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Index of Film Essays and Interviews

Links to expanded essays on various Registry titles as written by film scholars and critics are available here. Educators, screening programmers, writers and others are encouraged to utilize these essays freely, citing the source accordingly.

Please note that the views expressed in these essays are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Library of Congress. For further information regarding these essays, please contact

  1. 12 Angry Men by Joanna E. Rapf (PDF, 258KB)
  2. 13 Lakes by Scott McDonald (PDF, 316KB)
  3. 2001: A Space Odyssey by James Verniere (PDF, 691KB)
  4. 7th Heaven by Aubrey Solomon (PDF, 694KB)
  5. 7th Voyage of Sinbad by Tony Dalton (PDF, 900KB)
  6. Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein by Ron Palumbo (PDF, 424KB)
  7. Ace in the Hole by Molly Haskell (PDF, 330KB)
  8. Airplane! by Michael Schlesinger (PDF, 477KB)
  9. All My Babies by Josh Glick (PDF, 391KB)
  10. All Quiet on the Western Front by Garry Wills (PDF, 713KB)
  11. All That Heaven Allows by John Wills (PDF, 187KB)
  12. All the President's Men by Mike Canning (PDF, 72KB)
  13. An American in Paris – Interview with Leslie Caron (PDF, 1.36MB)
  14. Annie Hall by Jay Carr (PDF, 302KB)
  15. Antonia: A Portrait of the Woman by Diane Worthey (PDF, 458KB)
  16. Apartment, The by Kyle Westphal (PDF, 428KB)
  17. Atomic Cafe, The by John Willis (PDF, 45KB)
  18. Baby Face by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster (PDF, 819KB)
  19. Bambi by John Wills (PDF, 360KB)
  20. Bank Dick, The by Randy Skretvedt (PDF, 401KB)
  21. Bargain, The by Brian Taves (PDF, 1697KB)
  22. Battle of San Pietro, The by Ed Carter (PDF, 423KB)
  23. Being There by Jerry Dean Roberts (PDF, 118KB)
  24. Ben-Hur (1925) by Fritzi Kramer (PDF, 254KB)
  25. Ben-Hur (1959) by Gabriel Miller (PDF, 499KB)
  26. Begigist Years of Our Lives, The by Gabriel Miller (PDF, 319KB)
  27. Big Business by Randy Skretvedt (PDF, 423KB)
  28. Big Lebowski, The by J.M. Tyree & Ben Walters (PDF, 354KB)
  29. Big Trail, The by Marilyn Moss (PDF, 375KB)
  30. Birth of a Nation, The by Dave Kehr (PDF, 599KB)
  31. Black Pirate, The by Tracey Goessel (PDF, 356KB)
  32. Black Stallion, The by Keith Phipps (PDF, 375KB)
  33. Blacksmith Scene (1893) – First Motion Picture Copyright Found
  34. Blade Runner by David Morgan (PDF, 358KB)
  35. Blazing Saddles by Michael Schlesinger (PDF, 662KB)
  36. Blood of Jesus, The by Mark S. Giles (PDF, 256KB)
  37. Blue Bird, The by Kaveh Askari (PDF, 445KB)
  38. Blues Brothers, The — Interview with Dan Aykroyd (PDF, 2MB)
  39. Bonnie and Clyde by Richard Schickel (PDF, 530KB)
  40. Born Yesterday by Ariel Schudson (PDF, 394KB)
  41. Brandy in the Wilderness by Paul Schrader (PDF, 1764KB)
  42. Bride of Frankenstein, The by Richard T. Jameson (PDF, 672KB)
