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Colorful Celebration by Sol
diers in Rhineland Lasts
Four Days
Horse and Motor Shows on Pro
gram With Games, Air Con-
tests —V Everything
After four colorful days of hoi.-e mcma
aerial combats and acrocatic Munis. rnoioi
exhibitions and athletic conteM>— days aiw
niKhls a Hare wills riotous *-ni liiislahin. tb*
Maids Hras on tin- Rhine iias
ended. The Tiiird Army hoise and motor
show, held on a Inn island in the iiv» r. and
in Use v.-ry shadow of ruined, on* lent <m- s
ties, above Golden/.. ha;, passed into history
Nearly laO.O* 1 spectators, includiiu; Sec
retary of War Newton D. Ihilcer. (em John
J. PeifthiriK. Maj. C'-n. .Joseph T. Hickman.
Prince 1,-opold. of IP-Ikiumi, General Man
gin. commanding the |-'rem:h forces on the
Rhine, many other high Americans and Al
lied officers, and many thousands upon
thousands of bucks and non corns, won*
present at one or more of the kaleidoscopic
series of events offered, ranging nil lire way
from she slow smile contest, won l>y a.
doughboy on i lii. and German truck ox
hlbil.---i i nek-? handl'd over by the hochc--
to fas.ey .-ky maneuvers by combat planes
find member.- of the balloon secth»n.
'Phe Und Id vision and Third Airny Head
quarters Troop** tied in tne horse show with
41 points each. Thinl Corps troops, with
four !lrslfour .seconds and two thlrdu,
v/on tin* niotoi show, while the 3rd Division
athletes romped off with the track and
field meet.
Two Airplane Fatalities
The airplam- mamovers, winding up tin*
final i!ay of tin* moot, worn thrillers. com
bining .sUilfu! joekey ing with niesdage
dropping contests and photographic races,
the latter consisting of photographing
certain designated section of the carnival
grounds, getting the* pictures made at the
Coblenz airdrome, at id raring haek to tin*
grounds with the best prints.
Two fatalities marred the aerial program
Idelit. K. Xroi'Kf and M'-ilt. C’haiie.s
Moore, of lie* Second Army, wa-re killed
wlien their maehlue, whi<'h had .luM risen
above tin* Culdenz airdiome. on its way to
the fair grounds, crasiied to earlii, burying
them in the wreckage. Another dyer
dropped into the river, following a seriej of
maneuvers, hut escaped with a good oink
ing. Mis plane was rescued by an Aimr:-
can patrol vessel.
There were military hands galore an*l
lots of eats, Luncheon was served on tin
grounds to .’.tjlin nii'ii an hour. 'Thirty
thousand sandwh-ln-s and count h-ss thou
sand nips <>f ehocolate were served Hie first
day and this number Increased with each
succeeding day. Hetman aimv cups, ova!
sha |>etl ami of gun iml.'il app»-a i a mv, wen
pressed into service m the big hangar which
served as a ne-ss lent American mils, with
a line ol Herman wmii-n :it reserve. gave
OUt (lie grub.
Theta- was nothing crude about the car
nival (h-eora I ions, potted plants and ever
greens, hundreds of whieh had been brought
from the forests of the oe.-upied urea, being
everywhere. Rine hough:* also Were used for
decorations, whih- tie- motor show hoollef
were lined with <!olh atel rihlinu*- 'lrS
imiphal atchi-s spanned tin* eii! ra tie.-s, and
the appi oaclies \v*rc lirn-fi with Moating
Phony Passes Thronn Onl
Th<* <*:t rn i v. a i I :t i a isll r.i A m«’i K’an
fnlr. :i 11 I f;rnn;iii youths who !si* *1 to
by on <|it>*«• r looking passes. v**ry ornalHv
sl:ini|n-«l. w« ■r* by ,M.!**.*» 100 w»!l
viTSo'l in o'-l ttags fall for ho. In* sHifT.
Uni lln'i''* wji.- no iim* trying to koi-p oul
tin: gonus small h«»v
Morsi* show sl.-uuliiik's by pomls w.-rr: lintl
Division an.l Tlilnl Annv 11< a.hiiiartiMS
Troops. II «*;n*h; I ,r, tli Pivlslon. IP Ist I>ivi
s ion
..I: s:nh Divs*. :»2. 3:ti,i Division.
27. .'snl Division. 2!: Third Corps. 12; Ith
Division. S; Fourth 'orps. r r. IJi Division,
f.; SiVfjith Coi p«.
Motor show si;nid:ni:s wor**; Third Corps.
•1 firsts, 1 soronds. J thirds. Isf Division, it
firsts, i! soi'omls, 1 third; »*!*lh Division. .1
firsts. I third: IIAM.O.IIS. 2 firsts. 1
third; r.tli Division. 1 first, 1 s. rond. 1
thirds; 3rd Division. 1 first. 1 si-rond. 2
thirds; Third Armv Troop**. 1 first. I third;
Fourth Cot ps. 2 s«‘« omis. 2 thuds: JHilh
Division. 1 s« olid, i th'rd: S.-\i-nlh Corps.
1 third.
1 )ol;i:h‘d
Motor Show
ria*« I A11:.1111 o:-.*n o> nil toivi t I
amt ril Kir-l i.ik- I :r:.nnl leldi.mlr. 11 !*i:. Third
Cni;». •.1.-lilul t'j \lutt.-i. i*»l 1 1' v 1 i• I Til. I’ll
Jlst r I
!..;;iMik S« iktli I‘irxf. I, 1C lie!
vi;}, n.\ -ii.n xo-end Warmer Itcv
pa third Iti-lher
r Ml. I'a i aeii.
Cl;i« II 1 h I go.
Ipti.l Unit A
It*>!■!-. SMi live
Ini:Ti>ii. Mil S.m I
*•t;i s s 111 I*l.lll I’lt A R Seo-mur.
17;i, rsil H»'hi.-i.. xi-rei.d. l’it. A 1* S..iliu!«*rs.
•mix' S.iii Tf |..i:;: 1. C. i;x; Third. l’\t C:i(!«il!. -Is!
