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I kmmm they wonld
Tk*M iowers
As lit* hope* ?bal w? ekeriah
yoath't ????T boworo?
J knew they'd be Med!
Though with fond, geatle care
Their bright leases were shaded,
Deeay waa still there.
So all that i? brightest
Ever Brat fade* away,
Aud tbe joy Uut leap lightest
The earliest decay.
The heart that was nearest
The Mildest will rove,
Are the friend that wu dearest
i'he first ceaie to love.
And the purest, the noblest,
The loveliest, we knew
Are ever Ihe tared,
The *o >ne.l to go.
The b;rd that sings sweetest,
The flower au?t pure,
hi their beauty are fleetest,
lu their fate the most sure.
Yet still though thy flowers
Are withered aud gone,
Tliey will lire like tome hours
In memory alone
In hnllww'd shrine only
Sleep thing* we wauld cherish,
Pure, priceless, loved, louely,
They never can |?erish.
Thru I'd mourn ye no uinre
Ye pale leaves tint are shed.
Though your brightness it o'er
Your perfume is not fled;
And like thiue artma,
Tl ie spirit of flowers,
Rem* inbrancr will hover
O'er the grave of past hours.
ill N K V ARKK T.
Tneaday, Angnd (i ti P. i*I.
At tbe Stock Exchange today the sales were rather larger
than yesterday, and more firm nest was exhibited iu pricet. In
some cases a small advance was obtained, in olhert a decline.
Yicksburg decline'! i per cent; Bauk of Kentucky 4 per cent;
Harlem iirproved J per cent.
The $1,160,000 Philadelphia loan, authorized by the act of
27th June Uut, to pay temporary loans negociated iu 1838, has
been offered, bat no bid wat received for it.
The Jefferson Insurance Co. have declared a semi-annual
dividend of tight per cent, payab'e oa the 13th intt.
A great excitement wat created in Boston yesterday by the
closing of the doors of the Middling Interest Bauk ?f that city,
by virtue of ?n injunction from the State Commissioners
The rush of bill holders was very great, and during tie first
pai.ic created by the eveut, the bills were sold by timid holders
at fifty eentt on the d >llars. lu the eveaing paper* the follow
tag notice from lite. President of the Bank appeared:
Middling Inikhkst Bank,
Boston, Aug. 6th, 1839.
T? (At PuhHt.? The Suffolk Bank, by its President, Mr.
Stone, has seen fit in the plentitude of his power, to reject, at
his counter, the bills ofthis Bank, and the Bjnk Commissioners,
by his dictation, have believed it their duty to put an iriianctiou
apon any further operations of this institution. This B ink has
an account with the Suffolk Bank, having a 'arge deposit, and at
?o time, as I believe, has his Bauk been indebted to the Suffolk
Bank, since the opening of its account with it, to the amount of
a dollar. The purpose of this note is to say to the public, every
bill bearing my name and that of the cashier, shall be paid, dol
lar for dollar. John M. Fisek, President.
This notice somewhat allayed the anxiety of the public; but
up to the hour of the mails leaving, the pressure of the bill
holders for specie was very great. Some tales of the bills were
Bade in this city this morning previous to the fact of the fail
ves becoming known. Present bolters are, kowever, not dis
poted to sacrifice them.
The followiag was the condition of this institution at the
date of its last return, towards the commencement of the pre
sent year.
Rtswurces. Liabihtiti.
Loans, fcc. $'230,387 Capital, $160,000
Dae from banks, 33 065 Profits. 001
Bills of other basks, 4.0M Depotiles, 36.967
Real Estate, 1,4?3 Circulation, 9tf,394
Specie, 16,383
This it a fair statement, and such as should aot lead to any
line as) feelings on the part of the bill holders, more especially
when it is kno*n thai ihe Kilby Bank has commenced the re
demption of it* notes in specie. This iustilutinn it will be re
collected failsd iu tht spring of 1838, and since that time has
been gradually sell hug iu affairs till the present time, when
they are in such a train at agtin to allow the instilu ion to
proceed. The following it a statement of its liabilities at the
tiane of its suspension, at compared with the report of the
State Commissioners at their last examiaatioa.
Ftb. 3. 1838 March 3, 1839.
Bills in circulation. $168,730 00 $33,046 00
Balances due to Bankt, 16.000 00
Baposites, 60,394 89 36.418 33
Post aotes, 9.IK* 00 C,00?! 90
Dividends unitaid, 1,860 00 46 00
Treasury of Massachusetts, 3,600 00
$240,994 M $79,949 23
The word feature in the suspension of the Middling Interest
bank, it ti.e panic which it i* *ure to create in the public mind,
which if already iu a very etcitable date. Myin^tomt of specie
drai ut are apparent in all quarter*, and the anxiety it daily ea
haaced by the incendiary recommendation af th? Wall street
prett to ship tpecie to Eurupe in opposition to the regular
count of trade. The Mercantile community have suffered se
verely enough by the movement! of the speculator! and the
quack remediet of currency tinkers, whose whole aniiety seems
to be ta devitesome m> aas of set ling dcliti without paying
thain. The currency or the city it now unrestricted, and if the
Mursr af trade requires specie to move, specie will roofe in
tpite of all attempts ta prevent it. A movement under tach cir
cumttaucea would creata na uaeatiuets. A forced shipment
nnder speculative influence such as that recommended will nat
urally enough alarm the whale country, aad bill holder* will
prefer something letter than cotton bills, in the present state of
that market, in payment.
Simultaneous with the** mavemenN we And the following
in Bioknell't Philadelphia Reporter:
We learn that the Bank ?f the United States hat declined
receiving the depotitta of all brobrr*. An ettraordiaary move
this, and calculated to be attended by no agreeable con*equeu
ees. We may met, tioti that since tbe etUblishinent of a br.tnah
if the Uni'ed Stutei in New York, the notes of the institution
have been kept al par iu that city, lienee the brokers mail*
?te of Ihein very Irt-ely as remittances to their He w York cor
respondents. NuW, however, under the uew arrangement, they
will be compelled lo forwaru tptcie which tpacie tbey must
obtain from the Philadelphia liankt. Tbe result will be to
drain our hank* lo a considerable extent, for the benefit of New
It ihut appears that the Philadelphia bank it uting every
meant to fortify iUelf and the New York bank agaiuat an ap
peaachmg crisis. The procett of remitting bill* lo New York
aaabled the other city bankt to hold balances against the U. 8.
Bank, ahich institution italwa't a creditor bank by meant of
IU talet of turliag tsrliaage, which bar* heretofore thrown
heavier balance into ite handt than hat accumulated agaiuet it
hy meant of the remittances of notes from Philadelphia in tbe
prevent stale of butiaett.
There itevideully a growing uueatinett under the operation
of these movent' Ms They are however healthy, Had if the
mad and tnieidal r? commend ?i ions of the Wall itr? et prett, to
?hip tpecie, nt n moment when affairt are jnatifymg themselves,
do not eieite a panic in the community and caute a domestic
drain for tpeeie, aff tirt will toon take a torn. The mercan
tile pnhlie are however never safe with a clique of sperulatort
aad their organ*, whose political quackery has repeatedly rula
ed tha parly lo ?h>ch they are attached, and whose telfUh,
?cheming speculations have repeatedly involved commercial af
Mrs in iincvpeeitd difficulties.