  43. Bringing Up Baby by Michael Schlesinger (PDF, 25KB)
  44. Broadcast News by Brian Scott Mednick (PDF, 432KB)
  45. Broken Blossoms by Ed Gonzalez (PDF, 495KB)
  46. Bronx Morning, A by Scott Simmon (PDF, 284KB)
  47. Buffalo Creek Flood: An Act of Man by Mimi Pickering (PDF, 793KB)
  48. Cabaret by Steve Tropiano (PDF, 424KB)
  49. Casablanca by Jay Carr (PDF, 565KB)
  50. Castro Street (The Coming of Consciousness) by Scott McDonald (PDF, 238KB)
  51. Cat People by Chuck Bowen (PDF, 580KB)
  52. Chechahcos, The by Chris Beheim (PDF, 316KB)
  53. Chinatown by James Verniere (PDF, 828KB)
  54. Chulas fronteras by David Wilt (PDF, 425KB)
  55. Cicero March by Nancy Watrous (PDF, 400KB)
  56. Citizen Kane by Godfrey Cheshire (PDF, 733KB)
  57. City, The by Kyle Westphal (PDF, 501KB)
  58. City Lights by Jeffrey Vance (PDF, 331KB)
  59. Civilization by Brian Taves (PDF, 370KB)
  60. Clash of the Wolves by Susan Orlean (PDF, 778KB)
  61. Close Encounters of the Third Kind by Matt Zoller Seitz (PDF, 584KB)
  62. Cologne: From the Diary of Ray and Esther by Scott Simmon (PDF, 328KB)
  63. Commandment Keeper Church by Fayth M. Parks (PDF, 433KB)
  64. Computer Animated Hand, A by Andrew Utterson (PDF, 252KB)
  65. Conversation, The by Peter Keough (PDF, 485KB)
  66. Cops by Randy Haberkamp (PDF, 294KB)
  67. Corner in Wheat, A by Daniel Eagan (PDF, 253KB)
  68. Cry of Jazz, The by Chuck Kleinhans (PDF, 230KB)
  69. Cry of the Children, The by Ned Thanhouser (PDF, 737KB)
  70. Cure for Pokeritis, A by Steve Massa (PDF, 625KB)
  71. Czechoslovakia 1968 by Robert M. Fresco (PDF, 302KB)
  72. Dance, Girl, Dance by Carrie Rickey (PDF, 697KB)
  73. Dances with Wolves by Angela Aleiss (PDF, 319KB)
  74. Dark Knight, The by Mark Dujsik (PDF, 284KB)
  75. Daughter of Shanghai by Brian Taves (PDF, 1024KB)
  76. Decasia by Daniel Eagan (PDF, 1048KB)
  77. Detour by J. Hoberbman (PDF, 525KB)
  78. Die Hard by Eric Lichtenfeld (PDF, 173KB)
  79. Dirty Harry by Matt Lohr (PDF, 627KB)
  80. Disneyland Dream by Liz Coffey (PDF, 307KB)
  81. Do the Right Thing by David Sterritt (PDF, 630KB)
  82. Double Indemnity Matt Zoller Seitz (PDF, 673KB)
  83. Down Argentine Way by Carla Arton (PDF, 407KB)
  84. Dr. Strangelove by Wheeler Winston Dixon (PDF, 320KB)
  85. Dracula by Gary Rhodes (PDF, 854KB)
  86. Drácula by András Lénárt (PDF, 664KB)
  87. Dragon Painter, The by Daisuke Miyao (PDF, 457KB)
  88. Dream of a Rarebit Fiend by Lauren Rabinovitz (PDF, 617KB)
  89. Duck Amuck by Craig Kausen (PDF, 602KB)
  90. Duck and Cover by Jake Hughes (PDF, 222KB)
  91. Duck Soup by William Wolf (PDF, 688KB)
  92. Eaux d’Artifice by Daniel Eagan (PDF, 143KB)
  93. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial by David Gibson (PDF, 390KB)
  94. Easy Rider by William Wolf (PDF, 591KB)
  95. El Mariachi and Robert Rodriguez by Charles Ramírez Berg (PDF, 3MB)
