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Program Digital Collections Management Compendium

Digital Content Manager Roles

This guidance outlines the purpose, roles, and responsibilities of digital content managers in the Library's custodial units.

Divisions that are custodial for digital content identify staff who serve as digital content managers by requesting permission for those staff to have accounts in inventory systems to manage digital content. Those divisions are responsible for ensuring that their designated digital content managers remain up to date on best practices for the use of these systems and should contact the Digital Collections Management and Services (DCMS) division for any training and guidance they may require to properly manage collections in accordance with policies.

The digital content manager role is not a defined by a position description, job classification, or a specific set of duties across various units. Organizational units may define additional responsibilities for such roles based on the structure of that unit, the nature of its processing workflows, and the nature of the content managed by the unit. In various units, these responsibilities may be located within one person's duties or are shared among multiple staff members. Such variation notwithstanding, this guidance spells out the basic activities and responsibilities that define the sorts of activities that characterize digital content manager roles at the Library:

  • those with accounts in approved inventory systems who may be assigned as project owners or listed as agents in technical metadata may be digital content managers;
  • digital content managers stay up to date and conversant with at least one of the Library's approved digital inventory systems;
  • digital content managers are familiar with guidance provided by the Digital Collections Management Compendium and follow updates;
  • those with permissions to modify and edit project information within inventory systems may be content managers;
  • division managers, including Chiefs, should be aware of who on their staff works to manage digital content, which may or may not map directly onto digital projects staff.