Capital paid in. **212
Due from Hank t,
Uu? from Tmidn of Lock port Bank, 77,*H#
IIoimU imii i y Mtorklioldtm,
?t ate of Ala* Stock, .2'55
Ditroimta. H9,907
Specie o? han-l,
Volet of other Bankt,
20 419
Daposites, 1 1,090
Certificate f deposit, J,'H?7
Dne J D. 'leer* for Alabama Stock, 100 rti
Cirevlfttion, 137,900
Deposit"! with Comptroller, Ala
bain* Stock, 100,000
Deposited wi'h Comptroller, Bonds
and Mortgage, 100,000
200 000
The fall WI i arc the aterngr amounts due to and fro n the
Aesoeiato a, I the average specie and circulation f?r each
f the last sis bio I ta:
Ihif In tkr ,1***. 1*1' from. Spreir. Cirt'n
J amiary, fiiiw?M 4" 9 SHI is,*t? 14 719
February, til "<*1 424.9*1 14 HW 4.1, 91.1
hi arch, 42* 94 1 4H9t4 I4.1W fli.pufi
April, 44A 7 9 44\I79 14,>lft
Way. 4TS.C91 47<?,42J 14**1 89 199
fan* Ml OiiS VII.902 14,104 119 429
mtdrnm Ml (he 4Uck KxckuKf.
60 .hare* 8k of Cnmaierce, W??, 100 do ?0? S Bk
HI1-I7 Mwk.t?ui Bh Itt 10# bry Daek 87*->? ?k
of WYork 1044-13 Atlantic Bk Mechanic*' Bkg Am.
804-4# Am Ei Bk 8-2, 30 do 81, SO Jo 80* 30 do 8?. 10 ??t?
Del k Hud. 08nw, M do ?7{?30. 78 do 08c; W Ohio L kT Nl
130 do M) AO do 98^?00 100 U 8 bank 1101,00 do I I iBislB?
Si Vick.burg S3)? M Bk of Kentucky 77i*S, 40 do 77*, 60 do
77?60 Utica k Syracuse RR 111?86 Canton RR 66 do
34J 60 Paterwn RR 63*S, 60 do 63*blft, 60 do 6?it"? 1
Bo.too k Providence RR 101 10 9touinKiou KR 23?S. 16 do
33*sS, 36 do 33)?60 Haren. RR 461c. IW do 40*. 00, 50 do 401 c
30 do 40|, 70 da 4?1, 30 do 46*s30, 60 do 06<btw, 36 do dOJuw,
ISO do 46}s3, *j do 46Jc lie do 46|nw? 16 Utica 1 17c.
Stair ol Trade.
There lui been but little doing today in a general way.
Shipping alto continues exceedingly dull. Freights do aot im
prove? the lowest packet rate* only being obtained. There it
a fair quai.tity of cotton offering for Liverpool at id, ami a
ic on Hav;e- >hipment? principally made from firat hand*.
Natal Storks.- Tkis trade hat been dull since our last no
tice, and price* present no material change. Bales of tar to a
small eiteiit have beeu effected at $1 37 a 3.60, and turpentine
at $3 35 a 3 37 for North County. At Bestoa there has been
more doing, and tke improvement in tar has been lustained,
Salee at f3.36 a 3.37. Terpentine continues scarce. MauaOc
tured article] ia good demand prices have not ohangtd.
fPaivate Correspondence of the New York Herald.]
Gvatama, PeiiTO Rico, 18th July, 1839.
J as. O. Benivbtt, Esq.
Dear Sir Our crop has finished entirely. Two or three
veiscls uiore will load here this year, aud no more. Last sales
of produce, 6c. for tugar, und 33c. I?r uiulasse*. Higher price*
would aow be p.iid, if produce could be obtained.
The prospect for the enduing crop is hi illiaat, and will, unless
we have a hurricane, no doubt be abundant. The local troubles
of our Custom Home officers are not yet concluded, aud from
the "dtspacio" manner iu which the atl'air goes on, we caufnrin
no opiuiwn yet as to the result. Amei icau produce has, for a
ithori time past, been tcarce but recent importations have sup.
plied, fur the present, the market.
The prosperity of our Island is increasing, eve* ill greater
Qar'ion thau the British (."lands are decreasing. There have
ed in this crop, say since the 1st of Jauuary this j> ar,
about forty British vessels, with *:igar, molasses aud rum lor
the Provinces ami other English ports besides lar-?e contracts
iu St. Croix, far rum to supply the British army ami navy the
deficiency of their own Islauui. Only ye?terday the British
brig Coral, of and from \3?utega Bay, Jamaiea, 34 days, aud
buuad to St. Croix to take a cargo ol ruin to Halifax, called uff
this port, being shoit of provisions.
On the 6tli inst., Mr. Leonard Gauetviort Hoisting, to Mar
garet, Haswell, daughter of the late John H. Mabbett, all of
this city.
On the 6th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Berrian, Simean Kiugsley,
to Klvira, eldest daaghter of Edwin Baldwin, Esq., all ol ahis
Ou the 1st inst.. Mr. P. A. Spencer, of Sehoharie county, to
Mis* Charlotte Elizabeth Dean, of Newburgh, O-aege county.
In Philadelphia, 3l*t ult., by the Rev. Ueorge Boyd, D. D.,
Rev. Richard Newton, to Mis* Lydia Greatrake.
On the 6th inst., William Henry, ?on of W.H. and Luey S.
Cogswell, aged 1 month.
On the 6th lust Mr*, liabella Paruell, wife of John Paraell,
in the 34tli year af her age.
At Shelter lilacd, on the 1st inst., Either Sarah, relict af
Oca. Sylvester Denng in the 77th year ol her age.
At New Orleans, 36th ult., Ja*eph H Gladding, aged 38, a
native of Albany.
Death* in Philadelphia last week, 131.
PoMeagrn Arrived.
In the Orleans, fram New Orleans Mrs Gilpin, child and
servaut, Mrs Maxwell, child aud servant, Mrs Egertou, 3 chil
dren aud tervant, Mi*s Tyber, Mist Kugtish, Mr Rubiuson, la
dy and child, Messrs Foster, Trow bridge, Ray meed, Daron,
Bertlioud, Field, Donnuho, aud 30 in the steerage.
Port af New York, Aug. 7.
sen bisb* 6 1 I HIBM watkr 7 60
I'nckrfr* I* Arrir?.
St. James, Bebor, June 30
Montreal Griiiag, July 1
Gladiator, Britlon, July 10
Mediator, Cnamplin, July 30
Sh- ridan, Depeyster, Jnly 13
Packet* la |>?|?ari.
LB!* DO*.
Toronto, Griswold, Aug. 1*
Westminster, Moore, Aug 30
St. Jauiet, SeWr, Sept. 1
Montreal, Griffiiig, Sept. 10
Independence, Nye, August 7
oluumbu*. I ropper, Juty 10 Virgin'*. Harris, August 13
Sheffield, Allen, July I
Oxford, riathbone, July 7
Liverpool, (S.) Fajrer, Aug. 1
Francois 1st Thomson, J uoe34
kmerald, Orne, July 1
Silvie de Gias-e, July 8
North America, Hoxie, Aug. 19
Sidtious, Palmer, Aug. 36
D.d'Orleans, Richardson. Aug 8
VHledeLyou Stoddard, Vg 16
Francois lstThoinp*oii,\ug94
L'tica, Pell, MM 1
Indenendeace, Nye, Liverpool: Catherine, Thame*, Part
I ami, M?.;Cuo*?, Cobb, Kluabeth Oily, N C America, Crow
ell, Portland, Me.; Roanoke, Ferguson. Newbera, NCj An
drew Brown, Herring, Rapp tliautiack, V a. j Niagara, Bciher,
Chat Irs ton; Helen McLtod, Morris, Montevideo, Pautkra, Ab
bott, Genoa aasl Leghorn.