K A I'll.s
U-x Tii; I. 11i*l• t d-hi.Ti rif-t. S*:J W .1
PiMti. .".rd S. .a-d liai-wi: ««s--*::d. iVii-eral
Hhn-'.nc. I-! Vn Tr Isl Pliix. -i:: third, fit
|*ai r!« .".I-:!-, f S Hu, Ranh n•*
Ttin-'-'t Jim-** ;n.iii.-r >!i ai;«l
l*\,m.s!!'i .1 Whir- mini S
.Nlfm! I'.ul :i-rt. li
l.inl. S-M li.iii. I'.'.’ii'l
•in*- v
hnlf T*'?i
ISi!.. V'!!; li>t<-n
•IV! Hi: i:r JI: i
A«*r.. S-j
i *l -In-'-w ;vn i.-n Uiro'-len,
fj l M l». ‘M-. M.<> It S r il!i PUi-iers;
Oti.l. Wayi-iii-r riM'itiTt’.fiil. Aft I’.-ok. Tl.'.nl »'-'r;- 1
tlnitl. H.-a-h. \n.'., Ti.irO
ri;is« Vll. Titl K. .’ll.s
11:11:■ 1 1 len Rr-t i<11:11:: K S:.!!««•'
I>i\<’ I', ijiit’s! l
vine'll'. Miinl. l 'r:iii's« 1 1 1:; 1 •<-r
1-. Fir-:. IM-it
I. VMlrot '•Mi
i,j--rii*r llu-hanK
I'll,— \1 11
wi-ixi. Tlsir*l
Inf lliu Ht.
I,ii>x IX M.mill
Hhaii!'. In'. Kl*f» I*:\ i-i«
nit, Inf., 11 11■ \;ni«n M
Ihi 1 >i\
Kn, rs.
Cljm X.- A• I 1 ISrflit F.r-I. A. M-»tl...nn*.
8.111 Tr.. Tlnnl -uvulid. lh*i *d«': f.
San. Tr Thud third. Will i: Si. n
San Tr S«*n*i*:!i x
I I.ihs N I -A mhnl:i!i«*
2nd Sjisi Tr.. Tli'ri!
San. Tr Third i’«*i
San. Ti.. Fi-mrii
l Ml.- St .iff M .M*s\. l tl.'M and «'ar
Plot, I t. l.iiilv. .Mh F A Hi: It? I>:ilm..ii nil
Wajn'niT llrali.on. KJ.’th FA '■■■T It n ihad
Ijoirimri* Italics. 17th F A '.Ji.d I *.»i «i i
tinllfit. i>'ii Jim! r i
Ist 11 M n I! S Is: i.i.-li. I' 1».
rial- XII! Tr.i«*t.-r.
Ktr.-I, Set. M H CiJi.n-i
Tlfih'Ml s.Vlillcl. ''-i!
risjoi: tlmil. I► is i
S!« IV SSiM'i! IkliM* »«*r liiilc a; !i..di -var Fir-
H«t. F M. Ti'Wim-ihl. Hli r.rltr. J:.«l Hoih’.'m: >n
C«,.| liwir.s I,nk:i>.s, Ills lMi-:"i!: di id. s,
y;,hvird O. Will I< 11 cI•; i s., T!:ad
Tin l :1 1 Oj-ra a!! v-uS.
nn'iiiiiiil'N* i.him lam ..nd J -in 1 t'» .nil ,’a-''
u;i r»*Jir nhii'l and i*Sia:i;a* tin*, admiav (•■•i. i-'i*• n'.
fmnt i}a, *l and rli.oiKi' t*r* 1 Fn-i Kht I. 1’ HI:•: nl
duvi'i. A. .1. Whin*. assiMtin: d:o-i J- a '-ill
1 >ni-dvn. M'Ciual. Skl. I'Larli'i I 1 S.i!« in i .iinl W.iz-r.-r
I) Hi-tluTinstnn. Kan. Tr.. fM5i I m :l.;:d ii
A. and Waivni-r W. o. WiMi.nn-. IM<H- “nl
Tnirk Daws’ bending Contes? Firs?. *I. Asulr-u
Hill driver. I’vt. K. A. Drtany. ii-i-noa driver. v•» K.
]«l Supplv 'i'r.. 1m Pivisira: svc.ial. V. h
Work and Mn h .lames F. Moiirs. Firs? Cor:-- Art.
Park Third TriN»i*s: third, «T». M. D. (’oh* and
Pvt. .1. W. We.,v»*r. .Ids Mobile Ord 'th Divisoon.
Tnirk Tug-cf-Wur -FirS. Hgt. C. Sehindler and Ord
Ssi. M. I. Dcutswih, IM. 11.A.M O.K.S.
Tractor Obstacle Ilacv-Firat. ant. H. Y.
]7th F.A., lind Division: second. Idem. .1. W. Mill
fpau.;h, 17th F.A. Motor School/* :!nd Division; ilnnl,
Hit. Frank Chamberlain. Ist 11.A.M 0.1 l S.
Horse Show
Cla.«i I.* -Artillery horses In hand--First Ibhjr.H.
Troop With Division; Hecund. Hat. F. .'MUrd FA., In'th
Division: third, lihh F.A.. Unit Division.
Class II. —Hiding horse's -First. Dl.Mh Tr. lldms..
SOlh Division; second. Ihi'jrs. Troop. Did Divimoii
third, ninth Am. Tr.. Dillli Division, f. nr?h l"ih F
5:1; Dii-slui'
Clans ill.—Oßlcers* i:i»«rse*—Fust. I.n ut. 01. I. h
■fcerbane. Ihhiei.. Uh Division: M-cmd. Itni?. f>vii
King. Third Corps: third, Unit. Col. WulnwriKhl. Third
Army lldtjn.
(Maw IV.—Officers' Hiding Ilon-m--Flist. I.Li-ul. Col.
Waimvrlghf., Third Army lidurs.: hwoi.d. rapt. E. S
Murray. Ifdurs. Troop. Ist Division: tidrd. Hrl«. (lon
Kins. Third Corjis.
as 4 v—Homes suitable for ik>lo —First. Maj. K.
B. Waring, llomount Service, Third Army Hdijm
Mcoad, Capt Wing, lUsmouot Service. Third Arn>
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NEARER 300,000
THAN 250,000 SET
r,:,.t; Hi; SI. N.-.z.iin-. io.Ssri; ll'n
iii-.'iux, im.-imi; M;. i»'ill.-.-, i >i: ipikloiml
1..- 110vr...
