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CIP Core Required Materials

  • Library of Congress staff create the CIP data based on the book, not the CIP Request.
  • The CIP Request must be accompanied by the full text or the core required materials in PDF format as defined below.
  • Applications lacking these minimal requirements cannot be cataloged.
  • Some applications that include only these minimal requirements may be returned to the publisher if they are not fully represent the book's subject content.
  • Provide the full text or as many chapters as possible to ensure quality cataloging.

The core required materials are as follows:

  • Title page
  • Include all information exactly as it will appear in the published book.
  • The following elements are critical:
    • Personal names in correct order with accurate spelling
    • Words such as "by," "and," "edited by," "prepared by," etc.
    • Full imprint (name of publisher, all cities of publication, etc.)
  • Do not include the following:
    • Any abbreviations which will not appear as abbreviations on the title page of the printed work.
    • Element tags such as "Title:" "Subtitle:" "Author:"
    • Publisher editorial markings indicating font size, etc.
  • Copyright page
    • Include all information exactly as it will appear in the published book.
  • Series page, if applicable
  • Table of contents, if applicable
  • Preface and Introduction, if applicable
  • Sample chapters
    • The first full chapter
    • The last full chapter
    • Other important chapters
    • Any information about the author(s) or editor(s)