Ship Kbro, Watts, 16 day. Ir.iai Sydney with coal lo J. Laid
law v Co.
Ship Orleans, Sears, 19 days from New Orleans, with cottoa
kc., to W. Nelson.
B ig Buenos Ay res, Stewart, 6 days from Charleston, with
cot i on lie to F. frimon.
Brit; Grand Turk, Nichols, 10 days <aem Bangor, with lum
ber to Brail ll Vuse.
Brig Zoroaster, Welsby, 11 4ays from Turks Island, with
salt to J. fell well.
Schr Spleudid, Walts, 1J days tram Lahec, with plaster to
Scbr Orbit, (Br) David.on, 16 days from Wiedsor, with plas
ter to order.
Schr Select. Johnson, 14 days from Martinique, with molas
ses to Mitchell k
Schr Hannah It Jane, York, 10 days frnaa Machias with Um
ber to J. I" SlIuW.
Schr George Robbias, Bibber, 10 days from Calais, withlum
b.r lo Smith li B lynton
Schr Mary Gallant, Parker, 4 days from Virginia, wtih wood
to master.
Schr Joha Loxier, GaJsey, A days Iram Virginia, with wood
to mastt r.
Schr Win. 11 Bird, Corson, II days from Jeffersen, (Geo.)
with Inmber, to order
Seer Henry Clay, Martin, 6 days from Virginia, with wood
to ma ler.
Schr Wm. D. Barton, Chambers, 7 days from Virginia, with
wood to master.
The letter bags of the Iudepenpeace, Nye, for Liverpool,
will close at Uilpin's Kichanj* Reading Room, this aioraing at
the usual hour.
John Wiafield. teaman, fell from the main top-gallant yard
of the Powhattan, hence at New Orleans, on the nigh I ot the
16 Ih of Juae, and was drowaed
19 peters.
Mary Silstiy, Pierson, from New York for Mobile, July IS,
lal J4 21, Ion Hi 4i
Gaages, of Bo. ton. from New York, for Madeira, July II,
lat 44. loa 44.
Cumberland Blanchard, from New York for Tenenffe, July
38, lat 40, Ion 71.
U. S. Vaadalia, Cap*. Levy, was at the moath of the Rio
Bravo del Norte oa the JJd ulL
Ferritin Peru.
Maracaibo, lOdavs since? Hope Hetriefe, for New York,
up the lake Idg. Poland, from St. Thomas, for New York, da
da. July 17? Sill Hiram, New York.
There were no American vessels al Anaxabo, P. R., on the
I3lh July.
St. 1 *oi*, lulf 51? I'.mily. Meaee, for New York. Idg.
Cittitrur as, Jul) If- -Sun. Baoaett, for New York, Idg;
Commaqui'l. Sears. Naatt, Id*.
Point PrTar.Owad July IS? Virginia, Ryaa for New York,
S dap.
St. Clot*, Bassim, Jul? 77? Isabella, McKee, for New
York; Moatesideo, Ridsell, ao.
PicTor, July 1ft Arr Formosa. Crawford, New York, Pal
las, Bl lachard, do; Honduras, Hopkins, do.
Havana. July "10 Arr l??ac Kills, New York.
St Piaacs, Mart. Jul* 10 Crusad. r, Norris, New York, A
days; Se.ect, Ji.tia.oa, do, same day; Agula, Snow, do, tw. uty
Port Ro*at. July 19? Orlige, Jenkias, far Mount Bay, ta
load for New York, in 1A "lays.
Ouatama, P. R.July 18? Coral, Beards ley, for New York,
in A days
Rivra Gambia, Africa, July 4? The Tranist, of New
York, wa? condemned and sold yesterday; Africans*, Piclchr,
for N?w York, I6ih.
There were ao American vessels at Port Praya, Cape de
Verds, lith ult.
St. Thomas, July II New York. Baker, from Trinjdad, for
Maracailni, to .all ne?t day, to load for New York. 17th? Sid
Forresll r. Wil.hy, fiom Si B irts lor Turks 1. 1. ad lo I 'd
for ,Nrw York, Par to Rico. r?rker, from Bangor, do do do. The
Lapwing, Smith, from New York, dis^, will sail soon for ura
('?lied Mtntee Peria.
Faaiaaroar, Me.. July SA?%rr Charles, Rich, New York.
B*TM, Me., July 30 -Arr James, Millar, New York.
Calais, Me., IwK ilS? >rr Adamant, Clawy, New York
97th? Sid KcHo, Richardson do.
Bm ra-t. Me Jnly 1? Arr Moniettdeo, Pac, New Y'nrk.
Peart. s*i> Ail* 3 -Arr Chant) ion, Mitchell, New Yo-k. i
Saiiss. AuIT. il? Arr Fairfi- Id, Bnrr, New Yorkj Warsaw,
0?dfrry,do I Id Kclip*e. Wei. Inn, do.
Boston, Ant I? Aff Pioneer, Crowed, New Y' ?rk. Cld
Tremont, R)d?* do; R'- ja Ri e|o?, Hearse, do; M <il. I.ornig
do; Fa iC\, Cha e, do 4lh -A>r 4mert-*. Hand* Kits ton.
N Y'.. J*ei'-nee, lliril ng do Trio, Nl? keraon, Ne ink,
Hu dson Hyiler, da; II leo Mar, Smith, do; Silvee '"pr'g
I rowel I, do; I. "per, Crowell. do Ath Arr Wm ll Jam s.
Kwcll. MwiiuiUt) tiekiMt, IfiekiriM, New Ifwki A?((n
utta, dot Mtrtlli, Mlocli, do; Luril, D#m*,4?
Holmes Hole Aug. I? Arr Cambridge, Boeto* tor New
York} Majestic, Baaror, fordo, Pilgrim, Addieon tor do; Kair
play, snd Masaa Taylor, Lubec, tor do; Wm k John, Ever
green. <i ud Mary, Macluas, for do; Fame New York, tot Ells
worth; Beleey Pierce, do, for Boston.
Photivsnck, Aug. 3? Arr Arrow, Lee, New York; Metame
ra, Wiaslow, do; Rijuzi, Heath, do.
Bbistoi., Aug 2? Arr Willard. Mill r, Warren, and sld tor
New York; Meridiea, Duenuig, Fall River aud .Id fordo.
I'hilauklphia, Aeg. 5 Arr Staunch, Smith, New York;
White Oak, Hughe*, do; Schuylkill, Stewart, do: Comet. Cos,
do. Cld Globe Wilson, do; Superior, Dolfast. do.
Baltimobe, Aug. 4? Arr Tom Wood, Osborue, New York.
Richmond, Aug 3? Cld Kutersoff. Toylor, Bremen. Wm.
