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Publisher Liaisons

Publisher Liaisons

Please submit a CIP Change Request in PrePub Book Link to make a change to your original CIP Request. Do not email change requests to your Publisher Liaison.

Each publisher has a Publisher Liaison assigned by publisher block. The blocks are arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the publisher's name with some anomalies. Commercial entities with "personal" names are ordered by surname (e.g., W.W. Norton is ordered by "N"); U.S. government agencies are not ordered by U.S. but by the first distinctive name (e.g., U.S. Geological Survey is ordered by "G"); and some imprints are ordered as part of an associated imprint (e.g., Clarendon is associated with Oxford University Press and ordered by "O").

From time to time the publisher blocks are redivided to ensure equitable balance of work or to ensure all publishers are covered during periods of staff shortages.

When contacting the CIP Program please include your name, phone number, publishing house name, title of book, ISBN and brief statement of concern. Please use the form on the Contact Us page to submit an inquiry to the CIP Program staff.

Publisher Blocks Publisher Liaisons Email
A-Ca Lynn Glascoe
Cb-Em Servon Gatewood
En-Jo Cheryl Dempsey Greely
Jp-O Dione Simmons
P-Rn Sandra Savage
Ro-Th David Sukites
Ti-Z Sonya Stewart
Managerial/Administrative Staff Email
Schamell Padgett,
CIP Publisher Liaisons