Researcher Resources

European Reading Room subject specialists have compiled research guides and other resources that will assist patrons in understanding and using the Library's European collections. Of particular importance are the Overviews of Country Collections.

  • Research Guides This page contains research guides that help patrons navigate the rich European collections available at the Library of Congress, including those that are housed and available in the European Reading Room as well as those available in special collections reading rooms.
  • European Specialists The European Reading Room is staffed by multilingual reference specialists who work diligently. They identify materials to add to the Library's collections, they provide assistance to scholars, other libraries, federal agencies, and the public in the use of the Library's European collections, and they improve access to these materials through interpretation and description by creating research guides, bibliographies, and other studies that are made...
  • Story Maps StoryMaps are an immersive web applications that can tell a story while drawing on the Library‚Äôs collections through narrative, multimedia, and interactive maps. Preferred browsers are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.
  • E-Resources This page presents information about the e-resources and databases on European topics and collections. Some of these resources are freely available and others are licensed and only available on-site at the Library of Congress.