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Program The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress


o Kluge scholars join a vibrant community of experts in residence at the Library of Congress, spanning over twenty years of the program. Our alumni frequently return to the Library to conduct research, to support programs as featured speakers, and to visit the people, spaces, and collections that enriched their time in residence. Our newly formed Alumni Advisory Group channels this energy back to Kluge Center programming, offering new ideas to deepen Library connections with ongoing research. As our community continues to grow, we will share resources and new opportunities for engagement here. Please contact with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Kluge Alumni Spotlight


Kluge Chair in American Law and Governance, 2019

Kluge Center Project: How Americans Think About Taxes

What was most valuable about your time at the Kluge Center?

The Kluge Center is a jewel in the shining crown that is the Library of Congress. It was a true pleasure to be in residence! The opportunity to access the Library’s incomparable materials while surrounded by a community of fascinating, friendly scholars working on a wide range of exciting topics was a high point in my career.

Using the Library’s vast resources I was able to access incredibly valuable materials about the development of American tax policy for a book project on public opinion toward taxes in the United States over time. I also had a wonderfully capable intern from Georgetown who created an annotated database of state laws preempting local government authority for another research project; she worked closely with the superb staff of research librarians, especially at the Law Library, who provided key assistance.

Where are you now?

I am currently finishing up the tax book and continuing to work on the preemption project while preparing to teach classes on Making Public Policy and on American public opinion, which will include units based on my Kluge projects. I also recently spoke with Kluge Center Director John Haskell about social policy and the COVID-19 pandemic – whether Americans’ attitudes toward social policy might change in light of the pandemic and what social assistance components of the pandemic relief bills might prove lasting.

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