Solve These Mystery Photos

Around 2015, the Moving Image and Recorded Sound Division of the Library of Congress acquired a huge collection of show business-related publicity stills from a long-time vendor/collector out of New Jersey. This collection, known as the “Unshredded Nostalgia Collection” is 30,000 images strong. It fills 36 full-size filing cabinets at the Library.

Thankfully, when the collection first arrived to the LC, the great majority of the images were properly ID-ed and foldered but there were about 800 that were unidentified.

Thanks to some diligent work from Library staff and the great help of the public, we’ve been able to identify all but about 30 of these images!

Some of those photos still in need of identification are below. Please take a look and should you have an idea who they might be, please e-mail:

All the info we have each of the photos—i.e. anything on the back, etc.—is listed in the descriptions below. Many thanks!

Please note that the numbers on the photos below are NOT sequential.