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Program The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress

Past Kissinger Lecturers

The Kissinger Lecturer was created through the generosity of friends of the former Secretary of State to honor both the man and a field of inquiry so important for America's future.

The Kissinger Lecturer is appointed by the Librarian of Congress upon the recommendation of the Kissinger Chair Steering Committee. The Kissinger Lecturer, like the Kissinger Scholar, has achieved distinction in the field of foreign affairs and may be of any nationality.

Past Lectures

8th Kissinger Lecture (2018)

Madame Christine LaGarde

7th Kissinger Lecture (2015)

The Right Honourable Tony Blair

6th Kissinger Lecture (2012)

President of Mexico Felipe Calderón

5th Kissinger Lecture (2007)

James A. Baker III

4th Kissinger Lecture (2005)

Fernando Henrique Cardoso

3rd Kissinger Lecture (2004)

George Shultz

2nd Kissinger Lecture (2003)

Valéry Giscard d'Estaing

Inaugural Lecture (2001)

Henry Alfred Kissinger

By Nomination Only

There will be no direct applications for the Kissinger Lecturer but nominations are welcome and may be submitted at any time to: [email protected].

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