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Program The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress

Jack Kemp Chair in Political Economy

About the Chair

The Jack Kemp Chair in Political Economy is a distinguished research position in residence at the Library. Using the research facilities and services at the Library of Congress, the scholar may engage in research on any aspect of political economy and “The American Idea,” expressed in the basic principles of equality, opportunity, and inclusion, as well as on the Jack F. Kemp Collection at the Library of Congress.

The Kemp Chair is part of the Kemp Legacy Project within the Library, which also includes Kemp’s collected papers held in the Manuscript Division. The majority of this collection covers Kemp’s 18 years in Congress, including records pertaining to the Reagan administration’s economic agenda. The records of his bids for the presidency and vice-presidency are also included, as are those from his tenure as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Personal records include family photographs, coverage of his retirement from Congress, and remembrances of his life and work in the aftermath of his death. His writings and a large personal library are also included, along with photographs and video from his football career.
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Most Recent Chair

Morton Kondracke

Jack Kemp Chair in Political Economy (2011-2012)

A political commentator and journalist for nearly 50 years, Kondracke is a former executive editor and columnist for Roll Call, former executive editor for The New Republic, and regular panelist on The McLaughlin Group from its inception in 1982. At the Library he researched and wrote a biography of Jack Kemp, co-authored with Fred Barnes, on Kemp's congressional career and his influence on the Republican Party.

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Research Areas

Political economy


By the Librarian of Congress


$13,500 per month

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