Here you can find useful information about film related resources in the world, film education, film careers, film preservation jobs and other legal resources.

  • Public Research Centers & Archives A comprehensive listing of Public Moving Image Archives and Research Centers from around the world.
  • Copyright Issues Related to Film Resources for Copyright and other legal issues related to film industry.
  • Legislation Impacting Film Preservation Legislative initiatives of interest to moving image preservation community covering intellectual property laws, orphan works legislations and others.
  • Film Schools & Careers in Preservation The following highlights some of the resources available to prospective students, employers and employees.
  • Commercial Moving Image Services Listed below are corporations and individuals that provide products and services for the film and video preservation community.
  • Television Resources The following is a list of organizations and individuals providing information and services related to the preservation of television.
  • General Film Publications & Guides Offered below is an assortment of brochures, booklets, case studies, directories, guidelines, how-to manuals, journals, newsletters, white papers and much more devoted to film preservation issues, practices and projects.
  • Film Preservation & Cultural Organizations The listings here represent many of the world’s leading film preservation institutions and supporters, and organizations that provide access to historically and culturally important films.
  • Preservation/Restoration Resources and Projects Noted below are some of the film preservation and restoration projects and programs in the United States and abroad, including current developments and listings of upcoming events in these areas.
  • Repatriation Resources Below is information regarding the repatriation of American films from foreign archives to preservation institutions in the United States.
  • Past Projects The National Film Preservation Board has sponsored many projects since its inception in 1988, from reports to online databases to promotional events, all in support of film preservation.