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Program The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress

Current Scholars in Residence

Jane Aikin

Visiting Fellow, 2017, Independent Scholar, "America's Greatest Library: An Illustrated Chronology of the Library of Congress."

Nicole Albrecht

British Research Council Fellow, 2023, Birbeck, University of London, "Investigating the Economic and Educational Reconstruction of Yugoslavia and East Central Europe"

Lauren Beck

Visiting Fellow, 2024, Mount Allison University, "Indigenous Perceptions and Experiences of Spain"

Jacob Berkowitz

Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology, Exploration, and Scientific Innovation, 2023, Independent Scholar, "Paul W. Merrill: The Personal and Cultural Framing of Cosmic Discovery"

Imani M. Cheers

Digital Studies Fellow, 2023, George Washington University, "It Takes a Village: Basics of Boyhood and Messages for Manhood"

Alisha Chipman

Kluge Staff Fellow, 2023, Library of Congress, "Photomechanical Prints: History, Identification, and Care"

Andrew Dean

Kluge Fellow, 2023, Deakin University, "Comic Routines: Postwar Jewish American Writing"

Hardeep Dhillon

J. Franklin Jameson Fellow in American History, 2022, University of Pennsylvania, "America's Modern Immigrant Family"

Mia Edwards

British Research Council Fellow, 2023, University of Warwick, "Masculinity, Phisicality, and Disability: Shifting Experiences and Ideologies Within the Antebellum South, 1800-1861"

Noel M. George

British Research Council Fellow, 2023, London School of Economics and Political Science, "Citizenship, Refugees, and the State: Post-partition Quandaries of Citizen Becoming in India"

Jeremy Greene

Distinguished Visiting Scholar,2024, Johns Hopkins University, "Syringe Tides: Disposable Technologies and the Making of Medical Waste"

Christopher Halsted

Kluge Fellow, 2023, University of Maryland, College Park, "Globality, Society, and the Slave Trade Among the Baltic Slavs, 700-1100"

Jurretta Hecksher

Kluge Staff Fellow, 2023, Library of Congress, "'Almost a Nation of Dancers': Reading Black Dance in the Chesapeake"

Arnaud Kurze

Digital Studies Fellow, 2023, University of Washington, "Virtually Mapping and Visualizing Youth, Art, and Activism After the Cold War"

Daniele Lauro

Kluge Fellow, 2022, Arizona State University, "Nikko is Nippon: Cultural Heritage and Historical Memory in the Making of Modern and Contemporary Japan

Juan Leal-Ugalde

Kluge Fellow, 2022, Elon University, "Surviving Images and Secret Political Files: Archival Research on the Mexican Revolution and Central American Civil Wars"

Benjamin Lee

Digital Studies Fellow, 2023, University of Washington, "Re-imagining Large-Scale Search & Discovery for Web Archives at the Library of Congress"

Billy Marino

HHS/NASA Fellow, 2024, University of California - Santa Barbara, "The Places of Mars: Planetary Geologists and Environmental Knowledge on the Red Planet, 1960-1999"

John Marks

Kluge Fellow, 2021, American Association for State and Local History, "Lives in Liberty: George Washington Former Slaves and a Saga of Black Freedom in America"

Sylvia McKelvie

British Research Council Fellow, 2023, University of Oxford, "Home Territories, Health Grounds: Technoscientific Histories and Collective Futures of the Safe Supply Movement in the US"

Eman Morsi

Kluge Fellow, 2023, Dartmouth College, "Utopia Incarnate: Narratives of Consumption and the body in Cuban and Egyptian Cultural Production"

Joseph Nockels

British Research Council Fellow, 2023, University of Edinburgh, "Using Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) on the Life and Times of Frederick Douglass (1846-1849)"

Marcy Norton

Jay I. Kislak Chair for the Study of the History and Cultures of the Early Americas, 2023, University of Pennsylvania, "Indigenous Ecology and Early Modern Science, 1400-1600"

Cormac Ó hAodáin

Alan Lomax Fellowship in American Folklife, 2021, Independent Scholar, "DHORI - Digital Humanities Optimist Record Improver"

Sara Omar

Kluge Fellow, 2023, Georgetown University, "Continuity and Change: The Genealogy and Formation of Liwat in Early Muslim Discourses"

Benji de la Piedra

Visiting Fellow, 2024, Independent Scholar, "The Hero and the News: Albert Murray, Herbert Denton, and Ralph Ellison on the Act of Covering American Unrest"

Andrew Ross

SHOT/NASA Fellow, 2022, Georgetown University, "Ranges of Empire: US Missile Ranges, Plentary Infrastructure Building, and Global Militarism, 1945-1965"

Mirjam Voerkelius

Kluge Fellow, 2022, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, "Evolution in Times of Revolution: Darwinism, Nature, and Society in the Soviet Union"

Brandon Webb

Kluge Fellow, 2023, Concordia University, "Black Ink, Pink Slips, and Red Lines: The Cultural and Labor Politics of American Editorial Cartooning, 1945-1995"

Caleb Woodall

British Research Council Fellow, 2023, University of Cambridge, "Exploring the Masculinities of World War II Legionaires and Conscientious Objectors"

Sandra Young

Visiting Fellow, 2023, University of Capte Town, "Slavery in the Public Imagination: The Tempest and the Politics of Adaptation"