The following table .••how.- tin* sailings.
HassSlh-d by branches of *.e;\ice. bit tin
v.eel; ended Apr iJ I!!!-
Air Si-nicr
Arm ,Scr\kv I'er,- 1
<>im lt.iU.iMi int
M.-d.ral ..ri.n
Trunpj-rt (*4;n a n..
111.-! 11.1--. I 111 :-;t il lr,~s V.I-ll' lll'-sc
!s and unit*•'
MH l.d Tnurnine: Pahiulp H‘! Koidnum drr Not
irlaiiil.-r; l!7Mi An:. Tr i!>:!i i i T» Ai:av Ainti
l'!<1 An
An i-f
Art.: I.’-
.'ml KM. Art Ilri.- 11
i. rk, Ui.iimlid jml SS Nri*
..sul Ksikii T 71!: I)i\ Hu 'JCiVh IM. \i
I'SS mil. li< ll' :j 11 Inf. *:r<l Hn rnsii.i!"
Ss. i .1111 I"'• *1 A!n 'lt sn a l» •niM.ii' «l
.i'i| a :.»u.i!« SS \V: II :m:i 11’ I•! 1. I'M AH
i.ilh SS a ‘>i,i»i« in l-'Tlii l!.f ni'iJ.j!* SS
t.ool I UTlIi lilt a .iMllilf»
s s—\\
ll>l i'il
I *1*1.11.1 m !».mt i"lih
"I•»:Is Arm S-n Ai-rn Hr; mi .'•■l A
I'. a mi.l l s I' S s S.lh I !d Sid Kn
>||,j Suj' «'.i Mnl He! .1 11 I A. H mid
Si* Mil lt<j 111.. Mnl 1 mi.l Ciih. A M am)
t'; 4• 11 1 lliidr rii'iS'.i n *t‘r K\ai Audi »‘o a iaa
,ss I h-•!:; 3i: hot P'SMh MU lln 1 I "'I N Inf..
IS-«! II.; Mill 1 »el II.'; mid S.i|> XV* ,\l (i I'n.
ji.d .hkl ::m Kmh i; .;.si. inf or hot umi. MU
till OJT. I Jcl. raniliS. Ojil SS Kniland i
Jml Dot. Mi] JMh htx |u Ini lji*r I*, iiirl S 11 >i j
an', llii Ilu. hot San Pit Or<l hi 1 nod 1■ A.
is. i h ami k. iMMiiiN: hot. orr iiju. inf ss
rixiili.ooiiH; I»l Ann Art PurU. Ihj hot Mlx-» A II
mn! 0; Truck <V» A. li. P. 8. K. I’.oiid M«i US j
HH, Federal: Pami.ils IT H S x anai.dnim ••ii-c«l 1
l*lcl Art.. I* urn! S.. llij. l*o.. IU>H A. H and I-'. Sill- I
i'n, (>r,l. In-;,., Meal hot MMh M U lln. n n.a.i.doi. j
Hi; I>•*( A. 11. am! I>. 1 run«l..ri. j
Sin-:i!:a 11 Di'K Ord hot Snu. ho; Aifix Ail P.»ik. 1
I*: Anns. Motx-r Sro Trtirl; »1 h. I7ili m.d *1 I 1
1'1i..;.! S»v# AH raMia!* SS (•iin-ul*:
:;j.;rd l-'hl Hltf )!n.. llij am! S 1:1 Mod ho!
A, II aiul h; !«otii. 1 l.»:. 1*7:1. 4:>llS±. ».'•*•?h
I’.l.lii Aon* Sydn ;i|MI: It;.I mil S..!xai;o Tank
I'urn I.’ SS Suayiiehi.i.iiii; Hi; i'.i .injr.d ll:i of
::0 71 It ilrltt Tank I'nri-t. A. ll ami x'; Hij to.
X'tllll lln of :107th llriij Tank i"i*rjn. x'im A, H .»ml x’;
:.J7lh lln of 7507th lltltf Tank P.-tf*. x’m. A. 11 an TO;
Mi;. of P.rlit HIT I Ith. Mil. Plli. Tth. Sth. SSI:. Mill.
17th. 1 Wflt, 4‘Jtnl, 43rd. cr-ih. lOJm* liallamii xV* ..nTnl
Tank Center; carnal*
HSS Paatorri: KM. Art. Urjil llowt.. mid S..
Ml]. Co. im Jnd. ::r<!. -Ith. Mh Hill IHih o.un*
i-Teiri: .’ln! Anil-Aircraft MU. lln >sh A«-i.. hoi.
Ist AMtl-AlrorafL MX! Hit eao'inlp 1' SS llmr' II
Mallnr>: TlOXh Kid. Si*. lln.: :::5 r.d. ::■»nlt.
linn Tank Cor;*; 7i7S||| Tralnm* nrnl Itoi-l xo Tank
t’l.tps: CnMia) x’na. II ami s’. Tank t‘mp* 111 h J"l h ami
'■Mil Arm Hyih.; hl'.Mh Aoi*« Pml: S.;.| I fi Aoro
('ntis*. Hq<! o.; Ml a In. SS Moronix; hi I 11,I 1 -''ll;
ICv. Ily. Troon JMh Div. 11 Ml', Inf II.; ami hi lln
rsMiAls; 107th. Until. 11‘JUi TM.II; 11 It It Sup Tr
10. I*: ::<>::nl T.M.11. Sale* (’osn rmi S; I" Tiam
Hq.. Sais Dot.. Orel hoi KKlnl MO US Uai.oo
.1 JI(; camialn.
lI.SS, Noliraaka: M-ith Knur.. Ho Old ami Mod.
hot., mill Con. A. It. 1) ami hot. x’x» B r S.S Ss.
::n:ni Inf.. M«sl hot anil :ir>! list.; liTi’isd Aoro
S>|(l. 7Tth hit Ml*. I*o. rsiMialn I’.SS la.isisxillo:
71T. inf Moil In i Jml lln. I!ij ami x I" U ami
11. ;{ii .;ml l*M Si« lln .TOim! MO us ::n .'ml Moliilo
lot Sit' Salos Cn::i. ;:<-7: hot. Uoar i:ii 771 It hiv
I'.Jml Inf 'Jml IS:i lona To it: cas-.iiii?