Kemhle, Adams, Boston; Phebe Eliza, Richard*, New York;
Catherine Amanda, Teal, do.
Savaivkiah, Aug. 1? Arr William Taylor, Hoey, New York;
Wm. Gaslou, (pilot boat) Chystie, do.
Mobile. July a# Cld John, Colson. N?w York.
Nkw Obleans, July 2?? Cld R. Oroning, Landen, New
York; Coaiet, Stark, do. Arr Powhattan, McCuran, du.
Oty- SHIP U'i'lCA FROM HAVRE? Consitnees will
please lend I heir permit* on board at tin foot of Albany street,
N. It. Good* not permitted by the 8th inst. will unavoidably
be seut to ihe public store. auA-y
No. 0 1 Liberty theet.
A full assortment of Writing, Wrapping, and Printing Paper,
Binder'*. Trunk, aud Baud Bot Boards. Boyd's Bleaching Pow
der, Felting*, Wire Cloth*, Machine Blankets, Blue Smalt*,
Press Papers, Cloth do, Bonnet Boards, Foreign and Domestic
Rags, Sic. tic. kc.
Paper made to order at short notice. aul3-yW
{fij- NOTll E. Consignees of good* per sh i j> Star, I nun
Liverpool, are requested to get out th?-ir permits a* soon a*
possible, and stud them on board the ship, toot of Piae stieet,
?r to t?y South street, eorner of Piue. au7-y
0(?? GREEN TURTLE SOUP.? Ftnnkli* Coffee House,
86 A i aided Lane, and Id Cedar street. A liue lively Turtle
will be dressed this day. Soup and Steaks re?dy at II o'clock.
au7 It* JOHN I'. BROWN.
Ocean Huuie, Ruinson Landing, Red B:tnk,
and Eaiontown Dock. The steamboat
OSIRIS, (Captain All trie, will run -a* follows, daily, from foot
of Market street, E. K.
For Ued Dank. From Red Bank.
Aug. 7, Red Bank, 6 A.M. Aug, 7, Red Bauk, 3 A.M
8, do 6A 8, do 4
9, Eaiontown 6 0, Eatontown 4
10, Red Bauk, t>i 10, Red Bank, 5
11, do 7 11, do 5
12, do 7jr 14, do 5
13, Eatontown b\ 13, Eatout'n 10 A.M.
14, Red Bank, 0 14, Red oauk 10}
15, do 7 16, do 11
10, Eatontown 7 10, Eatont'n 11
17, Red Bask, 74 17. Red Bank II*
18, do 6 18, do 1 2} P M
19, do 9 19, do 1.1PM
20, Eatont'n II 'it, Eatontown 3*
21, Red Bank 12 n job 21, Red Bank 4
22, do I P.M. 22, do 9
23, Eatontowu fi A.M. 23, Eatontown 3
24, Red Bask, 6* S4, Red Bank 3
26, do 0} 25, do 4
24, do 7 20, io 4
27, Eatontown 7 27, Eatontown 4
28, Red Bank, Aj 28, Red Bank 91AM
29, do 0 20, do 10
39, Eatoatown 0} 30 Eatont'n 10}
31. Red Bank, 7} 3L Red Bank 11}
All freight and baggage at the ri*V of the owners thereof.
PACKET FOR HAVRE. second linb.? 'Ihe
MvjFV ship UTICA, J. B. Pell, master, will sail on the l*t
WlBlirr September. BOYD HINt KEN, Aijeuts.
No. 9 1'ontiiie Bui'dinfs.
The passage money in the cabin, by this line, i* now filed at
one kuudred dollars; but Wines and Liquors, of any kind, will
not be furni-hed. bu7 y
FOR LIVERPOOL? Packet of the ISth August.?
The fast sailing first class packet ship VIRGINIAN,
Captain Harris, will sail as above, her regular day.
Her accommodations for cabin and steerage passengers are
toe well kaowu to require comment. Persons intending to cross
the Atlantic, should embrace this very favorable opportunity
ky making immediate application on board, foot oi Maiden lane,
or to tl.e subscribers. RAWSON Si McMURRAY,
au7-y corner of Pine and South sts.
STOLEN, this day, frc m the basement of house 124 Peeond
street, 7 silver tea spoons. 6 table spoons. 1 pair sucgar
tongs, 1 butler knif all marked P. S. Pawnbrokers are
cau I a nee not to purchase such articles; and a liberal rrvraid
will be givi u for information f the thief. a7 ll*
tseneinr Harlem Oil.
Diamond Ceinei.t,
Sulphate of Morphine,
Ver.itnne and Strychnine,
Dutch Leaf,
Br oiiH af all qualities and colors,
White Vitriol,
Nitric, Muriatic, and Sulphuric Acids, lie. lie.
Constantly oa hand, aud for salr, wholesale aud retail, by
au7 y LEWIS FEUCHTWANGER, 7 Gold street.
NTOTK-iu.? M P. Payior, Esq. formerly of No. 8 \Vall
street, will oblige A. L. Peck b4 calling aud p-yiBg tke
ten dollars which lie borrowed on t!?e fiist day of election
last. The place of payment can be wade at this olfice.
au>7 3i*
DB MILNK ha* the pleasure of announcing to hit fiieml*
?lid the public geneially, that he hu taken the above b< au
tiful etlablithinenl at the corner of 98th tlrcet and 8th Ateune,
where he it prepared to give dinner parties, lie. in the bcittlyle,
by due notice. Hit winet and liqu rt are of the choicett kind,
aud every attention betlvwtd for the comfort of hit vititert.
>7 In*
RL. SMITH It CO Af?. 171 Pearl thttl, Importer*,
Manufacturer*, aad VVholetale Dealer* in Leghari, j|,d
8 1 raw Goods, aire now in receipt of 300 eases Bonnet*, combin
ing all Ihediffereut *t)la* desinble for the fall bu.iursi which
thajf offer for sale to dealer* on liberal term*. Also, 100 ca*es
Mtr** Trimming*, and JO catet printed and plaia Satin Straw.
ju?t call hi J. MAJOR'S Cheap Tailoring and luth'ttg
E-tablt*hfnrnt, No 441 Or?nd street, on the corner, oppti.iie
Willet, where you will make a t??mg of at lei*t jA pt-r cent.
Fot in.tatice, I mak coat* of superfine English cloth, of any
color, from to $'i0, which i* from to $10 letstliau the
common price* matie in the bett manner and warran'ed elegant
Alt. Other garment*. a? alto ready made clothe*, are sold at
eqaally li w price*. A lot of iapi rial (.'oat*, ordered dating
the |>iil jf?r and not called for, will be told at M*L
au7-lmit* J. MAJOR.
j |j I'AlliOONS 4, 4, 8. 7, an* a- 4 iqaari, mil long
I v/U Merino Shawl*, of rarirnn fabriii. lor tale n liberal
term, hy R. L. KkllTll It CO.
an7 3?n* 178 Pearl ateeet.
