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May 8, 2019

One of the most obvious enhancements with PrePub Book Link is the ability to reset your own passwords. You will not need to rely on your publisher liaison to help you out. Not only that, there are no longer shared accounts. You will be able to administer your publisher account. Everyone working on behalf of your publisher will have an individual account. You can add people to your PPBL publisher profile, even if they work for another organization but submit PCN applications on your publisher’s behalf. We think this be a dramatic quality of life improvement for you and for the Library of Congress.

April 26, 2019

For the first time, authors and publishers will have the option to attach a title page in PDF format as part of the application for your forthcoming book. Although the title page will help us in our processing, it is by no means a requirement. It’s just one of the nifty new features we have in store for you with the implementation of PrePub Book Link.

April 3, 2019

We know that diacritics, those symbols like umlauts and acute accents, have caused problems in your applications for a LCCN. PrePub Book Link has a totally new design that allows for Unicode compliance and correctly displayed diacritics. This means that you can enter text with any diacritics much more easily, and those diacritics will be correctly converted into the bibliographic record that links to your LCCN.

March 18, 2019

The Library of Congress is going to be rolling out a series of posts every few weeks to describe, more in depth, some of the new features that you’ll see in PrePub Book Link.

PrePub Book Link has a completely modernized user experience and brings together the CIP and PCN Programs into one consolidated system. The entire look and feel of PPBL has been streamlined to be both user-friendly and more attractive. PPBL improves the functionality of the CIP and PCN applications while preserving the mission, which is to provide quality prepublication data to publishers.

As we get closer to our spring launch date, we’ll be adding more content that describes some of the key features and upgrades that publishers will experience. To whet your appetite a little, here are some of the topics we’ll be covering in future posts:

  • Self-service password resets
  • Enhanced ONIX integration for CIP
  • Updated galley and title page attachments
  • Individual accounts that can be linked to multiple publishers

Stay tuned…

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