Photo, Print, Drawing Sun dried bricks. Mud bricks, dried in the sun, are the favorite building material of Serbia. These bricks are much the same as the abode used in Arizona and New Mexico. Workmen simply dig a small hole in the clay and turn in the water, straw is worked into the mud by stamping it with bare feet. After the mud is tramped to the proper degree of firmness it is shoveled into open moulds and packed down. Then the coulds [sic] are lifted off and the bricks are allowed to bake in the sun until thoroughly dry. In a country of much rain these bricks would be useless as the buildings would quickly melt. The new hospital in Skoplje, erected by the government for the Red Cross to occupy was constructed almost entirely of these sun dried bricks with both the interior and exterior covered with a coating of cement and whitewash digital file from original

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