The day that I remembered
Was more like waking up than remembering
And years
Upon years
Of blank white pages
were filled with terrible lovely things
The biggest shock
Was that a person
Any person
Could ever forget at all
It is odd how
I never could be still
I paced like the lion I keep in a box
Most people don’t even know
I have it because
What would you say if someone told you
they kept a lion in a box
But I feed it
Every morning at eight a.m.
I never forget.
Ironic to even say I never forget
The girl who forgot
Even her own face
The same color as sand
Managed to forget her brother
Lying still and cool
The same color as chalk
But I digress
I do that a lot
Since I got the lion
I feed it
Blue steaks
Which I am told
Is the only food that satisfies
And I am made to believe it
When he first came
I tried my best
To only feed him WORDS
And believe you me
He nearly ate me
So now
Blue steaks
Every morning at eight a.m.
I never forget.

Rights & Access

This poem was submitted for the "Poetry for the Mind's Joy" project and is reproduced here with permission from the author. All rights reserved. Poetry for the Mind's Joy is Poet Laureate Kay Ryan's project that includes a community college poetry contest administered by the Community College Humanities Association and a lively videoconference.
  • Pamela Powell

    Maysville Community & Technical College, Maysville, KY

    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lynn Shaffer, Associate Professor of English