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Photos, Prints, Drawings Officers of the National Woman's Party who will direct the Woman's Liberty Drive which opens on Thanksgiving Day to raise funds to complete the ratification of the federal suffrage amendment. When the drive opens 20 states will have ratified, 19 have already taken favorable action, and a special session has been called in North Dakota for November 25. 16 states are still needed for the adoption of the amendment. These must be secured, according to suffrage leaders, by the first of March in order to enable women of the country to register in the primaries of all states. The Woman's Liberty Drive will be conducted in states which have already ratified the amendment and the funds will be used in campaigns to persuade reluctant governors to call special sessions of their state legislatures. "If special sessions were called a majority in enough of the legislatures is pledged to complete ratification tomorrow," Alice Paul, chairman of the National Woman's Party and Commander-in-Chief of the drive, stated today. Left to right - top row: Mrs. Agnes Morey of Brookline, Massachusetts chairman of Woman's Party. Mrs. Abby Scott Baker of Washington, political chairman, directing drive in New York state. Mrs. Lawrence Lewis of Philadelphia, finance chairman, touring all campaign states. Center: Mrs. O.H. P. Belmont, New York state chairman. Lower row: Mrs. Clara Snell Wolfe of Texas, directing drive in S.W. Mrs. Nelson Whittemore, Detroit, in charge of Michigan drive, state chairman. Mrs. Genevieve Allen, San Francisco, California chairman.

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