Book/Printed Material The journal of Andrew Ellicott : late commissioner on behalf of the United States during part of the year 1796, the years 1797, 1798, 1799, and part of the year 1800, for determining the boundary between the United States and the possessions of His Catholic Majesty in America : containing occasional remarks on the situation, soil, rivers, natural productions, and diseases of the different countries on the Ohio, Mississippi, and Gulf of Mexico : with six maps, comprehending the Ohio, the Mississippi from the mouth of the Ohio to the Gulf of Mexico, the whole of West Florida, and part of East Florida : to which is added an appendix, containing all the astronomical observations made use of for determining the boundary, with man others, made in different parts of the country for settling the geographical positions of some important points, with maps of the boundary on a large scale : likewise a great number of thermometrical observations made at different times and places.

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