E1 FOUNlAIN has the to inf 'rm bit IrieHiit ufcd
J th**e thai are now p ti.tng thraugh thit nt> thjt Jaha
F. Adriaace. 'JM Hroadway, opj*iite the I ity Hall, ha* iu*t
opene I 3 rate* af Pari* Embrmderiet, containing k complete
aud choice parcel of the nrwetl p.tteiat and ti)let of ce'itrt
alia, Cape* of lor 4 titea. meh a* will tail mi**-. al*?,emb'd
mabtillat, worth MO to f>80 I cate of the richeal M< mlc
Mnth that hat been imported for tome year* trimming*
fiom 'i to Hi inc hat in tilth, price front 37 j cent* o $3J |ier
yard; *rarf?, collar*, cape* aad veila i alto, the halaai.e of all
bit rich Parit kimsIibi will l>e *ol- vary cheap, and all the *a|ter
tpring calicoe* at about hall the former price* alto i,l
all kludt .ilk aad avtiuii IMM do, emb'd rambrtr hdkls; emb'd
?ilk cravat* and haadkerchiefk; fancy ael trarl's; lawa i*?rls,
richly embroidered end. net ihawlt, 8 4 plaia tllk ihawlt; 7
aad 9-4 figured tilk ni.nlil'a ihawlt, with double fling, all
round, 7 ca*et mo>>*elm de lames. from I181I to 8. par j ard,
ahaut h .If their value; tilkt of Ihe mutt splendid ityle, tome of
which were brought at aaclion and can lie told ^r> at bargains;
black figured *ila; I rate very w??le double ripp* Pari* quality
of the ricl?*t talia Mara. al.o a geaeral assortment of good
desirable laacy and tuple goodt, all of which will he told at
?Mh price* a* will to lure to meel the view, of all partia*.
au7 3i* 1M Broadway, op|>otite the City Hall.
Oil CASES deairahly ataorted rich gatatlure aad cap Rib
baat just received, and for tale at 178 Pearl *t
au7 8m* R. L. SMITH It CO.
BLAl K LACK VEILS, Merino 5Ka?*. Artificial Flowart,
and Bonnett in every variety, for tale oa liberal term, by
aa?-8m* H I. S%ilTH Ik CO. 178 Peatl-t.
i i ABES FLORENCE BONNETS, varioas ?|ualiiie?;
60 d Straw do. do.; 800 do varioii* .Hie* of laai-y do,
for ale at 178 Pearl ilreet. It. L. SMITH k t O
G1 EMM N BILVEH in *heel. of nil guage. aad ?i*e?, war
I" ran'ed lear f ,11 flaws, perfectly m tllr snle, and ol a vi ry
white color, at all litn>'n on hand, and for nlr i t any quanti'jr by
an7-y LEWIS FECCH rU AMIF.R, 7 O.ld .t,
Who ever knew Truth put to the wivra* in a I'rea and open ea
?oawterf -Mii.tow.
HUN I'ER'S HED DROP.? If thit mediciae cured any oth
er diaea.r prevalent; at the diteate it doaa cure; present ia
con*ei|u?iice of their bring *o man\ half cared ca*e?, with lha
potMiti driven in Ihe ?)?t*m. Wr could more rec?i|>la
than would All Ihe Uigfit paper ia A merit a, hut a* Ihe very
nalate of Ihe thing prerlude* the nottilnlity of puhliahiitK any
reaprctable geiuim receipt* with the tame attached, we are ile
termitieil not to decrive by publishing falte >ne?, hut the medi
ciit> i* warrtnled to effect prompt, perminent. and *fe cure
ia all ca*e. of v aad un-ler all eiroum.taaci., without diet,
Mtdmri fttWt hu?iit?**, or auy re?iriclu"i? whatevej. Piii e,
fl vial Ofiii-e 6 Divitioii tire t
1 hit medietas ha. 'k?w been iii y? ar. He I ore thi pnMi< ft*
fame i* ?iirea<l from Cana la t<i Ten i* ()ur oftict. re: 8 B a
*?r*t, llMHft Si llanover, enlranf' in L'enln Bo. ion, JI4
4'amp ?t, N?-w Orlean.; of Mr J Lak', Mobile. W W ire,
?oath mil Vlarhtt *t, thr< e door* he low tha Court llou-e, Wi|.
minxIMi, Not III Caroliaa; 8H \orlh tilth ft, H?il8t(elphia; 47
Mala M, f harlatlon, S. t 8 Ri?thery'? Lane, two I .or* from
Maia *t. Noilolk, Va. aa7 li
a. CO. have bow mad offer for sale I i
largv *u4 (Jetirtble stock of French, Otmift, and IUJi*a Bilk
Oeoda, together with fall ss.ortmtat ?f Merino Shawls,
Lace Ooods, fcc. at 176 Pearl au7-3m*
Political economists have Ireqaeutly differed a* la what wm
a fair aid at Ike same tuna, the lurrit aifwiri of value bw
we ae??r yet cum across any one wUu had gravely recorded fi
to bt lii# opinio* that the nomiael prictauy article m>M lor, Wat
Hiiy measure of its actual value. Sueh a notion would b?
deemed ?o great a fallacy, that iu statement on paper as a lo?i
cal deduction, would prove it* own absurdity and yet, thoee in
dividual* who run about from one store to another for lh? pur
pose of ucertaiuiag the ininimum number of dollar* and cento
at which they can be furnished with article* nf food and ra?
raent, of course commit a itrid greatei, because a mors
practical absurdity, ihan an v speculative philosopher wouW
do, who sal down in hi* closet to argue from such falsi
premises. The one would merely be laughed at as avismnarj
schemer; but the otherts deemed fit oaly to graduate amon^ito
philosop'iersof Laputa, who contemplated making deal bottrdi
out of Sawdust, ami extracting sunbeams from cucumbers. T?
king that most important olall articles te men iu this dressing aye
a coat, whether frock, uresa, riding, or the kind called top,' it
matters not, and see haw many different elements, all of whicl
affect the interest of the wearer, to to make un its cost.
1st, There is the raw material, aad itcoudly, the quality ol
the dye used and t he degree of tU ill possessed by the manufacturer
of the cloth. These primordial ingredient* towards aeoat, ttii
self evident, must vary as much as the wind, weather, or tin
woman's caprice; and 3dly, when itcomes into Hie hands of thi
Snyder," there is the skill of the cutter, the quality ef the trim
miugs, Slid last, though not least, the scientific qualification)
which the artist may possess, who is to send it "into this
breathing world," not "a thing of shreds and patchcs," but ax
article of beauty, utility an I luxnry fated eitner to adorn, or
desecrate the human forats. Other reason* could be adduced
to show that in coats, at least, many things, which the world ai
large tliiuk* not of, should be luken into consideration befori
its actual value cau be ascertained. If these |trinciples .ir?
based on truth, what folly is it then, for uieii to waste theli
shoe leather in running ail r stores, or in finding out tailori
who charge a low nominal price, when it is evident that is hmi
the te?t of cheapness. Thev should net entirely dieregar*
pi ice, bat at the same time, they should examine the material
ascertain the staudiag of the manufacturer of it; not neglect th?
skill of the cutter, and above all, pay e*peci?.l attention to tht
qualification* of the workman, who is to give the finishing touch
to that which in iis native simplicity protected the sheep, but
w hen a proper and scientific ainoiHit of labor has been given t<
it, is capable of adding dignity and beauty to the?