  96. El Norte by Matthew Holtmeier (PDF, 433KB)
  97. Electronic Labyrinth THX 1138 4EB by Matthew Holtmeier (PDF, 433KB)
  98. Emperor Jones, The by Scott Allen Nollen (PDF, 151KB)
  99. Empire by Cary O'Dell (PDF, 251KB)
  100. Enter the Dragon by Michael Sragow (PDF, 473KB)
  101. Eraserhead by David Sterritt (PDF, 786KB)
  102. Evidence of the Film, The by Ned Thanhouser (PDF, 524KB)
  103. Exiles, The by Catherine Russell (PDF, 298KB)
  104. Exploits of Elaine, The by Margaret Hennefeld (PDF, 686KB)
  105. Faces by Ray Carney (PDF, 530KB)
  106. Fall of the House of Usher, The by Scott Simmon (PDF, 279KB)
  107. Felicia by Marsha Gordon and Allyson Nadia Field (PDF, 232KB)
  108. Felicia by Alan Gorg (PDF, 282KB)
  109. Flash Gordon by Roy Kinnard (PDF, 282KB)
  110. The Fog of War by Betsy McLane (PDF, 299KB)
  111. Foolish Wives by Daniel Eagan (PDF, 784KB)
  112. Footlight Parade by Randy Skretvedt (PDF, 403KB)
  113. Forbidden Planet by Ian Olney (PDF, 301KB)
  114. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The by Randy Haberkamp (PDF, 545KB)
  115. Fox Movietone News: Jenkins Orphanage Band by Julie Hubbert (PDF, 462KB)
  116. Frankenstein by Richard T. Jameson (PDF, 672KB)
  117. Freshman, The by Annette D'Agostino Lloyd (PDF, 295KB)
  118. From Stump to Ship by Karan Sheldon (PDF, 466KB)
  119. From the Manger to the Cross by Daniel Eagan (PDF, 352KB)
  120. Fury by Raquel Stecher (PDF, 602KB)
  121. Gertie the Dinosaur by Daniel Eagan (PDF, 506KB)
  122. Ghostbusters by Adam Bertocci (PDF, 320KB)
  123. Gilda by Kimberly Truhler (PDF, 283KB)
  124. Gigi – Interview with Leslie Caron (PDF, 1.36MB)
  125. Godfather II, The by Michael Sragow (PDF, 528KB)
  126. Godfather, The by Michael Sragow(PDF, 528KB)
  127. Gold Rush, The by Darren R. Reid and Brett Sanders (PDF, 607KB)
  128. Gone with the Wind by Molly Haskell (PDF, 649KB)
  129. Graduate, The by Jami Bernard (PDF, 520KB)
  130. Grass by Dennis Doros (PDF, 486KB)
  131. Great Dictator, The by Jeffrey Vance (PDF, 680KB)
  132. Groundhog Day by Steve Ginsberg (PDF, 270KB)
  133. Gun Crazy by Richard T. Jameson (PDF, 639KB)
  134. Gus Visser and His Singing Duck by Scott Simmon (PDF, 239KB)
  135. Halloween by Murray Leeder (PDF, 522KB)
  136. Hands Up! by Steve Massa (PDF, 465KB)
  137. Harlan County, USA by Randy Haberkamp (PDF, 363KB)
  138. Hearts and Minds by Peter Davis (PDF, 211KB)
  139. Hell's Hinges by David Menefee (PDF, 859KB)
  140. Heroes All by Gerry Veeder (PDF, 250KB)
  141. Hester Street by Eric Goldman (PDF, 375KB)
  142. High School by Barry Grant (PDF, 406KB)
  143. Hitch-Hiker, The by Wheeler Winston Dixon (PDF, 743KB)
  144. Hole, The by Greg Cwik (PDF, 337KB)
  145. Hospital by Barry Keith Grant (PDF, 382KB)
  146. The House I Live In by Art Simon (PDF, 156KB)
  147. House in the Middle, The by Kelly Chisholm (PDF, 409KB)
  148. House of Wax by Jack Theakston (PDF, 446KB)
