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Program Veterans History Project

Step 3: Send

Once the interview is complete it's time to submit collection materials and required forms to the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress.

Make Copies

Make at least two copies of the interview prior to submitting a collection. Keep one copy for yourself, and give one to the veteran.

Include Forms and All Materials

Include any complementary materials, such as original photographs and manuscripts and complete the appropriate forms. All forms are available on the VHP Field Kit page.

Send or Submit

You can either ship your collection materials to the Library of Congress or make an appointment to deliver them in person. In either case, make sure that all required forms accompany your submission.

  • Use a Private Carrier – To avoid damages caused by our special security screening, do not use the U.S. Postal Service. Package your forms and materials, enclose a cover letter and use a private carrier for delivery.

  • Hand Deliver to the Library of Congress – You may also hand deliver VHP collections at the Veterans History Project Information Center, located in room LJ G26 on the ground floor of the Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building. The center is open from Tuesdays-Fridays 12:30-4pm ET and Thursdays 1-8pm ET, excluding Federal Holidays. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

VHP staff will review your materials to ensure they meet our minimum requirements. Materials that do not meet these minimum requirements or do not represent a primary source narrative will be returned to the contributor within eight to 10 weeks.

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