Of the People: Widening the Path seeks to add and amplify the stories of people whose voices have traditionally been minimized through programs supporting innovative exploration and engagement with Library collections.

  • Connecting Communities Digital Initiative The Connecting Communities Digital Initiative will encourage creators in Black, Indigenous, and communities of color to combine Library materials with technology to connect Americans with a more expansive understanding of our past and future.
  • CCDI Advisory Board Nine experts in technology, cultural memory, libraries and archives have signed on to serve as the advisory board for the Connecting Communities Digital Initiative, a key component of the new initiative Of the People: Widening the Path at the Library of Congress.
  • Artist/Scholar in Residence The Artist/Scholar-in-Residence program support the creation of new scholarly and/or artistic works that will deepen the connection between the Library of Congress and the lives and perspectives of Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color through new or re-imagined uses of technology.