation Factors, and Relationships | Papers and Presentations | Related Resources

Sustainability Factors

What affects the ability of the Library to preserve content in a given format? These sustainability factors apply to all formats. Disclosure | Adoption | Transparency | Self-documentation | External Dependencies | Impact of Patents | Technical Protection Mechanisms

Content Categories

The evaluation of formats must take into account quality and functionality. These factors vary according to the type of content under consideration and the categories will be expanded as time passes. Still Image | Sound | Textual | Moving Image | Web Archive | Datasets | Geospatial | Generic | Browse All Formats

Format Descriptions

Documents with more information about specific formats. Browse categories | Browse alphabetical list | Format Descriptions as XML
Last updated 03/10/2017