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Program National Recording Preservation Plan

Current RPTF Projects

The Radio Preservation Task Force is working on multiple educational projects with archival and historical institutions. By identifying curricular goals as a part of the process of preservation, accessibility will encourage sustainable material appropriation of sound history.

Sound Submissions Project

The Radio Preservation Task Force (RPTF) of the Library of Congress National Recording Preservation Board is pleased to announce the launch of Sound Submissions, a digital humanities program in the Recorded Sound Section of the Library’s National Audio-Visual Conservation Center (NAVCC).

The RPTF is a consortium of scholars, archivists, and educators created through the Library’s National Recording Preservation Plan to facilitate identification and preservation of extant radio materials in private and public collections throughout the country. Sound Submissions establishes an RPTF curatorial team led by Josh Shepperd (University of Colorado Boulder) to facilitate donations of digitized recordings and associated metadata for ingestion into the Library’s permanent digital archive.

Through the Sound Submissions program, collection holders preserve their digital files while retaining the original, physical media. Digital recordings are maintained by the Library’s National Audio-Visual Conservation Center in Culpeper, Virginia, and Library users can listen to recordings onsite at the NAVCC’s Recorded Sound Research Center in Washington, DC.

Sound Submissions addresses the crucial need for long-term digital preservation solutions for sound materials while expanding and diversifying the range of cultural and political representation in national collections. Through this initiative, the RPTF and Library of Congress aim to promote preservation and public knowledge and appreciation of national audio heritage, ensuring recordings are successfully preserved and accessible to current and future generations."

Cold War Communication Project

Representatives from over 15 universities (and growing) are exploring of the history of federal and international radio recordings. We're looking at Radio Free Europe, Voice of America, and related recordings such as public service announcements, propaganda broadcasts, refugee radio, and documentaries, in collaboration with the following institutions:

  • Hoover Institution Library and Archives
  • Library of Congress
  • U.S. National Archives
  • Wilson Center - Cold War International History Project
  • Voice of America


  • Jane Curry (Santa Clara University)
  • Brandon Burke (Hoover Institution Library and Archives)

Sound Collections Database External

A collaboration between the Library of Congress National Recording Preservation Board, Radio Preservation Task Force, and Association of Recorded Sound Collections to locate, assess, and catalog collection-level descriptions of extant radio collections across the United States through a big data interface. The Sound Collections Database was developed and maintained by RPTF Metadata Directors Mark Matienzo (Stanford University) and William Vanden Dries (Indiana University).