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Program The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress

Current Scholars in Residence

Jane Aikin

Visiting Fellow, 2017, Independent Scholar, "America's Greatest Library: An Illustrated Chronology of the Library of Congress."

AJ Aiseirithe

Kluge Staff Fellow, 2022, Library of Congress, "The Ambiguities of Robert Purvis"

Maria Berbara

Visiting Fellow, 2023, University of Rio de Janeiro, "'They Live One Hundred and Fifty Years': The Trope of Longevity and Epidemic Diseases Across the Early Modern Atlantic"

Ali Boozari

Kluge Fellow, 2022, Tehran University of Art, "The Opening Carpet Page Design in Iranian and Indian Lithographed Books of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century and Its Impact on Central Asian Book Design"

Chantal Bright

JRRI Fellow, 2022, University of Manchester, "Women, Water Security, and Peace in Liberia: An African Ecofeminist Perspective"

Angus Brown

UK Research and Innovation Fellow, 2022, University of Cambridge, "The Development of the Pennsylvania Council of Censors and the Debate on the Separation of Powers in the Revolutionary Atlantic"

Elad Carmel

Kluge Fellow, 2021, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, "Politics of Reason: Eighteenth-Century Freethinking from Britain to the United States."

Lindsay Chervinsky

Kluge Fellow, 2022, Southern Methodist University, "An Honest Man: The Inimitable Presidency of John Adams"

Rodrigo Chocano

Kluge Fellow, 2022, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, "Transnational Collaborations and Cultural Representations in the Development of the South American Folk Music Collections at the Library of Congress"

Kate Dannies

Kluge Fellow, 2022, Miami University, "Breadwinner Soldiers: Gender and the Making of the Modern Middle East in the Ottoman First World War"

Deborah Dinner

ACLS Burkhardt Fellow, 2020, Cornell University, "A Nation at Risk: Private Insurance and the Law in Modern America"

Timothy Frye

Carnegie Chair in US-Russia Relations, 2023, Columbia University, "The Limits of Power in Putin's Russia"

Breanna Gray

Article One Fellow, 2021, University of Pennsylvania, "The Restrictive Rule Revolution in the U.S. House of Representatives and Its Implications on the Future of Deliberation in the U.S. Congress"

Michael Kramer

Digital Studies Fellow, 2020, SUNY Brockport, "The Garden in the Machine: Folk Music & Technology in the USA, 1900-Present"

Michelle Lelievre

ACLS Burkhardt Fellow, 2021, William and Mary, "Like We're Meeting the Ancestors: Connecting Mi'Kmaw Families, Places, and Stories on Nova Scotia's Chignecto Peninsula"

Chad Levinson

Kluge Fellow, 2022, Virginia Tech, "The Credibility Cartel: Extra-Governmental Organizations in US National Security Politics"

John Marks

Kluge Fellow, 2021, American Association for State and Local History, "Lives in Liberty: George Washington Former Slaves and a Saga of Black Freedom in America"

Francesca MacKenney

British Research Council Fellow, 2020, University of Bristol, "Wetlands in Literature: John Clare and Henry David Thoreau"

Suzanne Mettler

Kluge Chair in American Law and Governance, 2023, Cornell University, "The Growing Rural-Urban Political Divide and Its Impact on American Democracy"

Alberto Ortiz Diaz

David B. Larson Fellow in Health and Spirituality, 2021, University of Iowa, "Raising the Living Dead: Rehabilitative Corrections in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean"

Elisa Palomino-Perez

British Research Council Fellow, 2022, University of the Arts London, "Indigenous Artic Fish Skin Heritage"

Aretha Phiri

Kluge Fellow, 2022, Rhodes University, "Ellison and South Africa"

Benji de la Piedra

Visiting Fellow, 2021, Independent Scholar, "The Hero and the News: Albert Murray, Herbert Denton, and Ralph Ellison on the Act of Covering American Unrest"

Stephen Riegg

Kluge Fellow, 2022, Texas A&M University, "Porous Mountains: Transimperial Mobility in the Russian Empire's Caucasus"

Sophia Rosenfeld

Kluge Chair in Countries and Cultures of the North, 2022, University of Pennsylvania, "The Choices We Make: The Roots of Modern Freedom"

Judylyn Ryan

David B. Larson Fellow in Health and Spirituality, 2022, Independent Scholar, "The Epidemiology of Racism: Towards a Healing Pedagogy for Anti-Racism Education"

Brandon Schechter

Kluge Fellow, 2022, Independent Scholar, "The Search for Salvation in the Second World War"

Fergus Selsdon Games

British Research Council Fellow, 2022, Cambridge University, "Imagining Progress: John Dewey and Democracy in Postwar America"

Erin Shearer

British Research Council Fellow, 2022, University of Reading, "Women of Violence: Challenging Perceptions of Enslaved Women's Resistance in the Antebellum US South"

Laura Shearing Turner

Kluge Fellow 2020, University of Chicago, "Old Time Music: A Modern American Phenomenon"

Amber Stevenson

British Research Council Fellow, 2022, University of Exeter, "My Life as I Remember It: Subjectivities, Memory, and Narrative in British Working-Class Women's Self-Representation in the 20th Century"

Caitlin Talmadge

Henry Alfred Kissinger Chair in Foreign Policy and International Relations, 2022, Georgetown University, "The Causes and Consequences of Nuclear Escalation Risk in World Politics"a"

Mirjam Voerkelius

Kluge Fellow, 2022, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, "Evolution in Times of Revolution: Darwinism, Nature, and Society in the Soviet Union"

Sheri Wells-Jensen

NASA/LC Chair in Astrobiology, 2023, Bowling Green State University, "Disability in Space"

James Werner

Kluge Staff Fellow, 2022, Library of Congress, "Long-term Stewardship of Nuclear and Other Hazardous Materials Sites"

James West

British Research Council Fellow, 2019, Northumbria University, "The Black Press and the Built Environment in Chicago"

Jeffrey Whyte

Kluge Fellow, 2020, University of British Columbia, "Defending Democracy: A Political History of Propaganda from Abroad"

Stephanie Wood

Jay I. Kislak Chair for the Study of the History and Cultures of the Early Americas, 2022, University of Oregon, "Visual Lexicon of Aztec Hieroglyphs"

Robinson Woodward-Burns

Kluge Fellow, 2021, Howard University, "Constitutional Hardball: Congressional Partisanship and Negotiation in Historical Context"


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