Photo, Print, Drawing Montgomery Blair High school Victory Corps. Gold braid and official titles decorated the training field at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland, when Army, Navy, and civilian officers reviewed the Victory Corps maneuvers. Left to right: Merwin M. Peake, Chief, Pre-Induction Training Section, Civilian Personnel Division, Services of Supply, U.S.; John Lund, Executive Director, U.S. Office of Education Wartime Commission; John W. Studebaker, U.S. Commissioner of Education; Lieutenant Colonel Junius R. Smith, Executive Officer of Manpower Branch, Civilian Personnel Division, War Department; Lieutenant Colonel Harley B. West, member High School Victory Corps National Policy Committee; Major Harold W. Kent, Bureau of Public Relations, War Department; Flight Lieutenant Roald Dahl, Assistant Air Attache, British Embassy; Squadron Leader Ben Travers, Royal Air Force; Commander Harry Blaine Miller, U.S. Navy; Major Francis Parkman, member High School Victory Corps National Policy Committee digital file from original neg.

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