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Program National Recording Preservation Plan

Radio Preservation Task Force

The Radio Preservation Task Force (RPTF), created early in 2014, grows out of the Library of Congress National Recording Preservation Plan (December 2012, see:, and seeks to:

  1. To support collaboration between faculty researchers and archivists toward the preservation of radio history
  2. To develop an online inventory of extant American radio archival collections, focusing on recorded sound holdings, including research aids
  3. To identify and save endangered collections
  4. To develop pedagogical guides for utilizing radio and sound archives
  5. To act as a clearing house to encourage and expand academic study on the cultural history of radio through the location of grants, the creation of research caucuses, and development of metadata on extant materials

RPTF Sound Collections Database: External

Task Force Directors

Director &
NRPB Fellow

Josh Shepperd
University of Colorado-Boulder

Assistant Director

Shawn Vancour


Christopher H. Sterling
George Washington University
Chair, National Recording Preservation Board

RPTF Chair

Michele Hilmes
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Metadata Directors

William Vanden Dries
Indiana University

Mark Matienzo
Stanford University

Preservation Director

Brandon Burke
Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford University

Derek Vaillant
University of Michigan
(Preservation Historian)

Conference Director

Neil Verma

Network Directors

Emily Goodmann
Clarke University

Dylan Flesch

Sammy Jones

Amanda Keeler

Transnational Director

Christine Ehrick
University of Louisville

Education Directors

Kit Hughes
Colorado State University

Allison Perlman
University of California-Irvine

Spanish Language/Bilingual Director

Inés Casillas
UC-Santa Barbara

Graduate Student Representative

Catherine Martin,
Boston University

Partnerships and Collaborations

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