Noblest work of (Jod."
if thistrainof reasoning should happen to eonvince any o*
the bargain buyers, that r*tiniate articles by dollars and ceuti
aloue, taey are advised forthwith to visit the cash stokk ol
S. PHILLIPS, No. 106, William sth kkt, aad ascertain by th?
evidence of their owu eyes, if the articles of drest made up by
him, are not equal in quality, durability, cut and workmanship
to any produced by the most fashionahle hauses in Broadway
Having satisfactorily solved thi* problem, they may comport
their several nominal prices, and he convinced, that ahhougl'
peice is not the test of cheapness, PHILLIP'S SYSTEM is?
for although he imports the best article and employe aone but
tbc best workmen, he nevertheless sell* for ready money, at 36
per cent less than is charged bj those who do business on the
old ami exploded credit system. my'J6-3m
tiaues the Biscuit Baking at 275 Washington street, cor
ner of Warren street, and has constantly for sale,
PILOT BREAD. All of the first quality.
E. T.'s small Pilot Bread is the size for the South America!'
and West India markets.
Any ef the above article* can be delivered in good order foi
exportation, at short notice. jel'i-dm*
popular dentifiice can be had. warranted genuine, at the
Medicated Lozenge Warehouse, 106 Nasiaa street, one door
abo e Ann, where ShermanS celebrated Cough Lozenges are
sold. jr'JS-y
rpo" SO U iFllK.RNEllS.-D E. DELAVAN, No II Mai
1 deu Lane, has just received the following choice guodt
Fier steamer British Queeu:? Lamps, Oirandoles aad Cliaade
lees, a great varie y of patterns. Also Tea Tray* in setts, of
which there is a great variety of colors. Also Plated Ware,
auU ivory handled Table Cutlery, some sells of which are fitted
in mahorauy casee. jy Jl-y
75eAS ES OK THE EYE DR. WHEELE R with cool
fidence assure* the public, that there is scarcely aay dis
ease lo which (hat tender and beautiful organ, THE EYE, is
subject, tliat does aot yield 'o his humane and successful mode
of treatment. References given to the first families; anil atten
dance at hi* office, 33 Ureeuwich street, near the Batte-y, from
8 A. M. until 1 P. M., after which he devotes his time to out
do r pntieuts. au1-3mis
I ii ITRAN(I EH ?T^T I V am t v YOU Nil, Fancy
1 Dealers, No 19 Broadway, directly opp< site the City
Hall, offer for tne inspection af purchaser-. a very choice selec
tion of new, rich, ta?t- ful. and appropriate fancy m ticltt for
Bridal, llrithdiy, I'hilopteiia, or other present. Poi table arti
cles ft r hovel 'tri; fine fancy S.atiirnn iy, I'eijumtry, including
every atticle in request the fm?st qu ility elegant s|iecimen?
of ('kiuete m mill. K-tures; Curio. an* from the American In
?I ions; laucy article* aud curiosities generally, -II ?t which are
seleclc I wlt'n inn h care, procured o i the most advantageous
terms, and will be dis|>osei| of at such reasonable aud uniform
price* as they hope w ill s cure to them the confidence and favor
of mull as msy honor ihem with a call. ?u0 Im*
OS oiku A Was the qmntitv of Steel P? n* inaua
factured by JOSEPH OILLOTT,
from October. 1937 to Octo'oer, IM&
Tlie aboii stall ntU will she* the olim tlion ia which tke*e
pens are !ie!d, and it is presumed will b< an inducement to
those who d< sire a really good article, at least to make a trial
of them.
To b had of all Stationers, and wholesale only at the Manu
facturer^ Warehouse, 109 Beekmaa st. aul-t
DU. J.J. LLOYD WH^rEMORE respeclli.My talon)
his friends aad the punlie that he has removed Is No. I
Park Place, where he will be ready to attend to the call of thoi
who may honor him with ih. ir confidence. Having stuihed thf*
years in the llo-pitals of Paris, and aae year en the Lying-ii
Hospital Heidelberg, under the eelebrated Professor NasgeU
he trusts he is com|M-ieat to treat scient ilie.dly aay disease tha
oiayeome under his observation. nvll-ista'
to et au, I stotk of Clothing for sale.? The subscriber iu
teniN Iraviag tlie rity, and now offers lor sale a small stock of
goo Is, consisting of ready made clothing, piece goods and trim
mings. the principal |?arl of which i* calculated for the fall
trade. Also to let, the (tore occupied by him, from now aatil
th< first of May nest. The stand is well known ta be one of
thi best in the city for this business. Apply at the premise* to
Iv If.
303 Briatlway, entrance in Dumr ilrttl,
Ci Mlin?**tii> practice tn
From Dr. Kllioit'* e?ten*ire pr <ctice, and Ihr numbrr of pa
limit wlinrinn it We attrndr during hi* uflu't hour*. he r a*
?btainel tbf ?rrvicfi ?f l)r. Wmtmicott. a praclilioaer fit
for i'ilf kniiKitfir ?orw >aar? in tln? city, mrmbrr <>f the
Nih T< t Mnlu .il Such ty, and of ihe hnyal Colltg' of Sur
geon*, Bdmboffli. Dr. W.pai- much attention to hiwkk o
the in Pan*, an I. mnr? recently, to Dr. Kllioil'i prculiar
MD'lr of o|wralioa >n< treatment
OIKff h"<i? frum 10 In 6 o'clock, laily. ?i?
>a NoTK K.? All p> r-on* are bereuy cautioned again*!
IriM'ing the ci*w of the Br brig .Magnet, a? no debt* of thrir
c?>iil r.t? ling 1 1' p*N by tli? Capitis iir(OHii|Drr?. au3
WANTKD? A amall BOY la allrntl |<i an eoitortal room
One of rt?|M!tUli|? ronn- ctiou*, who if mart, Mlivr.tad
iiltllipnt. aii| >|i|ilf tl thi* office. jyl7-lf
BOARD A'*eallt rata and hi? wife, or l*o ar three single
gentlemen. ran have handaomelv fnrni*hed room* with
board. by applying at No. 10 Park Plate.
I'.nglith auJ French tnokrn. au9-lw*
POK HAl.K H'rdry mhMIhmII MlM At followmg
S? indiaidutl* tit Mr. John Allen, Carman H. Hardie,
llMw, Imnf it k? iiborhwod of Bleecker *treet; Mr. Oal
tmr, lata of M JlSt Mr. Monigwiaery, Cabinft maker,
in the upper pan of the ritjr Dr. Burr, lale of Walker ?L,
l>ul now rniilini m Batten. For particular*, rtwp?ir? at Nk
IW Maiden Lane
ffy* TO TH>. PU ML II We aall the ajiecial at lent ion of
llir pablir inducement* held out by STL?r*T>: a kCa
IM Broadway fori nveating in real edate, ailwaled in New Or
laana. NoiwiWtlanding the attempt* made by the jn?u t Dat id
Hale of th* Journal of C<imm?rc?, wc hare good readout for
h Bowing that the affair in ^jiiedion po**e**e? the entire rout
deaceol the community? and w>- recommend thoae prrtona who
hwre any do?Hi, In call on Sylreater k Co. who are detirona
of gmug lli? mo* i full aod perfect *ati*fart?on in reply to any
ioo??eir* mode. el7*
VlitlTlNO ASD VVi- '.DDI Ml l A KD*? tingrared in a
new and improtPii atyle, and printed with the ntmoat
neaine?a. Jo.t received. a mtperior lot of Poacrtain C*at>e.
e?|>ee*t|e for Vi'iting and Wedding Card*, winch f..r whiiene.%
and hriliiancy i f pnluli cannot he etcelled. Petton* furnish
ing lite r owa Card Plate*, can hare Iheat printed ia the lale*t
?tyle. at abort notice.
