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n. ^Kixbtie*.
ISthel Q. Pirovatio.?*
Caiilstadt, N. J., Saturday.?There is
not- in Northern New Jersey- a stronger
amateur dramatic company than 'the CarIvlo
nramiti^ Oirnlo an flrrani^iltifin that
was formed a few months ago under the
direction of George Zimmerman, Jr., and
has among its members talent that would
City Society Is Unusually
Interested in the Scheduled
On March 17 the greatest "basketball tournament
ever held in the East will begin
at the -People's Palace, at Forrest and
Bergen avenues, Jersey City.- The match
will take place in the gymnasium, which
the Rev. E. Tj. S (judder proudly boasts
surpasses anything of its kind in the metropolis
or its vicinity. On every Tuesday
and Saturday after the opening night
until April Zi three games will be played.
Then will come the finals.
For the coming tournament there are
many prizes. Mr. J. E. Bernstein, of Jersey
City, offers a trophy for the champion
of each class. Then there are five geld
^viedals for the two besit teams, five silver
for the two second and five bronze
for the two third.
To reach the People's Palace basketball
enthusiasts coming from across the river
should take the ^Bayonne or Greenville
cars from the Pennsylvania ferry at Jer^l
sey City, unless they travel by the Central
Ra'ilroad to the Jackson avenue station.
A very pretty wedding: took place last
Sunday afternoon at No. 242 drove street.
Jersey City, the home of Mr. Mathies
Borkholm. The bride was his daughter.
Miss Anna Borkholm, who was married
l>y the Rev. Eugene E. Nendewitz, of Holy
Trinity E. L. Church, to Mr. George
Happenings in Belleville.
Belleville, N. J., Saturday.?The resignation
of the Rev. M. Wayne Werner, pastor
o'f the Wesley Methodist Church, which
was placed in the hands of the church officials
on Monday, was a great surprise
to the congregation. Mr. Wooner's relations
with his congregation and the church
officers have been harmonious during the
two years of1 his pastorate. Mr. Werner
came to Belleville from Woodbridge in
April, 1901. The phureh then had 153 members,
while now, as a result of ihLs endeavors,
there are 300 on the rolls. The receipts
are almost double what they were
then. Mr. Womer attended the Ohio Wesleyan
University and Drew Theological
ftemirtarv and was isrraduated from the.
latter in 1900.
Mr. Womer when asked for the cause of
his resignation said:?"When a man works
hard he expects advancement as the years
The Belleville "Veterans' Association has
elected these offi?fers:?Commander, John
lucherie; Treasurer, Charles E.
Patch; Adjutant, Captain Willard Austin,
and Chaplain, Joseph Wells.
I Peddie Baptists
Newark, N. J., Saturday.?The Peddie
Memorial Baptist Church, one of the most
influential churches in the denomination,
will have the .Rev. Thomas J. Villers, of
Indianapolis, to minister to its fjock be
The Peddie Church is the gift of the late
Thomas B. Peddie, and was erected at a
cost of $500,000. In his wity he left a fund
It is some months since the congrega^B
tion extended a call to the Indianapolis
^B diviVie. At that time no one of his new
^B wide reputation in the West for eloquence
in inviting him. The Rev. Dr. Viliers was
polp't of
the First Baptist- Church in Indianapolis,
Wp and is, besides, the president of the Indiana
Baptist Convention.
^B were struggling
to erect a new house of worship, and the
subscriptions toward the one hundred
coming in. It was not till the fund and
^B the new church building had become as
sured that Dr. Villers consented to eonHe
notified his congregation two weeks
ago of his intention to come to Newark,
cepted. His resignation as president of
the Indiana Baptist Convention has also
been forwarded.
I i
i\m I
^Oeorg? Zimmerman. Jr
create an excellent Impression in professional
Last Saturday night it produced "The
Bank Cashier" in Zimmerman's Hall to a
crowded house, and the encomiums that
each member of the cast received for theii
clever work were fully deserved. The play
itself is a strong spectacular melodrama,
the scenes of which are laid in Rldgewood,
N. J., and New York city. Special scenery
was procured fot- the presentation of the
The cast was made up as follows:?
Philip Tem.pleton, alias Philip Branden.
George Gramllch; Paul Kingston, George
Zimmerman, Jr.; Ichabod Slick, William
Umbach; Jacob Goldstein, William B.
Graves; Blinkey Baker, Hehry Umbach;
Robert* Sinclair, Sidney Carlisle; Dennis
O'Hara, Fred Bdtler; Detective Lambert,
Lo>ui3 B. Dirpuy; Edith Sinclair, Ethel C.
firovano; uucy, jvirs. winiam uraves;
Slisan Goodwill, Gertrude Fisher, and Biddy
McGuire, Corn Wells.