  149. I, An Actress by Scott Simmon (PDF, 292KB)
  150. Imitation of Life (1934) by Ariel Schudson (PDF, 384KB)
  151. Imitation of Life (1959) by Matthew Kennedy (PDF, 761KB)
  152. Immigrant, The by Jeffrey Vance (PDF, 617KB)
  153. In the Heat of the Night by Michael Schlesinger (PDF, 318KB)
  154. In the Land of the Head Hunters by Aaron Glass and Brad Evans (PDF, 587KB)
  155. Incredible Shrinking Man, The by Barry Keith Grant (PDF, 358KB)
  156. Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport by Mark Jonathan Harris (PDF, 206KB)
  157. Intolerance by Benjamin Schrom (PDF, 635KB)
  158. Invasion of the Body Snatchers by Robert Sklar (PDF, 687KB)
  159. Iron Horse, The by David Kiehn (PDF, 349KB)
  160. It by Dino Everett (PDF, 715KB)
  161. It Happened One Night by Ian Scott (PDF, 513KB)
  162. Jailhouse Rock by Carrie Rickey (PDF, 495KB)
  163. Jam Session by Mark Cantor (PDF, 246KB)
  164. Jaws by Nathan Wardinski (PDF, 236KB)
  165. Jazz Singer, The by Ron Hutchinson (PDF, 1534KB)
  166. Jezebel by Gabriel Miller (PDF, 186 KB)
  167. Jezebel by Cary O'Dell (PDF, 1 MB)
  168. Johnny Guitar by Michael Schlesinger (PDF, 638KB)
  169. Kid, The by Jeffrey Vance (PDF, 398KB)
  170. King Kong by Michael Price (PDF, 448KB)
  171. King of Jazz by Jonas Nordin (PDF, 522KB)
  172. Kiss Me Deadly by Alain Silver (PDF, 314KB)
  173. La vengenza de Pancho Villa by Laura Isabel Serna, PhD (PDF, 321KB)
  174. Lady Windermere's Fan by Scott Simmon (PDF, 218KB)
  175. Lambchops by Ron Hutchinson (PDF, 593KB)
  176. Land Beyond the Sunset, The by Scott Simmon (PDF, 261KB)
  177. Lawrence of Arabia by Michael Wilmington (PDF, 573KB)
  178. Lead Shoes, The by Kyle Westphal (PDF, 312KB)
  179. Learning Tree, The by Maurice Berger (PDF, 400KB)
  180. Let There Be Light by Bryce Lowe (PDF, 378KB)
  181. Let's All Go to the Lobby by Thad Komorowski (PDF, 375KB)
  182. Life and Death of 9413: A Hollywood Extra, The by Brian Taves (PDF, 371KB)
  183. Little Big Man by Kimberly Lindbergs (PDF, 456KB)
  184. Little Miss Marker by John Kasson (PDF, 381KB)
  185. Little Nemo by Daniel Eagan (PDF, 272KB)
  186. Living Desert, The by Paul Kenworthy(PDF, 606KB)
  187. Lonesome by Raquel Stecher (PDF, 25KB)
  188. Lost World, The by Brian Taves (PDF, 536KB)
  189. Love Finds Andy Hardy by Charlie Achuff (PDF, 800KB)
  190. Love Me Tonight by Richard Barrios (PDF, 421KB)
  191. Mabel's Blunder by Brent E. Walker (PDF, 332KB)
  192. Magical Maestro by Thad Komorowski (PDF, 399KB)
  193. Magnificent Seven, The by Stephen Prince (PDF, 328KB)
  194. Making of an American, The by Charles "Buckey" Grimm (PDF, 365KB)
  195. Maltese Falcon by Richard T. Jameson (PDF, 437KB)
  196. Master Hands by Richard Marback and Jim Brown (PDF, 240KB)
  197. Matrimony's Speed Limit by Margaret Hennefeld (PDF, 217KB)
  198. McCabe & Mrs. Miller by Chelsea Wessels (PDF, 367KB)