Hroar. C?a?* of every description, either Coporrptal* or
Letter Pre**, eieculed ?n farora ile term*, by apply int at
Fashionable Card, F.neraeing anil Prinl'ng B*ta*li*hMftt,
atiAUli 60 John "tre't. corner of Wi li m.
0?l) BLKAI IIIMi PU TdKMi*.? I he rit era
Ml' <gent? in Hie U. Mtale* for il?e ?ile of Bojd k Pom'
Blr 'rhiiH: I'swdert, can wwilj maorfacturera an<l dealer* tt
the lo??l markal price*. F?r ptirity and Mrenglh Ihry will
be fonnd f Jlr canal to any man'if .clured in ihi* country or
Ore* Britain. PL ItsSK k SNOOKS,
i*l-y 01 l.i'o rl? *t.
WAN l'k.0 A (Mrl from 11 m II >nn of <p with got >4
rrrom nr n 'a't at, fo t?i-l wilh the ueneial hou" work
of >m ll ftmily. ^pc't 7 Btiirit *1. aiiO-St'
|IN Gl ll' l'0>, or V i ade? in fcoth llemiapltere*
O a Talr of the Ifth I nl rj fri nlly by Har*
|>er V R >'her --i* for tale by all the principal Bookaeller*.
i? l#-lm*
ftitii l AKUnVfi UlL VlTiildb li it c per pivnd by
*l ihe carboy ai Drug, Dy sr.,ff Paint, <n>l Oil*
?Mretf JOHN 0. M<IHKI*M\ k
?nl I 186 um) IM (l(*?nwith at.
farart. f#r
LOVE IN ALL SHAPES, ar, the (iall.ry of Portrait-*
which Mr L??* will sustain ike principal character*.
To be AHIov?J by LOVE'Jl LABOR L?)Sl [uot D^ki|tcin]
In the r*<irse m( which Mr Lor* will ptrwuu eight
dilf?rnl character*.
After which MAID OF ORLEANS, or, *f Arc On%
Dauphin, Mr Hield Count Daaoi*, Mr Richiigs? Juu jf
Are, Mis* Ca>hin?n.
To conclude with THE QUADRUPEDS? Beraado, Mr Ri
chiugt Dorothea, Mr* Vernon.
Doors jjku at 7 prrlorMM* to mhwum M half |M
7 o'clock.
Bot Tlch*is.*l? Pit.Weente Gallery, S6 con te.
AGER AND DIRECTOR? This i?iih, wMI ha
NICK OF THE WOODS? Nick of tho Woods, Mr Poctorr?
Roaring Ralph, Mr Unlet Telle Doe, Mr* Shaw Phebo
Bruce, Mtrt Bell.
I'rcvioi.s to which will be performed,
MAZK.PPA Maz?-ppa, Mr. Woolfred Thamar, J. H. Hall
Olinska, Mr*. Rogers? Agatha, Mr* Stickney.
Doorman at 7 oYloek -the performance to commence atquar
ter hrfurr S |>reri*ely>
Price* Boxes 76 ce.nts Pit, 37 J c*nt? Gallery 96 era ta.
IV] I b Lt) H (iA RDEiN AN U NEW A Loolh.? W IL?
Xl L1AM MKLO respectfully announce* that thii E*lnh*
hi>limc?t it now opeu for the SEASON.
The highly talented company, and en the direction of OA
RftlEI. RAVEL, consist* of Gabriel Ravel, Adonic RavoL
Jerome Ravel, rancaite Ravel, Leon Javelli Itavel, Joim
Ravel. Keneloit Ravel, Monsieur Carl*, Monsieur CbeUeni, Ma
dame Jerome, .Madame AntuiueRaael, Madame Chekeui, Mad
etnoiselle Elise Ravel.
Leader of the Orchestra for the Ravel Family? Signor Carlo.
The Evening's entertainments will coinmeoie at 8 o'clock,
With TIGH 1' ROPE by the Ravel family, ilut nig which A
tome will go through the character of the Klrgmt Clown, and
introduce hi* celebrated feat?, including the Ladder Dane*
which will be oirrouaded hy a brilliant display of Kir? Work*.
In the iuterr.'iiinion of half an hour between the entertain
ments, the Military Band will perform favorite *eler .ion* of
The entertainment* to conclude with the comic Pantomima
of L'UOMO ROSSO. L'Uouio Rosso, Jaiclli Ravel
L'Amoiir, K.I I/.. Riuel.
Civil and efficient Officer* will be in at leud'iuce to preserve
good order, and prevent the admission of improper ptrtuM.
No postponement at any time, a* vititor* to the Sarden can
pas* from the ttreet, through the Oraud Promenade to Ute IV?
meiiade Saloon, free from damp or wet at ail times.
Tickets iiO cents.
D*ors opea at 7? the entertaiments t* commence at 8
Omni busses will run to and from the City Hotel to the Oap
den. during tke evening. .IjW-y
TOR'S BENEFIT. The Proprietor respectfully inform* hia
friends aad the public that his Benelt will lake place on Thurs
day Evening, August 8th. That highly popular contidiau Mr.
Burton ha? kiudly volunteered his valaable *erv ices, and will
appear in two ol hi* most popular piece*.
The bill of fare in the Saloon will be very attractive, aad a
ipleadid exhibition of FIRI WORKS will be given in the
garden. Many of (he designs are entirely new, an I prepared by
that inimitable artist Mr. Hall, pyrotechnist to the garden far
the last six years. auA-9t
WOOD respectfully informs the citizens *f New lnrk,*ad
the public gent rally, that he intends to *p*n for exhibition a
NEW PANORAMA early in October next, and conse
quently the Panorama of JERUSALEM will |m*itively ha
closed on the first of that month. He gives thit early notice,
that parent* may bring their childrea Sunday and othw
School Teachers their icholars, aad that all may have an op*
port unity of viewing thi* transcript of the Holy City.
tulc. Broadway? Note.? Thi* immense Collection of
Indian Painting* and Indian Curiosities, will remain open far
26 cen/t admission, during each day and evening of tin* month;
after which,, and forever, tke price of admission will be (a*it
formerly was,) hO cents, and Season Tickets $1. aul Imie*
proprietors of this Garden respectfully inform* the pahlia
that it is *i>en for thr season. V arton* improvements have been
alii i n addition tfctolain of water, wbioii they caanot bat
at tilt, ate will bt mi'Yj of their patronage, nod of traumas*
who viiit the city
The ?fue*/rian E-irhartge i* in full operation The sale* oa
Tuesday* and Thursdays of each week. lieullemeti can pur
chase with perfect confidence llarse*, either for carriage* or
wagon* ii|iou eqiiitable term* and without tli? fear of deceptio*.
All llor*e?, arrrage*. Ilarnr**, Saddle*, Bridle*, ice entered
rrati*. A limited number of box stall* are provided for horsaa
at livery. KOCKENBURG k. 3ANI KKR,
je7-3m* I'rojirietora.
CI R\ND ATTRAC BtON.? Public Exhibition of thr Pma
F ting f Boi*?y D'Aivl"*, a eene uf the Kn-ncb Revola
tion. Thi* magiiilieeiit Painting, by the celebrated Viuchoa,
r?pre*eut* a scete uf the most nramatical and vivid iutereet.
