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Research Center Hispanic Reading Room

Fellowship Information

Fellowship Information: Internships and Fellowships: The Library of Congress offers many fellowships, internships, residencies, and volunteer opportunities. Listed below are those internships available through the Hispanic Reading room. Click here to view all of the Library’s internships and Fellowships.

Archaeological Research Interns in The Kislak Collection

  • Program Website:
  • Program Contact: Suzanne Schadl, Chief, Latin American Caribbean And European Division,
  • Interests/Areas of Study: Humanities, Art and Culture; Archaeology
  • Citizenship: U.S. Citizen; Permanent Resident; Visa Holder
  • Application Period: Ongoing
  • Application Notes: Email the program contact for further information on application process.
  • Compensation: Non-paid
  • Academic Credit: The Library does not provide academic credit, but you may arrange with your school in advance to receive credit.
  • Available Benefits: LC Internal Discounts
  • Program Duration: Negotiable. Inquire Within
  • Qualifications: Currently Enrolled Students (Undergraduate, Graduate)
  • Frequently Asked Questions

The Archaeological Research Internship in The Kislak Collection is intended for currently enrolled graduate or undergraduate students and provides an opportunity to work with a world class collection of archaeological objects.

LACE: Huntington Internship Program

  • Hosting Service Unit: Library Services
  • Program Contact:
  • Interests/Areas of Study: Metadata and Discovery, Humanities, Art and Culture; Library Information Science; Communications; Information Technology; Public Relations; Spanish and/or Portuguese studies and languages, or Latin American Studies.
  • Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
  • Application Period: Ongoing
  • Application Notes: This internship begins annually in August and extends for seventeen weeks from starting date.
  • Compensation: Approximately $ 1290.50 per month/full time
  • Academic Credit: The Library does not provide academic credit, but you may arrange with your school in advance to receive credit.
  • Available Benefits: LC Internal Discounts; additional benefits may apply
  • Program Duration: Short-term. August-October Annually
  • Qualifications: Senior in college, recent college graduates, graduate students
  • Frequently Asked Questions

The Latin America, Caribbean and European (LACE) Huntington Internship is a paid program providing interns the opportunity to author products that help to fill information or service gaps within Latin American and Caribbean collections. Recent Huntington Projects include podcasts like Student Activism: 1968 Los Angeles Walkouts to Gen Z Justice and Central American Migration to the U.S: Temporary Protection Status (TPS); guides like A Latinx Resource Guide: Civil Rights Cases and Events in the United States; and Story Maps like Literary Translators of Latin American Culture, and blog posts like Freedom in the Black Diaspora: Conducting Research for “Ayiti Reimagined.”


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