SS Mam; ho r.Mh Inf. lirti? hnsh Ir.f Uo M -i.
liii hos Off Hi] ami S-u. hi!. t. 'Jml ami Htd
Hit'. llij i*n Si 1 I lot Sui’. i‘o Onl. hot M U
To. iiml A 111 1.. liii'l hoi or I Inti* Inf SS
A!; XIII: sjini hit •••hiv Hu mnl Ho Tn>oi*
Adx la‘h.; M'-Sor Train. OTTIco; ThouSnoal hot iloTMi
1 M.'S-lo \i t S.v. and Ualn Ho U M.<*. Pot o.'lMli
1 .im! ll Hu* Tank t'.ir:-*: UTvtti. k >utli and >I>S
Tr.ii'.lijf nsid Hr; I. ft*. VmiiU (*i-nn; tom. M; ll** t’m
J .nd o,i*i!:ilh I* SS SoxxaMhi I’ onl inon
ii 111 v, I'.SS, Vonimn: .Mini Pioneer Inf.. P. mid
S. Ihj <‘o.. Mod hot. A. U and lUth P.s’.Kr.,
i'.i I-’ and hr;. K; nnuls I’.SS Kredorlok■
Ih'Sl: Pld. Art M!lili Am S-.d onhiiaU f.S.S Nrxf
Hah i-si-iro; fi’Jrd Pl'moor Inf I’o Mod hot.
Ji.d lln llij am] tha It. K 1’ <i; oioualA SS
1 Allo-.inv (’iisnalti: Onl oanx.ix SS wsti'iio
I 1’ S S Sail! 1 Ana 1 Till It .1:11! S t'n Tank
.'.7<l*h ami :'.77;h ‘ll 111 ai d Hr 11 Tank
1 i*t l-. Miih;lo 0;
Alin*; rii'iu!* SS H.'iiH.ilcnla' la! Anil A sroi .ill
Mt. K:i l-'ld Su P.n and a !*..lrd Aoto
i S.j.h .a*i!.il* S S K ~'..«xx >..i 1 a-nitS SS Si:n>
■.ais.r- hr; I*; inf immi.i!x SS Yolli'xx*:.usr:
I'ati-.a!* SS o**;nol.o. SS Axi-ttdala:
('.'.iC'i's S.S. h.iki s.m: '.lth Pr.k’i
i-I r s r.n •Jsni
I AM! Tr -shl 1 h
I'l r A r:! 11:\
■ml, .11 >1 ii U,
i. r.
SS. Allitwav: On! t'l-mm mid i*.i-iiii'>s SS Y«*l
1< m SS \Vi*»i I'm 11«-1: t umiulh.
I'SS Orl.-liTl i: 'li'SMt Am Ti J“i»t !*_ iid.
hSth. 1 ,i 11 «l T«' (•■•th ami UiStli
At*!i. Sijila '*•!)i Ai*rn iit*:• s.;i| .ind r.i** IS S
S.l.< 11**:: J. FS 1’.:.. 11.; M>*d Ur.- A.
15 li.l;!i C: *i l‘->• T:i. Kx.h* Ainh :-.H
n■:il -;i.«! s
CoiitiniM-il from I’mr-!
'jii-'iiti-nuanOT Cori-S
Ml„l 111 I ‘ail i n
A liirnUln: .mi Train**
Sh; i h Tr:ilii‘, Pit.niuual
‘ll ,i: 11 llfa<l.;u.irt.ri
T..;.d f'-r m-i'n...
J*n-\| r<-j-**;leH| it.i'.i*
.lit .H'luml 11 ilh llayr 'll ri>e,.||
•isih inf.; l.'.f.ii Inf Itn*. I!<j
«'.i« i4!i rss
li:| .Mi-Si I lt;i
Jll-l '..s A li
i;ii| ■iMSi
T'p* (’nit*-1 >m\ «-n 1.1 .<t .Milin‘l i»!»* I *.«1 1 1
■Ai'l i! \v,t' hi- 1 i I wi.'li l
his I'hun li -m alia* Jo Jlt»- m* ,l
o* lln* I'r*-m*'! i i:■ 1 \m«*vn*jin sold ii •i w'.m
a-. o: a oisvn!
11. ,i i r
K K of «Tri;.rii*s .«i.i
r«irkci> i- il.*- AK. K to help I i»■ Si.<! <-ii; ;i I!• jifi (he small coni nlMii son--.
which will provni* l the altar.
"Tho id»-:i a beautiful one and alie
n'd her :ii 1 nu.'* sahi I'Niinmlss'.omT 1 learn,
•'ami llii' of St. Mihiol. who proved
himself a ■•o o win!-- 1 1 n• Germans held his
eity. is th-soi vinu of all iho aid (h:U can
ho ttive-i him ui c.av«-ylni; it out.**
Tin* oin-iiiar Murnests contributions bo
sent dhvetly to ,M. le Curt' Slmonin, 10 Kuo
’arnot. St Mihiol. Mouse.
Secretary of War Traitor sailed for home
Monday on the George Washington. after
completing an Inspection lour of several
w**«;Us that carried him through a lame
earl of the S.O.S and the i'«cupicd ti*rri
n.rv in Germany.
Before going aboard at Brest Mr. Kakei
ri.-peeled Camp Pontanezen, she embarka
■'or. center.
All officers arc directed to see that ut
most economy is exorcised In use of blank
forms for tho Army, according to Bulle
tin 16. HS.O.S.
is '.vlm-ii the.*-... are
acted upon.
Il has been rul*ml that men honorably dis
chatged ami ro-enlislmg art* entitled in the
bonus, duo all men on discharge under
the I‘Tin.s of the Aet of February 1:1. 11H0
They will not receive. how-ver. the thro*
onii-i-s .Men
in. t:
r.hh i r.
I,J! I 11
months’ extra pay provided foi re-etihst
merits under the Act of May ]J. 31*08
The one-month leave promised to men
ie enlist ing is to Is.* in addition to olner
leaves to which enlisted men are entitled
.■ccerding to another ruling.