  199. Meet Me in St. Louis by Andrea Alsberg (PDF, 567KB)
  200. Men and Dust by Adrianne Finelli (PDF, 422KB)
  201. Middleton Family at the New York World's Fair, The by Andrew Wood (PDF, 404KB)
  202. Midnight by Kyle Westphal (PDF, 275KB)
  203. Mildred Pierce by Charlie Achuff (PDF, 315KB)
  204. Modern Times by Jeffrey Vance (PDF, 596KB)
  205. Mom and Dad by Eric Schaefer (PDF, 639KB)
  206. Monterey Pop - Interview with Michelle Phillips (PDF, 1MB)
  207. Morocco by Donna Ross (PDF, 643KB)
  208. A MOVIE by Kevin Hatch (PDF, 245KB)
  209. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington by Robert Sklar (PDF, 1.27MB)
  210. Music Box, The by Randy Skretvedt (PDF, 509KB)
  211. Nanook of the North by Patricia R. Zimmermann (PDF, 378KB)
  212. Nashville by David Sterritt (PDF, 679KB)
  213. National Lampoon's Animal House - Interview with Tim Matheson (PDF, 309KB)
  214. The Navigator by Yair Solan (PDF, 707KB)
  215. Network by Joanna E. Rapf (PDF, 813KB)
  216. Night of the Hunter, The by Peter Rainer (PDF, 477KB)
  217. Night of the Living Dead by Jim Trombetta (PDF, 772KB)
  218. A Nightmare on Elm Street by Nathan Wardinski (PDF, 172KB)
  219. Norma Rae by Gabriel Miller (PDF, 414KB)
  220. North by Northwest by Thomas Leitch (PDF, 327KB)
  221. (nostalgia) by the National Film Preservation Foundation (PDF, 217KB)
  222. Notes on the Port of St. Francis by Scott McDonald (PDF, 548KB)
  223. Now, Voyager by Charlie Achuff (PDF, 330KB)
  224. OffOn by Scott Simmon (PDF, 210KB)
  225. Oklahoma! by Phil Hall (PDF, 681KB)
  226. On the Waterfront by Robert Sklar (PDF, 627KB)
  227. Once Upon a Time in the West by Chelsea Wessels (PDF, 441KB)
  228. One Froggy Evening by Craig Kausen (PDF, 602KB)
  229. One Survivor Remembers by Kary Antholis (PDF, 447KB)
  230. One Week by Daniel Eagan (PDF, 557KB)
  231. Our Day by Margaret Compton (PDF, 316KB)
  232. Out of the Past by Stephanie Zacharek (PDF, 529KB)
  233. Parable by Mark Quigley (PDF, 293KB)
  234. Pass the Gravy by Steve Massa (PDF, 402KB)
  235. Pawnbroker, The by Annette Insdorf (PDF, 596KB)
  236. Peege by Daniel Eagan (PDF, 247KB)
  237. Pillow Talk by Matthew Kennedy (PDF, 332KB)
  238. Pink Flamingos by Howard Hampton (PDF, 367KB)
  239. Pinocchio by J.B. Kaufman (PDF, 439KB)
  240. Planet of the Apes by John Wills (PDF, 334KB)
  241. Plow That Broke the Plains, The by Robert Snyder (PDF, 483KB)
  242. Poor Little Rich Girl, The by Eileen Whitfield (PDF, 968KB)
  243. Porgy and Bess by Foster Hirsch (PDF, 648KB)
  244. Power and the Glory, The by Aubrey Solomon (PDF, 273KB)
  245. Powers of Ten by Eric Schuldenfrei (PDF, 554KB)
  246. Precious Images by Patricia R. and Dale Zimmermann (PDF, 500KB)
  247. Preservation of the Sign Language by Christopher Shea (PDF, 227KB)
  248. President McKinley Inauguration by Charles "Buckey" Grimm (PDF, 319KB)
  249. Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke Fairy by Scott Simmon (PDF, 242KB)
