Online Resources

Useful information about sound related resources around the world, including published articles, notable sound archives and major sound-related publications.

  • Audio Preservation Bibliography Published articles on a variety of facets of sound preservation, cataloging, and standardization, among other topics, categorized by discipline and area of study.
  • Archives Major archives throughout the world which house significant collections of recorded sound.
  • Organizations National and international associations which deal with sound recording, sound archiving, and preservation.
  • Publications Publications, online and print, which regularly take on topics pertinent to sound recording and preservation.
  • Major Record Labels Companies which are involved in the production, distribution, and marketing of sound recordings, as well as the management of trademarks and copyright for those recordings.
  • Commercial Services Businesses which specialize in the repair and transfer of outdated/obsolete sound media types, such as cylinders and platters, as well as other services.
  • Blogs & Oral Histories This collection of links highlights some related blogs that discuss topics closely related to the National Recording Preservation Plan's mission.
  • Additional Audio Resources “Best Practices” for Music and Audio Cataloging 10 Best Practices for Music Cataloging External Guitar Junky Best Practices for Music Cataloging External Music Library Association Non-Music Sound Recordings Checklist (RDA Update) External Yale Sound Recordings Cataloging External SPC (Special Library Cataloging) Best Practices for Cataloging Streaming Media External RDA Best Practices for Music Cataloging Using RDA and MARC21 External RDA Toolkit Basic Metadata Guidelines...