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Program The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress

Kluge Staff Fellowship


The Kluge Staff Fellowship annually provides up to two employees the chance to conduct independent research using the Library’s resources and collections. The fellowship serves to showcase the Library’s intellectual riches to the scholarly public worldwide. It offers the opportunity for a highly qualified LC staff member to participate in a period of research and residency in the John W. Kluge Center with a distinguished group of the world’s foremost senior research scholars and the most promising national and international post-doctoral fellows.


At the Scholars Council luncheon on October 11, 2001, Librarian of Congress James H. Billington announced the selection of Sylvia Rodgers Albro, Book and Paper Section, Conservation Division, as the Library’s first Kluge Staff Fellow. Albro, and the fellows who have followed her in subsequent years, provided excellent examples of the intent and purpose of the program.

Albro researched the history of hand paper-making in Fabriano, Italy, from the 13th century to the present. In addition, she documented and photographed the wealth of materials made with Fabriano papers found throughout the Library’s collections.

The Kluge Staff Fellow’s inquiry is to be conducted with the prospect of publishing a manuscript (paper or electronic) of scholarly value and a public presentation on the topic of research. In addition, the fellow is expected to engage in discourse with other scholars and fellows of the Center, and to participate in the Center’s programs.

The fellowship is for a period of residential research at the Library of up to 6 months, within the fiscal year (i.e., beginning October 1 and concluding no later than September 30 of the following year). The Fellow will be assigned to a research desk in the Kluge Center (LJ-120) of the Thomas Jefferson Building for the duration of the residency.


The fellowship is open to any Library of Congress employee who has permanent or indefinite status (except indefinite appointees with not-to-exceed dates), and who has demonstrated commitment to the institution through five years of continuous Library service. The ideal nominee also holds the terminal degree in his or her professional field, contributes to research and scholarly publications in his or her area of expertise, and has participated substantively in the Library’s intellectual life over a period of years. Staff may hold the Kluge Fellowship only once in any seven year period. Effective April 2, 2013, current staff members of the Office of Scholarly Programs are ineligible to apply for the Kluge Staff Fellowship.


The Kluge Staff Fellow is detailed to the Office of Scholarly Programs for the duration of the fellowship. As a detailee, the Fellow will be compensated at the level equivalent to his or her current salary and appropriate benefits will be maintained. The Fellow will be subject to normal leave regulations and will retain a lien on his or her present position. The originating unit will retain those funds allocated to support the vacated position and may use those funds for whatever purpose it wishes, such as to hire temporary help during the staff member’s detail.

Application Procedures

Go to application form.

Go to reference form.

Go to supervisor acknowledgement form.

The annual deadline for applications in any given year is typically the close of business, April 1. In 2023 the deadline has been extended to April 30. Application materials include: an application form, curriculum vitae (not to exceed 2 pages), a one paragraph project summary, a detailed project proposal (limited to no more than three single-spaced pages), three references (based upon suggested guidelines from the Reference form), and an Acknowledgment Form signed by the candidate’s supervisor and division chief, indicating that they are aware of the candidate’s interest in the program. Supporting materials should be limited to those specified above; applicants should not send copies of publications and other information not requested.

A subcommittee of the Kluge Center Staff Advisory Working Group will screen the applications for basic eligibility and external reviewers will make final recommendations to the Librarian for selection of the successful candidate. Applications will be reviewed and rated for completeness and appropriateness to the program’s goals. Project proposals should make imaginative use of the Library’s collections and resources, and they will be judged for originality, feasibility, and a demonstrated capability to undertake and follow through on the research project.

Program Details

Research Areas

Humanities, social sciences and professional fields such as architecture or law


Open to any Library of Congress employee who has permanent or indefinite status (except indefinite appointees with not-to-exceed dates)

Application Deadline

April 30

For More Information

The John W. Kluge Center
Phone: (202) 707-3302