Men also arc given she option of enlist
ing for either one oi three jcjirs, providing
they had been pieviously voluntarily on
listed to serve* ”dunm: the emergency" oi
iiad been drafted or inducted Into the serv
ive. Men who nhsied in tin* iP-gui/n Airnv
prior to April li. IPI7, and burner un-nihei
of the Regular Army Reserve called inn
active service cannot he ills* barged
•t i.;i!i lon.r.nT
42. "5'. s:t»,Tai
i: s s
tli lid
lilt 11.|
,i »<i.iN
89th and 90th Inspected by
C.-in-C., Receive Dec
oration of Colors
Illl.iih.i Il‘l
jnju.l an
Two divisions of tin* Army of Oompal ion
w Incli jiit srhialulni for ♦•:nlv roinrit m i ti«*
I‘nil •-i 1 States lo>;I \v«* *-U in final n--
yii w In-(or* 1 lii" i!i•'
l\u- ',h>: l:isl linii. ;u idi.'iid'. tin* Si* 1 1t Divi
"iun >1 11111 1 1 1 -it 1 numy. AhMl -7{,
wi>«*is il i..'l'i* <i :its»l '.-vn-wi <1 liy Soc
i.'Uirv W.o Il'iKi", Ml l l >TshinK>
*r;rt<• I•(ipc>!■ I, id 1:• i; 1;11. M;iior 1 lonora!
iiiii'd Mthi mein Im-: o] ihc oi’ li*
111 .«11 v«**i 7< »n-in a .ll on Mihl.iry AsT;mi>.
Tin* !-(‘lors uf !h»- oi\ on di'i-orHlvtJ
x\ilh rihljOl'i.** Usd i> m "lit Ml Vior s* rii, Mini
’.a and I'n-n je-'«:\ed decora I ions.
Fellowim; She teiiew. S I.ny I and
IVr.-hinn :n!«h*-s<«Ml the division m
a I.ii'ko :o;;nei!\ used 1 1 tin* tier
mans to house mu- ol their niant /eppelins.
Si:l. Arthur .1 KmieM. »*n U'-Sth In
fant rv, received tin* «*onu i -iooal Medal ot
I l(ll
All organizations in the division except
tin- artillery brigade received decora I ions for
their colors .••Mowing service in the I-ueey
SeClOf. St. Mihiel offejis! Ve. Kuw/in sector
lid Meuse-A rKonrie iimvi-, 'The de-ora
t n»n for the colors I tie- artillery brigade
shewed set ice in tie Kuv--/.in sector.
A! I■ i soldiers (*f i lie he»h |»ivisioti had
passed in then tinal review April UI before
Ihi ir t’onimander-hi-t ’liu-l in the nwr ih l
Just west of hr. l iermativ. i leta-ral
I’ershiiiK spoke Hina them they were due
to le.*e shoiili I.mne. mill eonipliiiieiit
itu: them on t heir w kas a i si Imt ui vision.
JCritf, lien Hir-th «I MeAh-xamler. cotn
mainijiur tin I■s•' 1 1 1 i ■•ij.-. w.i> -iw.-itd-'d
the \i. S. M. and S i' w« re awarded
six men. In addition. the colors f 11
.'laTlh. I’.aSlh. lITilMh and .ta'dli Ir. la i;l rv !I*ui*
merits. IMlhd. Mlth and H.'.th .\t I.i11.• •:11»
I’.at talions. ill.'dh Knyinee’ and 'ti.ith S.e-
i;:ll Uiilf.’llMMl WiT** •l«c«UM! i■« i
The two-day ciren*. of ih«> imhli Ihvision
opened yesi•*! da\ ;il Ones. across 11 1»• river
from Horncastel. divi.-ion headoaarh rs h;
addition to the clowns anil >ide shows and
oriudc regimental hands. a regular calliopi
thing its not os against the cliffs of the
Kliinc mountains. 'Ho- division is made up
largely of Texas and. Oklahoma men, and
contains many cow puncheis who feala:-*
la tope and laria (-swinging contests.
'i'Sn- prosonlation of ;i docoration by tlio
onllstod inrn of tho SStb Pivision to Mioii*
comma ndor. Maj. <l>*M. William Woipfl,
\v;i> iho climax of iht* t’lovor I .oaf Pivi
>:ou's mililaty and ilold n
to M last Saturday in tin* division's lop
id noar (londrocourl.
Tin* nn-olinu was widely advoiiiscd as
•In* ~K nlisl.*d Man’s Show.” Tin* "huclcs”
tin- divi.-ion
-.UTili* llsr IliOl al llw l»y con l«-I ii n u
ii< I'ui'iiiion of thcij- own upon ihoir oosn
■i-.oii!.-)'. Tl:«- ijrooi a I son was un.uuo in llial
i.v 11 1 a onlv o:io of tin- kind ron
sVnvd. 1! i (insists of a silkm Mia- riMmi
•mhroldoi id wdh tho <‘lov.*r loaf •‘niVdons
i'no division. on whioh is hunjr a Ko’d“M
«if n
i'mitnr lo that given to the prize wiiuu'
i. tin* various events of tho lioM day.
Tho decoration was pinm-d on General
Weigel hv Brig. Gen. M. i’.. Stewart, head
(if (ho oommillfo in oharuo of the tonrna
ni»‘iil, following a reading of Iho special
tat alien orders by Col. Kay \V. Krabson.
chief of staiY of tin* division.
Tho moot was won by the* Holst Infantry
with n total of 100 points. Second place
wont to tho JHIUh Infantry with T:! I points
and the 330th Infantry was third with 68
Kstfiision of its activities throughout em
barkation areas and tho establishment, of a
branch olilce at Coblenz in the Third Army
•iva are lo he undertaken by the Comrades
m Servi'-o following tho placing at their dis
posal by General TVrshing of more than
i.i0.000 francs, representing the profits dtir-
UK hostilities of the Chicago Tribune. Paris
ilitfon. The jwper requested General
’Vrshing to name the purpose for which tho
money should be spent, and indorsed bis
('(iiitinm-tl from I’airc I
Coiitiniivd from 1
rnander of Hie First Airny. has been named
commanding general ol the Third Army
relieving Maj. Goa. Joseph T. Hickman.
who will take his place as senior oflicer on
the Board of Officers appointed at CS.M.Q-
lo consider lessons of tactics and organiza
tion which* the American Army has derived
from its experience in Knropo.
