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Program The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress

Chairs & Fellowships: Unique Opportunities for Scholars

The following five fellowship programs have a deadline of September 15, 2024: The Kluge Fellowship, Fellowship in Digital Studies, David B. Larson Fellowship in Health and Spirituality, the National Governing Institutions Fellowship and the Philip Lee Phillips Society Fellowship.

The Center offers residential fellowships to scholars and thought leaders to make use of the Library’s vast collections and digital resources.

“There are few better places to read and research than the Kluge Center at the Library of Congress... There is genuine time to read, reflect and think.”

–Alexander Evans, member of the British diplomatic service and 2011 Henry A. Kissinger Chair in Foreign Policy and International Relations.


The Kluge Center welcomes scholars and practitioners at the height of their fields for residencies as chair holders or as distinguished visiting scholars.

The Blumberg Chair is filled by application. The rest of these positions are filled by invitation of the Librarian of Congress. Senior scholars enjoy individual offices in the Jefferson Building, where they engage in writing and research and interact with other scholars in residence.


The Kluge Center welcomes applications from promising post-graduate scholars for research in an array of subjects that can be supported by the Library’s collections and digital resources.

These positions are filled by a range of competitions managed by the Kluge Center. Fellows receive individual carrels within the Library of Congress’s Thomas Jefferson Building.


Through formal partnerships with a range of scholarly organizations, the Kluge Center welcomes researchers selected in joint collaboration and funded by partner organizations.


The Kluge Center offers research internships through select existing programs with institutions. Interested parties should contact those institutions directly.