Photo, Print, Drawing The Three Wise Women of Smokovat. Three aged Montenegrin women, two of whom are more than 100 years old, were among the 1,500 destitute people who received American cast off garments from the American Red Cross during one day's distribution. Age is much respected in Montenegro and with it is believed to come much wisdom. So these women are supposed to be the wisest in the surrounding country. Despite their five score years they walked twelve miles to receive the Red Cross clothing. The first three men on the left are: Major E.J. Swift, of San Francisco; Lieut. Col. H.R. Fairclough of Leland Stanford University, director of the Red Cross Montenegrin unit, and the Serbian governor of Montenegro at the right with his back to the camera is Captain W.B. Watts, of Macon, Ga., in charge of supplies digital file from original

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