Photo, Print, Drawing Japanese-American volunteers. Colonel James J. Doyle, second from right, commanding officer of Kauai, Hawaii Service Command looks on as the oath of induction is administered to the four young AJA [Americans of Japanese ancestry] volunteers of Kauai who went through the solemn pledge of allegiance immediately after Mitsuru Doi took his oath Thursday as the first man in the territory to be inducted. The oath is being administered by Major Charles V. McManus (extreme right), adjutant of the Service Command. The inductees are, from left to right: Goro Sadaoka, eighteen, of Lihue, who has two brothers on Oahu, both volunteers; Lenneth T. Tada, twenty-five, alumnus of the University of Hawaii, salesman for the Kauai Sales Company; Shigeo Suemori, twenty-one, of Lihue, whose brother Tadao was rejected after his physical examination, and Noboru Okamoto, eighteen, Lihue Plantation employee, who was born in Lihue and made a name for himself as pitcher for the Lihue baseball team intermediary roll film

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