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Program Audio Visual Conservation

Copies of Audio Recordings

Audio materials in the collections of the Library of Congress can be reproduced only when all rights restrictions have been cleared. These may include donors, copyright holders, record companies, artists, radio networks, licensing organizations, unions, etc. The Motion Picture Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division (MBRS) requires anyone wishing to obtain copies to secure written authorization for the Library to make the reproductions from any and all rights holders.

Instructions, Transfer Rates and Stock Charges

While MBRS Reference staff can usually be of some assistance in determining what permissions are required, the onus is on the researcher to obtain them. We strongly urge requestors to listen to recordings before ordering. Since our cataloging information often derives from print sources, not the actual recording, we cannot guarantee that our catalog records for unpublished materials reflect the tape contents in all cases. In addition, the audio quality may vary, as it is dependent on the fidelity and condition of the original recording.

After contacting MBRS reference staff to identify the specific items to be copied, audio requestors will be referred to the Division's Public Services Office, which serves as the business arm of the MBRS Magnetic Recording Laboratory. In addition to other outreach services, the Public Services Office operates a fee-for-service operation for the duplication of audio and moving image materials.


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