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Program Of the People: Widening the Path

2022 Artist/Scholar in Residence

The Artist/Scholar-in-Residence program supports the creation of new scholarly and/or artistic works that will deepen the connection between the Library of Congress and the lives and perspectives of Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color through new or re-imagined uses of technology.

The Library of Congress is pleased to announce the inaugural awardee of this program along with other CCDI grant recipients. Beginning in April, the library and higher education recipients will work on their projects over the next 12 months. The scholar recipient will spend the next two years working on their project.

2022 Scholar in Residence

Maya S. Cade

stylized image of Maya S Cade

PROJECT: “Black Film Archive: Tenderness in Black Film”

LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY

Maya S. Cade, creator and curator of Black Film Archive, a living register of Black films from 1915 to 1979, will explore the place of tenderness in American Black film during her two-year residency at the Library. Black Film Archive, an already impressive digital archive, will draw on the vast digital collections at the Library by working with librarians, archivists and preservationists in the Moving Image Research Center to make a much larger corpus of films more accessible to the public. Moreover, Cade’s tenderness prompt will create space for the public to think more deeply not only about Black film but also about the possibilities and necessities of tenderness (as critical metadata) in digital collections. Through social media engagement, a dynamic digital annotated bibliography, and a short film, Cade will guide us in the vital task of re-imagining what tenderness has and can look like in libraries, archives, and cinema. External link

"The Library of Congress’ ongoing commitment to finding innovative pathways for the public to access a wealth of knowledge is a quest mirrored in my work with Black Film Archive. Becoming the inaugural Scholar-in-Residence for the CCDI grant ensures Black Film Archive continues to expand Black film scholarship for years to come. Building out the future of the Archive with the support and resources of the Library is a dream come true."

~ Maya S. Cade

Blog: Of the People

Latest news on the Library-wide initiative, Of the People: Widening the Path, that connects the national library more deeply with Black, Indigenous and communities of color historically underrepresented in Library’s collections.


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