Photo, Print, Drawing Photocopy of photograph (original print in collection of Gerald A. Doyle, Phoenix) Emil Eger, Photographer, November 11, 1948. AERIAL VIEW LOOKING SOUTH OF THE YUMA CROSSING. THE SPRR WATER SETTLING RESERVOIR IS ON THE HILLOCK AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER OF THE IMAGE. THE LOCATION OF THE SPRR BRIDGES AT MADISON AVENUE IS MARKED BY THE TWO PIERS IN THE RIVER. THE CIRCULAR FOUNDATION OF THE SWING SPAN IS ON THE SHORELINE IMMEDIATELY BEYOND THE SECOND PIER. THE RESERVOIR ROOF IS INTACT. - Southern Pacific Railroad Water Settling Reservoir, Yuma Crossing, south bank of Colorado River at foot of Madison Avenue, Yuma, Yuma County, AZ Photos from Survey HAER AZ-66

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