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Film Preservation Plan

Redefining Film Preservation is an action plan to save America's motion picture heritage. Concluding a two-part process mandated by the National Film Preservation Act of 1992, it builds from the study Film Preservation 1993, submitted to Congress in June 1993, and presents recommendations by the Librarian of Congress and his advisory National Film Preservation Board. children: - title: Overview content: preservation-research/preservation-plan/overview.html slug: overview - title: 'Redefining Film Preservation: A National Plan' content: preservation-research/preservation-plan/redefining-film-preservation.html slug: redefining-film-preservation description: 'Recommendations of the Librarian of Congress in consultation with the National Film Preservation Board' - title: 'Film Storage White Paper' content: preservation-research/preservation-plan/film-storage-white-paper.html slug: film-storage-white-paper description: 'Keeping Cool and Dry: A New Emphasis in Film Preservation. Redefining Preservation Task Force: Supporting Document A' - title: 'Film Projection Guidelines' content: preservation-research/preservation-plan/film-projection-guidelines.html slug: film-projection-guidelines description: 'Handling and Projecting 35mm Archive and Studio Prints: Voluntary Guidelines
Supporting Document B: Public Access and Educational Use Task Force' - title: 'Depositing Films with Archives: A Guide to the Legal Issues' content: preservation-research/preservation-plan/depositing-films-with-archives.html slug: depositing-films-with-archives description: 'Supporting Document D: Public-Private Cooperation Task Force' - title: 'Voluntary Guidelines for Joint Studio-Archive Restoration Projects' content: preservation-research/preservation-plan/joint-studio-archive-restoration-project-guidelines.html slug: joint-studio-archive-restoration-project-guidelines description: 'Supporting Document C: Public-Private Cooperation Task Force'

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