There are exprrsied, in tlv- mo*t animated style, anger ury, tha
thirst of blood in oppotitioti to cooluest of mind, to p ?s*ive cour
age and to dignity.
There are no less than two hundred persons of life *ite in tha
Pvntinir, and among them Jain<* Monroe, Mir.ister Plenipo
tentiary from t'.e United State' the year l7t*i.
Thi* maater nie^e ?hich ha* ai m.ed gej>-ral *?cce*? through
out the cilic* or Europe, through Fmnee, and lately at New Or
lean*, is exlutiii .d ?t the Cliuton Hall. Beekman street, oppwssto
the brick meeting house.
Uoor* open from 9 in the morning till 7 in the evening.
Admittance, 36 cents. Se -son tickets, M cents. jyS-ln'
Brooklyn salt water warm and cold
BATHS, nertr the South Ferry, margin of the East I (let*.
MR. GRAY would inform the inhabitant* of Brooklynand
New York, that hi* Bath* are now open everv da) from 6 A. flL
till 10 P. M. for Ladies and Oentlemen. They are Ailed up ia
the most approved *t)le. Ladie* and geutlemeu can take warn
baths every day. Tne Swimmmi; Bath ia eictusively Cor I ad Ma
oa Tuesday* and Fridays uo4il6 P.M. One warm bath,36etaj
tickets, i 1. 00. CaM baths, I 'H cents jcll-im*
Military and firemen* caps-militari
ud Skoi Bag*, ('artridgr Bote*, Bait*, Scabbard* and Knap
tack*. All the abote ariirl**. Wholr*ale and Itetuil al lilerai
price*,? sho, Trunk*, Valicet, Carpel baft, Nat Boiaa aad
every Iking iu hit line *f batinett.
30'i Broadway, between White aail Walker atreet*.
N. B. L'ompauiet abaul forming, both Military and Flriwa.
ean be furnitlied with Lajit al the thortett notice. mv
REATISE ON OtVIS B) Lewi* Fenchiwauger? a
utrful K'i d?- In the jeweller, arliit, ncin? rala^Ht aad ik*
mi*t, accumiMniml wtih a detcripli ef tin- m?ei ia'ere*tiaf
American G?-m?, aad ornamental .tad arcbiteciarai naliriala
For tale by the Author, at No. 7 Oold ?t JjM-y
WAHK The iuhicib>r lu? constantly on hand a eery
ei tenant a**ortinent of German Silver m ibeett. ii |oti an
wire, *11 of which he will warrant to b? of the very Art! quality.
He will pay partir ular attmtlou I* the mannlacturiai: of Metal
of tuilable *ise* for makinffifooM, aad ma; u'acturrt* af thn
ariitl* will Audi I tf. their advantage to rail on him previou* to
puict.raing el*ewhert,?* he ucanAdent that he can *upply them
with a much betler than lliey have formerly l>?en ta th?
habit of getting, and at a reducd price. All order* forwarded
to him, will m* t with immediate dstpitcb. All metal *?nt
from hit establishment, will be warraaied perfectly clear of
flaw*. Very malleable and of a anperior wlntc color.
jy? LEWI* FEU* HTWA NOKR, 7 Quid itmt
Literary noyeltu s? n*w ready,
i volume*
I. The Adventure* of Harry Franco? Tale of the T^ni
"Harry Franco i* decidedly an lutereatiM tale? m? oftl hn
morion ireae* put u* in mind of Peter S'mple'* Advenlm-en."?
II. Scjmm, aad other Roman Tflei by Edward Maturia.
nrmi i nr.aov.
III. The Dwarf, a Dramatic Poem by Jame* Her*, editor of
lh? Beaulietof Web*ter, kr.
IV The Author'a Printing an-' PnblUhing A**iatant.
V. The Monthly Chronicle of Original Liiofature? No. 1.
VI. Cowper'* Letter* and P?em*? e*te?l by Orimthaw*?
the Aral and only complete edition? tplendidly illwtrtM by
the Fiadent? ia 8 vo|?.
VII. The Poetical Work# of Miltow? ill roll,? with iplf.
did illMtration*. by Martia.
VIII The Londoa Encyclopedia? complete in OT ml*. lam
8 ?o. with nearlyftOO illu?lr*lire plates half bound liutaiaglV.
P'lhi i?h? d and for tal* by
jy?-y F. SAUNDERS, |;>T
X tcrib?r ha* r?eeived thn day fr .m the Britiah Queen,
large aaaortment of Cutlery. Lamp*, Plated Ware Oirandnlea,
Britannia Ware, rte man Silver, 4c. D. E. DEL A VAN,
jySI II Maiden I. ant. near Brn<dway.
EW AMKHK AN MAGAZINE Now teady, N?. I af
Tha MONTHLY i HRONICLE of Original Litem
lure.lo be continued n the IMhofetrry m<nilli. T'-e ?MiM
number* will contain article* l>y Pro IV ..or Ingnham, Mr*. M
rouriiev. Prof? ?*or Da Ponte, Jame* CI. Bre<k?. the author of
llarry Franco. Omrcr Catlin, E?u.. Prt?fr.?or Baiber Jtc.fcc.
I SAUNDERS, 111 Broadway, aad to be had of all Book*
?ellera jy%
Blue sm %ltb.? fffe fff> e bio? smaiia -.f
rior quality, for tale by KSSE h BHOOKM.
jjrl-y Pa|>er Wareb<?u??, #1 Liberty itrevt.
MR MATUillN'S NEW WOKh -Oa WeiiaeaOaiy
SEJANUS, and other Roniaa Tale* by E'waiH Matn
rin TuMi'lied by t\ SAUNI'EKS, S57 Broadway, aud u? b*
had of all B Mik?rller* and at the Librarir*. n i-t-y
HALL LAMPS. A new article O' t e li .nut i|?,
t(la*?. Jnat rewi*?-d a ?reat vari?l}, and l">>r ?<lr al Um
fariii.^ntg wareh?uee of I) E DEL IVAN,
y til M ???le# l.uie, near Heo -'lwae.
1~TN' I IlitKVI VI ii N V MiiU iit mSTo lia.i i. Hit
of England, oi l >l| kind* "f For* ign ?Md, for *ila I
M*>y J. SYLVESTER'^. I1? tn adwa>. o.d II ill ?L
LABAMA FUNDS watt >l on 'He m *i fivoraMt terui*.
t\ al J SYLVKS I KH S,

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Morning herald (New York [N.Y.]), August 7, 1839
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New York [N.Y.]
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New York [N.Y.], August 7, 1839
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-  New York (State)--New York
-  New York (State)--New York County
-  United States--New York--New York--New York
-  Daily (except Sunday)
-  Vol. 3, no. 1 (May 22, 1837)-v. 5, no. 412 (Sept. 19, 1840).
-  Available on microfilm from the Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service, and Recordak Corp., a subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Co.
-  Archived issues are available in digital format from the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
-  Evening eds.: Evening chronicle (New York, N.Y. : 1837), 1837, and: Evening herald (New York, N.Y. : 1837), 1837-<1839>.
-  New York herald (New York, N.Y. : 1840) (DLC)sn 83030313 (OCoLC)9467138
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