  250. Producers, The by Brian Scott Mednick (PDF, 509KB)
  251. Psycho by Charles Taylor (PDF, 488KB)
  252. Pulp Fiction by Jami Bernard (PDF, 468KB)
  253. Pups Is Pups by Randy Skretvedt (PDF, 275KB)
  254. Quiet Man, The by Scott Nollen (PDF, 537KB)
  255. Raging Bull by Jami Bernard (PDF, 476KB)
  256. Rear Window by John Belton (PDF, 510KB)
  257. Rebel Without a Cause by Jay Carr (PDF, 627KB)
  258. Red Book, The by Holly Willis (PDF, 307KB)
  259. Red Dust by Daniel Eagan (PDF, 258KB)
  260. Red River by Michael Schlesinger (PDF, 391KB)
  261. Regeneration by Marilyn Ann Moss (PDF, 247KB)
  262. Ride the High Country by Stephen Prince (PDF, 381KB)
  263. Rio Bravo by Michael Schlesinger (PDF, 500KB)
  264. River, The by Dr. Robert J. Snyder (PDF, 474KB)
  265. Road to Morocco by Richard Zoglin (PDF, 455KB)
  266. Rose Hobart by Holly Willis (PDF, 386KB)
  267. Safety Last by Richard W. Bann (PDF, 425KB)
  268. Salome by Martin Turnbull (PDF, 509KB)
  269. San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, April 18, 1906 by Daniel Eagan (PDF, 220KB)
  270. Schindler’s List by Jay Carr (PDF, 568KB)
  271. Searchers, The by Scott Allen Nollen (PDF, 134KB)
  272. Sergeant York by Donna Ross (PDF, 1054KB)
  273. Sex Life of the Polyp, The by Steve Massa (PDF, 564KB)
  274. Shadow of a Doubt by Thomas Leitch (PDF, 480KB)
  275. Shadows by Ray Carney (PDF, 308KB)
  276. She Done Him Wrong by Randy Skretvedt (PDF, 307KB)
  277. Shoes by Shelley Stamp (PDF, 379KB)
  278. Shop Around the Corner by Kevin Bahr (PDF, 270KB)
  279. Show Boat by Phil Hall (PDF, 1013KB)
  280. The Silence of the Lambs by Will Mann (PDF, 371KB)
  281. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by J.B. Kaufman (PDF, 575KB)
  282. Son of the Sheik, The by Donna Hill (PDF, 800KB)
  283. So's Your Old Man by Steve Massa (PDF, 502KB)
  284. Some Like It Hot by David Eldridge (PDF, 327KB)
  285. Spook Who Sat by the Door, The by Michael T. Martin (PDF, 441KB)
  286. St. Louis Blues by Mark Cantor (PDF, 836KB)
  287. Stagecoach by Scott Nollen (PDF, 708KB)
  288. Star Wars by Matt Zoller Seitz (PDF, 529KB )
  289. State Fair by Aubrey Solomon (PDF, 509KB)
  290. Steamboat Willie by Dave Smith (PDF, 358KB)
  291. Story of G.I. Joe, The by Amy Dunkelberger (PDF, 1.07MB)
  292. Strong Man, The by Bill Schelly (PDF, 386KB)
  293. Study in Reds, A by Patricia R. Zimmermann (PDF, 450KB)
  294. Study of a River by Claudia Costa Pederson (PDF, 385KB)
  295. Sullivan's Travels by Julie Grossman (PDF, 397KB)
  296. Superman: The Movie by Chuck Kolpinski (PDF, 205KB)
  297. Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One by Maria San Filippo (PDF, 258KB)
  298. Sweet Smell of Success, The by Andrea Alsberg (PDF, 423KB)
  299. Tall T, The by Michael Schlesinger (PDF, 261KB)
  300. T.A.M.I. Show, The by David E. James (PDF, 259KB)
