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Scope Summaries

The table below shows the LC sections that handle LC Classification ranges for CIPs.  The table should be used as a guide when forwarding CIPs PrePub Book Link to LC for shelflisting.

Section in PrePub Book Link

LC Classification

Art Section (ART) Class N (including all subclasses)
Bio-Agricultural Section (SMA) Class QH
Class QK
Class QL
Class S
(including all subclasses)
Children's Literature Section  Class PZ
Gen. Science and Math Section (SMA) Class Q (including all subclasses except QA76 and QH-QL)
Geography, Anthropology, Sports Section Class G (including all subclasses)
Class J (including all subclasses)
Class L (including all subclasses)
History and Military Science Section Class A (including all subclasses)
Class C (including all subclasses)
Class D (including all subclasses)
Class E-F
Class U-V (including all subclasses)
Law Section Class K (including all subclasses)
Literature Section  Class P (including all subclasses except PZ)
Class Z
Class ZA
Medicine Section (SMA) Class R
Music Section Class M (including all subclasses)
Religion and Philosophy Section (ART) Class B (except BF1-990)
Social Sciences Section Class BF1-990
Class H
(including all subclasses)
Technology Section (ART) Class QA76
Class T
(including all subclasses)