Concurrent also with the statement of
plans for the clo.-ing down of the out ire
system of SO S. activities comes an im
portaut sP-p in t ln>i r realization witli the
shutting down of Ba.-e Swiions 1 and 7.
i,-iking in l-a I;o«-ii*•!It• and ].:t Pallioc. aiai
I Ila vre a ltd I bun n
This is only the beginning. unde; ih*
SO S. losii:g-oiM progiam Base Section;
and w jI: pc cb-ancd up by June Ita
Base Section li wili vase to operate July 1'«.
Bas“ Section I, with the exception of Mon
loir, will function no more after July 30.
1 las' Section j is due to suspend July 30.
In lh" meantime it is planned (o evacu-
ale the Advance and Intermediate Sections
of the s.O.S. by June 1, after which date
I-e Mans. St. Aignaii, Chaumont, Bourges.
the universities ;md few pcrmnncnt Insli
tutions will be the only centers of activity
left in tins part of the A.IS.I*
trict of Paris, the remaining unit of the
5.0.5.. is to be greatly reduced In strength
during the coming "0 days, and definitely
closed before July 10
Tours. Hi** c*;il»i t ;i 1 of tin? S.O.S will it
h< -1 f gradually shrink iiw.'u* to nothing bill
memory of tin* IP'.0(0 oMicers and men
who from the hank.-: of the I.oirc guided
(In- m linies ol all the multiple suppb
sei vices of I Ip* A K I-
.-orneiimc in .Inly. c«. i ia inly before the las 1
of the month, and the remaining admirus
tiatjv*- odices ne« e.s.*-.iry at that Hm** moven
to Pans. which has been sele<te<: as tin
•Path bed ol I tie SOS
Tlii- S<) S loi the Tldrd Arrnv, oper
ating by way of Melglnrn arol 1 iolterdain
will in* fullv i-apabb* ol meeting all* L>.
Army's demand.-- bv May ID. although sup
plies will continue to no forw.-nd froa;
(,:ii'vro.< until June la ami Irom Montoi’
l,v sea lor Hirer* months
There are two principal factors affecting
tin* closing up of tin* SOS.—tip* supply ol
(In; S.O.S itself and its linal days, and tie
ilispo-il ion of vast amounts of A 1C K limp
eriy. Tin? lirst will be up i by stocking sut
tic-ent supplies at certain designated points
nd at Monloir. ami tin- latter bv i lie or
gani/ation of '■are a le-r «b*t aHi men; s' I
guard -ail pro|>< r-| y awaiting eitii«T i!> .-hip
ni.-nt to tin* States or its disposition la
tin* I.’niteo Stab's Liquidation C‘om:ui<sio:
These i are-taker detachim ids will be lm
nssrii-rl by the s*.rviees Infi-sled and 11
le.-n composing linen will be placed win-:-
.-ver possibh- on oinmataijon ot quarter”*
•ml rations
All of the A K.K. schools, except Beaura
•ind Bellevue. ami the* universities when
rm-n art* on commutation status, will b
•liisi-d l»v June 1. Mi-.-imu; and Bellevue wi.‘
-.robahly be stock'-d ami eontinued imh
i-ndent of the SOS. for several months
The Combat «r-i‘ 1 b-placemen* Of uni
at Paid r»*co i! t to b- ran.-b-ned atone
l<. He* SOS and established at Si. Atg
nan. "The Central Ibeords OMiee a 1
Bomges.” to quot< He* olticial memoran
limn, ■will iiav• to r-iii.-iiii until the »*nd.’
Iloweve*-, stop*: are being taken to rernov
all lii- n-eords of the- 'rhi-d Army U* tl.--
Rhine Tie- so-called 1 Sgh» Seeing Bu
naq will not reman: op*-ti to acconiinodatc
Hie expected milux of tourists from Amer
ica. but uill (*lo*e .lime I.
All leave anas. except those in Hase Sec
lions and r». :n r to bo closed by May li !l
15y that drift* tft>* Tlonl Aimv should hav«
its own leave areas. .\f 1 leave areas in Da
S O.S. will discon: inne alter Juno la.
All <i! ibo linos of communication of Da
S.«) S.. except tin* tnain lino. will In* turnet
over to tlto I-’icsioh by June 10. liven 01
ibis lino, no n«-w installations of any kiii<
will In* made. all crews will be placed on
•-onunntal ion .'tains, ami all I'uol ami sin*
plies purchased from tbo l-Tencb.
All iho roail repair work of ibo A.lC.!■'
will co aso .lisno 1, except lor lliat necessar:
in k< ■epbit’ open ibo designated stinpiv oen
t rs.
Tbo Medical Deport inont is to end a:
nearly as possible all of its activities b;
.lane 1. keeping in operation after that (ini'
only sueb inst it til ions and personnel as w'.l
1.0 absolutely necessary lo minister to tin
linal centors of tbo 25.0.5. Tins will inobnli
Do- winding up of modical work'in Knplatu
ami Italy.
All S O.S. institutions in UHtfintn will h
ISS'-IM-ii OViT lO till* PifW Supply SiTVU’r-
lli-- Third Army hy dune 1. Thi; work i
t hi- Ira vos IP nisi rat sou .Sorvin
11 ;ns t !!«ti-sni lily roniimio lor
MMinih.-. will 1. 1- <‘:ini'*d out Lhrouph '“i-nii'i
-ihlis}i« .1 in n-s|..Tt to llu* supply (•1*1111*!'
1. npiii (o »snr foi iln* S.O.S in *ts dc
.•hninx dsiys. Tin work nf (I. Siirn
-I'itrps ::i nniMlauiiip; i« i:rap)iio and
hone ('Oiii!iunii(':i!iims will cv:im' in 11 sw
lions when iln'y am abandoned. and h
Jiiiii only I In,- main lin> lo keep in lone
1 1 1 o supply it-nt'-rs and headiiuarters shoni
hr in lonv.
The S O.S. welfare. athletic ami t'-nl*■:
talnsnent activities will he reduced aloa
w iih tin' p'ilhi linn ol troops in each s*v
i on. Tin- ad.indonmonl of any district w;
ii>»-hnii* tin- rinsing 01' all w«-lfa;r aetivit
Finally. too. tho curtain will fall on th;
lunch emoted institution. the Mstitar
I'ohce. The M.lVs are assured that tin-
will not loft indefinitely in evacuatr
.iiaas to in stranglers and seaiv
AWOI.'S. hut that they will lollow the
;1 it my i mops home.
