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Video Tutorials

Exiftool Tutorial Series

Four-part series of videos created by AudioVisual Preservation Solutions geared toward improving digital preservation workflows but also applicable to other audio applications. External

A Look Inside the National Jukebox

In May 2013, the staff-led Packard Campus Institute (PCI) hosted a presentation on the National Jukebox by Gene DeAnna, Head of the Recorded Sound Section at the Library of Congress. In his presentation, Gene showcases several recordings and demonstrates the various features designed to encourage exploration of this amazing trove of recordings. The presentation below is an edited version of a talk delivered to Library staff as part of the Packard Campus Institute (PCI) ongoing lecture series.

A Look Inside the National Jukebox

Preserving Audio Cylinders: From Edison to the Archeophone

Article and videos pertaining to the background, formats and digitization/preservation of cylinders.

In mid-2016, George Washington University School of Law professor Zvi Rosen spoke at the Library of Congress's Packard campus on the topic of "The Lingering Legacy of Common Law Copyright."

Copyright protection for sound recordings was a source of confusion for the better part of the 20th century, until Congress federalized protection for these sound recordings in the 70s--but only for sound recordings made from 1972 forward. Recordings made before then continue to be protected by a patchwork of state law protections, most notably the otherwise-extinct doctrine of common law copyright. Although the doctrine of common law copyright is centuries old, basic questions like whether it includes a right of public performance have not been debated extensively since the 19th century.

In this talk, Professor Rosen will explore how the jurisprudence of common law copyright is more fully fleshed out than many assume and is in certain ways a broader bundle of rights than statutory copyright. Although the Copyright Office has recommended federalization of protection for pre-1972 sound recordings, that has not happened yet, and this talk aims to shed light on the dinosaur of a doctrine that governs IP worth billions.

Download the presentation (PPTX, 2.9MB)
Download the audio recording (MP3, 55.4MB)

Designing a Quality Audio Suite

A How-To Video about the audio suites at the Library of Congress's Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation.

ARSC Presentations

AES Presentations

The Life of an Audio Engineer at the Library of Congress

Bryan Hoffa, an audio engineer at the Library of Congress’s Packard Campus, who spends his days working to preserve audio, espouses on all that that entails.

The Life of an Audio Engineer at the Library of Congress

Vinyl Disc Repair

Technician Carla Alton repairs a fractured disc.

Vinyl Disc Repair

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