  301. Tarantella by Lauren Rabinovitz (PDF, 390KB)
  302. Terminator, The by John Wills (PDF, 314KB)
  303. Tess of the Storm Country by Eileen Whitfield (PDF, 750KB)
  304. Tevye by J. Hoberman (PDF, 389KB)
  305. There It Is by Steve Massa (PDF, 554KB)
  306. They Call It Pro Football by Ed Carter (PDF, 281KB)
  307. Thief of Bagdad, The by Joe Morgenstern (PDF, 748KB)
  308. This Is Cinerama by Kyle Westphal (PDF, 724KB)
  309. Time For Burning, A by Ed Carter (PDF, 368KB)
  310. To Be or Not to Be by David L. Smith (PDF, 486KB)
  311. Tol'able David by Fritzi Kramer (PDF, 380KB)
  312. Tootsie by Brian Scott Mednick (PDF, 242KB)
  313. Top Hat by Carrie Rickey (PDF, 607KB)
  314. Topaz by Karen L. Ishizuka (PDF, 379KB)
  315. Touch of Evil by Michael Sragow (PDF, 596KB)
  316. Toy Story by Mindy Rickles (PDF, 1MB)
  317. Traffic in Souls by Marilyn Ferdinand (PDF, 375KB)
  318. Trip Down Market Street, A by David Kiehn (PDF, 281KB)
  319. Tulips Shall Grow by Mark Mayerson (PDF, 236KB)
  320. Twelve O’Clock High by Luisa F. Ribeiro (PDF, 594KB)
  321. Twentieth Century by Michael Schlesinger (PDF, 515KB)
  322. Two-Color Kodachrome Test Shots III by James Layton (PDF, 388KB)
  323. Two-Lane Blacktop by Sam Adams (PDF, 633KB)
  324. Uncle Tom's Cabin by Stephen Railton (PDF, 385KB)
  325. Under Western Stars by Howard Kazanjian and Chris Enss (PDF, 389KB)
  326. Verbena trágica by Carl J. Mora (PDF, 424KB)
  327. Vertigo by Thomas Leitch (PDF, 614KB)
  328. Virtuous Vamp, A by Jennifer Ann Redmond (PDF, 267KB)
  329. Wattstax by Al Bell (PDF, 209KB)
  330. Wedding March, The by Crystal Kui (PDF, 441KB)
  331. What's Opera, Doc? by Craig Kausen (PDF, 602KB)
  332. Where Are My Children? by Shelley Stamp (PDF, 329KB)
  333. White Fawn's Devotion by Scott Simmon (PDF, 281KB)
  334. White Heat by Marilyn Ann Moss (PDF, 919KB)
  335. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? by Alexis Ainsworth (PDF, 99KB)
  336. Why Man Creates by Sean Savage (PDF, 243KB)
  337. Why We Fight by Thomas Bohn (PDF, 397KB)
  338. Wild and Woolly by Steve Massa (PDF, 225KB)
  339. Wild Boys of the Road by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster (PDF, 321KB)
  340. Wild Bunch, The by Michael Wilmington (PDF, 541KB)
  341. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory by Brian Scott Mednick (PDF, 452KB)
  342. Wind, The by Fritzi Kramer (PDF, 283KB)
  343. Wings by Dino Everett (PDF, 522KB)
  344. Wishing Ring; An Idyll of Old England, The by Kyle Westphal (PDF, 375KB)
  345. Within Our Gates by Daniel Eagan (PDF, 506KB)
  346. Wizard of Oz, The by Peter Keough (PDF, 649KB)
  347. A Woman Under the Influence by Ray Carney (PDF, 454KB)
  348. Woodstock by Ed Carter and Dale Bell (PDF, 118KB)
  349. Young Frankenstein by Brian Scott Mednick (PDF, 377KB)
  350. Zapruder Film by Daniel Eagan (PDF, 660KB)

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