Paris Leaves to Be Given
Enlisted Competitors
After Event
I >isf iMgai>lu-d nillccrs and
mm who li:iVo won tliroo di-partmcntal oi
n:t i io:;:t mairli mcd.-iN win i»o permitted
to .-hoot in slio A.K. sin.ill .-inns moot ami
inn.-koliy compri M ion which op»-ns on the
I Anvours range n»':« Mans on Monday.
Si l nirulll ions, however. will govern
ilo-ir participation. Tiioir scores will bo
dnown out of tin* rompntaiions on which
(ho ivgalar comjvt ixion medals \vill be
..warded. A special modal will be given
oisiignuished marksmen highest, on the list.
All distinguished. marksmen with the
,\,Rr. will have boon ordered to Le Mans,
and ihoir appearance in the shoot will be 1*
something hi the nature of a workout for I’
the Inicr-Allied KiMe Competition to be J*
ludd at. Le Mans in June, when American
shots will take on teams from the British,
Kreneh, Helgian and Italian armies. The
American teams will bo composed of 2;"> men. i
The Commandor-in-dhief will bo present
at the opening of the American shoot Mon- f
day, and it is expected that he will make j
several visits to T-e Mans during the con-
tests. Marshal Koch and Kiold Marshal Sir
Douglas Haig are expected during the In-
ler-Allied shoot.
Elaborate preparations have been made
for the entertainment of the visiting com
petitors and civilian and military guests at
the shoot. There will he a show every
night in a theater which seats a.OOO per
sons, and dances for ofllcors and men.
Ba so ball diamonds and ba sic ot ba 11. t ■»nn i s
and handball conns will be at the disposal
of the contestants. With the end of the
rifle competition on May 13 the enlisted
contestants, who will number about SOO.
will be given special leaves to Paris.
For eight weeks the 'embarkation
tramp. Camp, has boon read
ing its own newspaper published twice a
week, the rontaneze.-n Duekboard.
Recently all motor trucks at the camp
came out dworated with a new design—
a duekboard ol while on a circular rod
;\cld. although il is an open question
whether I"ontanezen mud is red.
Nurses at Pontanozen have asked per
mission to wear a small duekboard pin
or emblem.
Now p there is a movement started to
give Fontanezen men a distinctive shoul
der insignia—the same old duekboard.
The Pontanozon Duckboard, arguing for
the adoption of the insignia, tells how
•duckboards made the camp during the
very rainy reason when nature seemed
bent on making one big mudhole of Hint
part of France.
As a prominent exponent of Che duck
hoard the paper points to the camp's
commander, General “Duckhoard” Uut
!er, saying he won his duckboard title
by carrying one of the slatted planks on
his back all the way from Brest to L'Vm
lauezen during the rainy days of the
tramp's hardest trial—Just to see for
himself if men reasonably could be ex
pected to do that transport service.
Recreation Centers of Third
Army Are Last Word
The- Di?'
The ideal recreation center of the Third
Army, outside the casinos at the leave
.•reas. is claimed by the Yanks of the Third
(,'orps, the headquarters ol which is on I lie
lUrine. ar Ncmvii-d, Germany.
Tin- Army leave othcora and the Y..M.C.A.
have taken over a large school, formerly a
neat arid dumb institution, on the outskirts
of the <*ii y Adjoining this, the Y.AI.C.A.
has creeled what is easily lire biggest rec
reation hall in the Third Army, and one ol
'ire biggest in the A.10.F.
It will h*- closed
Ice ciejini is served every afternoon. POO
Mi'nnissionarie.s being served in 2a minutes.
There is also cake and pic. About 1.000
men are in on throe-day leaves every day,
and a band greets them as they come in.
Tbe I lolu-nzollcrn Hotel hits been con
verted into l-nele Sam’s Hotel, and here
lln- !.-ave men jiri! served in an immense
•lining room. Other accommodation.*, in
lude a big swimming tank and bains.
Then there is lie: new 3id Division
l-avi- center a! Andernach. almost across
she river from Ncnwied.
The Rhine rivi.-i trout for a distance of
a-veia! hundred yards up stream is being
■ansfonm-d into a park for the delectation
of the Yank who is to spend his summer
i the 'Thud Army. Then- will be tennis.
roquet, a Moating bathhouse, a gob gsa-en,
>nd tlower gardens.
There will be an immense reading and
lounging room with low I-'rench windows,
-olored curtains and bamboo and reclining
‘hairs, with shaded lights. The idea is
in put an American country club right on
hi- Rhine. the color scheme to be a light
•a green. The lounging room is now open.
'Tie* amusement area includes two docks
•*rm which sieamers make trips daily up
ini down lie* Rhine. The so-called Rhine
ivmieisiutii will be included in the group
.1-in of the leave center. Hexing and
-a>ket ball mat (‘lies, and rnotion pic I lie
br.w- will In- held I In-re.
Tbe open >pace on the Rhine Plalz side
of the lounging room is being tin fed and
grav«-l;-*d and it will be used as .an icc
era am and soft, drink garden. Tables and
chairs will be placed under the trees
Brest is proud of its duckboards.
in Luxury
The American Library Association
In addition to its work of supplying libraries
for hospitals, recreational centers, post schools,
and military organizations, offers a
direct by mail to the men
of ths American Expedition
ary Forces.
There are in stock both ad
vanced and elementary books
on a wide range of subjects,
vocational and technical, as
well as books in general
literature, poetry, drama and
THEY WANT: Gievres, Le Maf&, Brest, Bordeaux.St- Aignan,'Gcmdrecourt,- Neuf
chaleau, Chaumonl. Dijon, Nevers, Chalillon-sur-Seine, Tonis, Treyesj Savenayv Mats
Finally—all men in the Third Army, outside 'of Trewar- shouid addreSE their re*
quests to A.L.A, Central Library; Third Army Headquarters, Coblenz*
Broadway Rustics So Pepped
Up They Shell Out 100,-
000,000 First Day
IfivCAiiJ.irro Till*: STARS AND STRIDES.]
Amkicum. May I.—Ci.M.Q/s crack band
aas Hi" ’n!g feature of the opening day of
the Victory Loan campaign in New York.
