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Program The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress

Current Scholars in Residence

Jane Aikin

Visiting Fellow, 2017, Independent Scholar
Kluge Center Project: "America's Greatest Library: An Illustrated Chronology of the Library of Congress."

Julia Azari

Distinguished Visisting Scholar, 2019, Marquette University, "Weak Parties, Strong Partisanship"

Robin Bates

British Research Council Fellow, 2018, University of Cambridge, "Politics and Civil War Veterans' Pensions in Gilded Age America, c.1878-1900"

Alda Benjamen

Kluge Fellow, 2018, University of Pennsylvania Museum, "Negotiating the Place of Assyrians in Modern Iraq"

Margot Canaday

ACLS Burkhardt Fellow,2016, Princeton University, "Pink Precariat: LGBT Workers in the Shadow of Civil Rights, 1945-2000."

Elizabeth Chant

British Research Council Fellow, 2018, University College London, "Mapping Patagonia: Contested Cartographies 1520-Present"

Armando Chavez-Rivera

Kluge Fellow, 2018, University of Houston System (UH Victoria), "an Literature: The Domingo del Monte Collection"

Bruce Clarke

Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology, 2018, Texas Tech University, “Astrobiology, Ecology, and the Rise of Gaia Theory”

Juliet Conway

British Research Council Fellow, 2018, University of Edinburgh, “From Flirt to Flapper: Re-examining the Flirt Figure in American Fiction From 1868-1928”

Patrick Egan

Digital Studies Fellow, 2018, University College Cork, "Revelaing Hidden Field Recordings through Digital Visualization and Linked Open Data"

Tamika Galanis

Alan Lomax Fellowship in American Folklife, 2017, Duke University, "Activating the Archive -- Engaging Bahamian Folk Culture Past and Present"

James Goldgeier

Carnegie Chair in U.S.-Russia Relations, 2018, School of International Service, “The Unconstrained Presidency and U.S.-Russia Relations: Can Checks and Balances Be Restored?”

Kelly Hammond

Kluge Fellow, University of Arkansas, "China's Muslims and Japan's Empire."

Michael Hill

ACLS Burkhardt Fellow, 2017, William & Mary, "Sino-Arabic Enlightenments: At the Limits of Comparison."

Brian Hochman

Kluge Fellow
, Georgetown University, "All Ears: A History of Wiretapping in the United States"

Mark Horowitz

Kluge Staff Fellow, 2019, Library of Congress, “The Oscar Hammerstein II Correspondence”

Stephen D. Houston

Kislak Chair in American Studies, , 2018, Brown University, "Classic Choreography: The Meaning of Ancient Maya Movement"

Carsten Junker

German Fellow, 2018, Leipzig University, “Collaborative Authorship in US American Culture”

Liliya Karimova

Kluge Fellow, 2018, George Washington University, "By the Grace of God: Women, Islam, and Transformation in Russia"

Cathleen Kaveny

Cary and Ann Maguire Chair in Ethics and American History, 2018, Boston College Law School,
"Complicities: An Interdisciplinary Approach"

Lisa Kazianka

British Research Council Fellow, 2018, University of Cambridge, "Tradition & Transformation: Chivalric Ideals & Masculinity(ies) in British & American Arthurian Narratives for Middle Grade and YA Readers"

Ivan Krastev

Henry Alfred Kissinger Chair in Foreign Policy and International Relations, 2018,
Centre for Liberal Strategies, "The Crisis of Liberal Order"

Kari Kraus

Digital Studies Fellow, 2018, University of Maryland, “Cosmic Wear and Enchanted Wear: A Design Approach to Digital Patina”

Victoria Langland

ACLS Burkhardt Fellow, 2018, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,
"From Wet Nurses to Milk Banks: A History of Breastfeeding in Brazil."

Marvin LeRoy Overby

Distinguished Visiting Scholar, 2018, University of Missouri,"Elections that Echo"

Camille Mathieu

British Research Council Fellow, 2018, University of Exeter, "Replicating Power: Paris, Versailles, and the French Colonial Cities of the New World, 1660-1803"

Gianandrea Nodari

Kluge Fellow, 2018, El Colegio de Mexico, “The Monetary History of the Mexican Revolution, 1913-1918”

Adjoa Osei

British Research Council Fellow, 2018, University of Liverpool, “Performance Art, Intellectualism and Politics – A Study of an Afro-Brazilian Transnational Performer in the Early Twentieth Century”

Minxin Pei

Carnegie Chair in U.S.-China Relations, 2019, Claremont McKenna College, "The Problem of Asymmetrical Openness in U.S.-China Relations"

Charlotte Rogers

Alan Lomax Fellowship in American Folklife, 2018, University of Virginia, “Dancing through the Storm: Creative Responses to Hurricanes in the Greater Caribbean”

Susan Schneider

Distinguished Visiting Scholar, 2019, University of Connecticut, "Mind Design: A.I., Brain Enhancement, and the Nature of the Self"

Samantha Seeley

Kluge Fellow, 2018, University of Richmond, "Race and Removal in the Early American Republic"

Kimberly Tomadjoglou

Kluge Fellow, 2018, Independent Scholar, "On the Border: The Transnational Media Practice of Fronterizo Empresarios Felix and Edmundo Padilla, 1916-1937"

Lev Ernst Weitz

Kluge Fellow, 2018, Catholic University of America, "Christians and Muslims in Medieval Egypt: 'Minorities,' Rights, and the State in the Premodern World"

Duncan Yoon

Kluge Fellow, 2017, New York University, "Africa Writes China: Literature and Globalization."


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