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Program Cataloging in Publication


CIP Program Membership Requirements

  • Only U.S. publishers who publish titles that are likely to be widely acquired by U.S. libraries are eligible to participate in the CIP Program.
  • Every publisher/imprint must have already published a minimum of three titles by three different authors. All three titles must have been acquired by at least 1,000 U.S. libraries, either in print or e-book format. CIP Program staff search in WorldCat to determine how many libraries hold a copy of the titles.
  • Publishing houses with multiple imprints should request a CIP Upgrade in PrePub Book Link for each imprint, once the imprint has met the eligibility requirements mentioned above.
  • The following publishers, self-publishers, and authors are ineligible for the CIP Program. However, you may be eligible for the sister program; the Preassigned Control Number (PCN) Program.
    • Book vendors, distributors, printers, production houses and other intermediaries are ineligible.
    • Publishers who have published the works of fewer than three different authors are ineligible for the CIP Program.
    • Authors and editors who pay for or subsidize publication of their own works are ineligible for the CIP Program.
    • Fee-for-service publishers are ineligible for the CIP Program.
  • Participating publishers are obligated to send a print copy of all books for which CIP data was provided immediately upon publication. These books are subject to claiming. Publishers failing to meet this obligation may be suspended from the program. All books and materials sent to the Library of Congress are nonreturnable.