Between the third and fourth acts Price
and Steele presented their latest success,
'"The Unexpected Visitor." Joseph Sohmer,
the tenor soloist, sang selections between
the first, second and third acts, entitled
"Just Plain Folks," "I Have My Fingers
Crossed; You Can't Touch Me," "Only a
Private-HTha't's All" and "You Never
Spoke to Me That Way Before,"
On Thursday night the circle began the
rehearsal of "New England Folks," which
it will give on March 31.
Only a Few Weddings Celebrated of
T rtlo 4-1-* a Mi AP Cocfflf
FillC, UUl liic i v ljuicci ci i^acnci
Brides Is Large.
The quietude of Dent toas fallen on Je?sey
City. There are few weddings on the
weekly record, tout 'the prospect of a good
supply of Easter brides is 'bright. The
preparation of trousseaux, forms a delightful
occupation for the penitential season.
Mrs. Mary lOurrie EatCihrnan has arranged
three musicales for March 12, 11
and 26. They will toe given at No. 596 Bergen
avenue, the home Of IMrs. (David A.
Bishop; at No. 61 Duncan avenue, the
home of Mrs. John P. Bandrine, and at No
36 Duncan avenue, the home of Mrs
George H. 'White. The proceeds of the entertainments
will toe devoted to the Daj
The Sherman Card Club met on March
at the home of Mrs.- R. Draper, No. 24!
Sherman avenue. The prize winners were
Mrs. A. Batost, Mrs. T. W. Pagan, Miss G
Davie and Mrs. Westerfield.
The Travellers' Club met last Monday a!
the home of Mrs. I. H. Williams, No. 57Bergei*
Mrs. Frank Cavalll entertained the Ode
Volumjes at her home, No. 42 Bentley ave
nue, last Wednesday. The subject o:
study was "Early Ehglish History."
The engagement of Miss Celine De Ruy
ter Crawford, of Lemtoech avenue, and Mr
William M. Briggs, of Arlington avenue, is
To-morrow evening Elks' Hall will b<
filled with the patrons and friends of thi
Clara De Hirsh Society, when its seventl
annual ball takes place.
The Isabella Literary Club was entertained a
the Ihome of Mrs. John W. Slayback on Tuesday
afternoon, March C.
Mrs. Henry Frey, of Lake View place, returned
on Wednesday from a visit with Mrs. H. M. Mc
Dermott, of Brooklyn.
Mr. Lester Requa and Mrs. Ella Dicks hav(
purchased dwelling lots on Claremont avenue
where they will erect residences in- the neai
Mrs. E* A. De Camp, Jr., has been In towi
during the week.
Miss Anna Parkhurst, of. Livingston, has beei
visiting her cousin. Miss Helen Whiteborne.
Mrs. Theodore Farrand. entertained friends ai
luncheon on Wednesday.
<j unutiuii.
Moses Hummell and wife are visiting for sev
eral (lays with Mrs. John Housel. at Elizabeth
X. J.
Miss Lola Thompson Is visiting her brother ant
other relatives at Washington, N. J.
Mrs. F. It. Hughes has as her guest Miss Jessii
Hughes, of Shataquay, X. J.
Charles IV. Ward has returned from a tw<
weeks' visit with friends at Kuowlton, X. J.
New Pastor
r ly fowDiA

7 york herald; su
:amatic club.
Hrs..Wm.?>. (jra.ves7
V 6raniSzh..?^
The officers of the circle are as follows
President, George Gramlich; vice' pres
dent, August Melahn; secretary and as
sistant manager, William B. Graves; treas
i urer, Miss Ethel C. Pirovano; musical d
t rector, Herbert Mulling, and electriciar
Otto Dechert.
nrunirn in pusditi
LI L If U L U IU Ullttlll I I

While Not Carrying Sackcloth an
Ashes, Prominent Ladies
Help the Poor.

Trenton, N. J., Saturday.?During Ler
the >wo<m?n of Trenton are devoting thei
I time and energy to charity, and on Thuw
day and Friday evenings of the last wee
the usual annual supper for the benefit c
Mercer Hospital was held. This Is alwaj
a most enjoyable affair, in spite of tb
tremendous labor spent in preparing fc
the event.
This year a fair and .bazaar was als
II held, and several very novel and takin
Iamusements were provided for the entei
j tainment of the patrons. An "Amuse U,
'I with various slot machines, fortune teller!
