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Program National Recording Preservation Board


Online Resources 

Useful information about sound related resources around the world, including published articles, notable sound archives and major sound-related publications.

Audio Storage at the Library of Congress’s Packard Campus 

The collection storage facilities of the Library of Congress National Audio-Visual Conservation Center (NAVCC), headquartered at the Library's Packard Campus near Culpeper, Virginia, are located in a former underground bunker that had once served as a cold-war era continuity of operations (COOP) site for the US Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Located 75 miles southwest of Washington, DC, the Packard Campus was constructed on...

Major Audio Collections at the Library of Congress 

The Library of Congress holds the nation's largest public collection of sound recordings (music and spoken word) and radio broadcasts, some 3.5 million recordings in all. Recordings represent over 110 years of sound recording history in nearly every sound recording format and cover a wide range of subjects and genres in considerable depth and breadth.

Video Tutorials 

Exiftool Tutorial Series A Look Inside the National Jukebox Preserving Audio Cylinders The Lingering Legacy of Common Law Copyright Designing a Quality Audio Suite ARSC Presentations AES Presentations The Life of an Audio Engineer at the Library of Congress Vinyl Disc Repair Additional Resources Exiftool Tutorial Series Four-part series of videos created by AudioVisual Preservation Solutions geared toward improving digital preservation workflows but also...

Preservation & Assessment Tools 

Preservation Research Projects The Library of Congress pursues preservation research with an aim to forward the National Preservation Research Agenda for the Human Record. Library staff members have published extensively on a wide range of research topics.

Education & Training 

University Degree Programs. The following organizations, colleges and universities offer programs and classes tailored towards recorded sound preservation and related subjects.

Vintage Audio Formats and Equipment Information 

Additional resources for audio cataloging and preservation.

Historical Background 

These resources provide historical background for the business and technology behind recorded sound.