It was a ra»! ail jlay long. At its iirst
public appearance, which took place on the
•■laps of the sub-treasury at. noon. 20,000
■he. red th*-:ns< Ives hoarse after each solec-
Tin- i>-'.vgia n; started with “Sambre et
Mcum-." the famous French march, and
nd.*d with “The Stars and Stripes For
but iMt• piece getting the most ap
plause was the band’s stirring rendition of
o\.*r re." tin- work of the drum and
gI•; eorp- com ng in for special plaudits
i join thr mult il u.ies.
Ai o?i the .-aim- afternoon, the band
ad tb«- op-ning parade of the Loan up
I-’utn ::m* from the- Altar of Victory at
Twi ni.v-ih id si reel to Forly-lilTh street,
when- ii tinned off and into Die Victory
Way. nr: Dark avenue. north of the Grand
.Vniral station, which was decorated with
olnmn- !••■•!i]v s* iii;ii ive of th,.» States,
.■-.domed with eagles and Stale flags, Ger
man raptm-si by the Yanks, and two
t-sioi nice.- p\ ramlds of captured German
helmets Dmiug the parade the hand was
■heered by thousands. Only after the* ded
ication exercises, it) which the hand look
an imperial:! pail, did its first, breathing
.-.pell come.
Then in tin- evening it gave an hour’s
concert in the Vinory Way and surprised
the audience at (hr Hippodrome by march
ing onto the stage and playing one or two
pieces. At Il:. r >d the band left in a special
train for oro-day stand, on Tuesday at
I 'it ishmeh.
Where Bandsmen Will Play
Tlip following .-sclKMiiilo for the musicians'
riimns was arranged:
Columbus, 0., April 23; Cincinnati, 0.,
April 2-5; Louisville. Ky.. April "2'r, Indian
apolis. A[>ril 2U: Hi. Louis, April 27: Chi
cago. April 25? and ‘J->: Detroit, April 30;
Cleveland, Mny 1: i-biffalo, May 2; Now
York. May 3. Al Now York t.lic band is
to load iho gn-at Panorama parade, and on
the nth il is booked for a monster concert
in Boston. It will be at Springfield and
Hartford on the »?th. at New York again on
the Tib. Philadelphia the Sth, Baltimore on
the J'th. and will end at Washington on the
10th. last day of the Loan drive.
If the band dines on the fnt of the land
verywherc as it did in New York, Up
povs will have difficulty in getting into
There is-no red tape, no charge of any sort*
Only. in asking for books, please name a second and
third choice, since there are some books not im
mediately available.
And —write name and address plainly, and
be sure the address is complete.
10 Rue de l’Elys£e, Paris
Don't pencil them. psn them—with the ever- Mm
re.-.dy, over-right Watormaii's Ural. Remember. BSj
the recipients will want to keep tlirm for refer- ffS
onre in l lie years to come—so they most bo
written iu ink. t A ml Waterman's Ideal pro- (V^oC
ni"S the mntu to do so wherever you ore.
r?a f«-! v, nil K i;. «r t pf
L. fl. «»LO.\N, 1.y0., Th» IVjsi (lornvr. Kinpswap, Ixmdcru
S-*!** k<‘pfrwuiivoi In Frourp,
.iri.KAi'AC VRI) MA. e.T'ip Pari*
history—-and, of course, fic
Two books at a time will
be mailed upon request to
any member of the Ameri
can Expeditionary Forces.
They may be retained for
a month, and returned post
age free.
their uniforms long before they have swims?
around the circle. The band had a rough
trip over, but with the exception of one
man who had one arm fractured when the
Von Steuben started, nobody was seriously
incapacitated. The men on Saturday wore
right side up and full of determination to
do the A.15.F. proud during the campaign.
While in New York the band was the
guest, without cost, of the new Pennsyl
vania hotel, tins Bunkers* club and Lorber’a
restaurant —oh, boy, the chicken and ice
cream and everything!
Loan Oft to Running Start
The loan .started with a bang all over the
country. The' net result of the first day in
(he New York district was $100,000,000.
.Many small cities throughout the country
arc reported as having oversubscribed their
quotas within several hours after the cam
paign opened.
Detroit was the first large city to finish
the job, subscribing $100,000,000, almost
double its quota. According to present, in
dications, the A.E.F. need not worry a limit
folks at homo not wanting to clean up right.
Fifty-one well-known men and women
lecturers In the United Slates will come to
Franco to aid the Citizenship Department
of the Army Educational Commission in
its institute plan of education,
to Ur. John A. Kingsbury, head of the
Batteries of speakers now arc being sent
out through the A.E.F. to lecture on such
subjects as labor conditions at home, pub
lic health and welfare, commercial and
business opportunities and many other
matters in which men who expect soon to
return to civil pursuits are interested.
Dr. Kingsbury has inaugurated a system
of institutes which arc held at various
places for a period of two or three days.
Thus soldiers arc able to learn of condi
tions at home which they have no way of
rning about otherwise, except, thror
a tod newspapers.
['he Department of Citizenship plans to
tend its system extensively so that every
in in the A.K.F. who cares lo attend the
dilutes will be reached.
The Bins Gran Finn Kcncds
Berry, Ky., U.S.A*
offer for. sale Sett "73 and Point
ers, Fox and Cat Hounds, Wolf
and Deer Hounds, Coon and
Opossum' Hounds, Varmint and
Babbit Hounds, Bear and Lion
Hounds; also Airedale Terriers.
All dora shipped on trial,
purchaser to judge the qual
ity; satisfaction guaranteed or
money refunded. Sixty-eight
page highly illustrated, inter
esting and instructive catalogue
for ten cents ia_stamps or coin.

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While the Library of Congress is not aware of any U.S. copyright or any other restrictions on the materials digitized for the collection The Stars and Stripes: The American Soldiers' Newspaper of World War I, 1918-1919, some content may be protected by U.S. copyright (Title 17, U.S.C.), various state laws, and/or by the copyright or neighboring-rights laws of other nations. In addition, privacy and/or publicity rights may restrict the reproduction of some materials. Responsibility for making an independent legal assessment of an item and securing any necessary permissions ultimately rests with persons desiring to use the item.

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The Stars and Stripes. (France Paris United States), May. 2 1919.

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(1919, May 2) The Stars and Stripes. Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

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The Stars and Stripes. (France Paris United States) 2 May. 1919, p. 2. Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

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