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Photos, Prints, Drawings National Woman's Party Headquarters in Nashville, Tenn., in which the campaign for ratification of the suffrage amendment is being conducted, photographed on the day that Parley P. Christensen, presidential nominee for the new Farmer-Labor Party addressed a mass meeting, urging immediate ratification. Left to right: Rankin Smith, Central Trades and Labor Council; Jim F. Nicholson, Business Manager of the Machinist; W.C. Birthright, Secretary of the Tenn. Federation of Labor; Mrs. Anne Calvert Neely, Mississippi state chairman of the National Woman's Party; W.M. Mitchell; Mrs. Mabel Reber, of New York; Mrs. Walter C. Jackson of Murfreesboro; Mrs. Florence Bayard Hilles, of Wilmington, Delaware, member of the Executive Committee of the Woman's Party; Parley P. Christensen, Presidential candidate of the Farmer-Labor Party; Miss Sue White, of Nashville, Tennessee state chairman of the Woman's Party; W.M. Fox, president of the Trades and Labor Council; Miss Mary Winsor of Philadelphia, Pa., member of the Advisory Council of the Woman's Party; Archie Craig; Charles P. Sweeney.

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