'j&c., under the direction of Mrs. Josep
iMiddieton and Mrs. Howard Whitehea<
s *a v-ctsiry 'pupuiar, cis 'was eiiso me uru
store and soda water fountain, take
charge of 'by Miss Anna Dayton and Mr
i William Mumper. Mrs. Daniel J. Becht<
was chairman of the Supper Committe<
jl't is hoped that a large sum of nione
may bi realized.
Miss Kathryn ?tryker gave a charmin
bridge party at her home, on West Stat
street, last Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand W. Roeblin;
Jr., gave an oyster roast at 'the Countr
Club last Friday night. About twenty-fi\
guests were present, and it was a ver
3 i jolly affair. 1
j Miss Estelle Neuhaus, of Boston, is gi\
i|ing a series of three piano recitals on Fr
8 day afternoons. The first recital was he]
1 at the home of Mrs. Mary A. Bell, Eai
j State street, and the last two will be he]
I at the home olf Mrs. William S. Stryke
jWest State street. They are largely a
t i tended by society folk.
I Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Wood entertained the Eve
ing Whist Club at their home Wednesday eve
ins. Prizes were won by Mrs. J. A. Meteal
and Mrs. E. D. Wright.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Ellis, of New York, spe
Wednesday and Thursday iwltlh Mrs. T. Gin
I Mrs. Harry Richards, of Flatlmsh. and Mrs.
A. Diack. of lionsohhurst, spent Thursday wi
1 Mrs. C. B. Wood.
I C. McArthur. of Uahway. president of the Ne
Jersey Steel Company, spent Sunday with A.
c Williamson.
William M. Ballard, of East avenue, has so
his* house to E. Hutchinson, of Brooklyn.
The King's Daughters held their regular met
ing Friday afternoon with Miss M. C. Stoddart.
The Misses Marie and Ella Groves entertaini
1 the Corona Euchre Club on Thursday eveniag.
i The 'Ladies' Reading Circle met at the home
J Miss Lotta Goodwin on Wednesday afternoon.
all. anu .viia. r,. a. x>arciay nave returned fro
the West.
Ernest and Miss Bessie Stults visited Mr. ai
Mrs. Alvah Forman, in Bayonne, the first of tl
W. O. Donnelle is spending the week in Phil
Mrs. Kate Breariy is visiting friends in Ne
The local Masonic lodge has celebrated its
tieth anniversary.
Miss Annie Laurie, of Little Silver, is visit!)
Mr. and Mrs. Ellas Black.
j i
Mrs. A. M. Petz is spending the week in Tre
L. I. Campbeli is in the West.
Mrs. Xehr and children are at Atlantic City.
Miss Mary Keane and Charles H. Van K1
were married at St. Paul's on Tuesday, Febr
ary 27.
Bound Brook.
Miss Sarah Hart has celebrated her ninetie
The Lebanon Reformed Church has extended
call to the Rev. MV. Anderson, of this place.
John Smalley Chickner is now at Coatsvill
Miss Eleanor Koeliler has been visiting Mi
Mayuie Lewis, in Bayonne.
The Rev. Frederick B. Harris will preach 1
farewell sermon at the Centenary Method!
Church March 11.
Mrs. John Heath and Mrs. Wise, of Somervill
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Creed.
William Culver has gone to Wilmington, Del.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ennis are spending
week in Washington.
Mrs. Rubertha Morton is visiting her brother
Mrs. Leroy Woolley, of Plainfield, is the gue
of her mother, Mrs. Stewart Bennett.
Mrs. Charles Maire. nf Rrooklvn is visiting Ml
Joseph Maire.
"NT) AT, MARCH 11, 190
hosts mum oi
Hudson Republicans by the Hundrec
Respond to His Clarion Call
for Supporters.
It is not likely that the followers o
Mayor Fagan, in Jersey City, are feelin;
j very badly these days about the exclusio
jof th?ir men from the Hudson County. Re
publican Committee by the followers o
'Colonel Dickinson.vThe Appeals Commit
tee of the "organization" body has, ac
cording to report, decided against th
Fagan men whose claims to seats in th
committee were contested by the "regu
lars." And the city administration is ex
i pected to be practically without a repre
sentative in the party's governing ma
chine. That would be a pretty bad blo^
+V?A "TV/To -trrvv tP V~> "U A ont nlt-ao/lv rPI
himself out of the organization and pre
pared to put himself at the head of an op
position machine of his own.
I His new machine is to he the dupiicat
in every respect of the Dickinson plan
jHe will not only rear the (political ma
chine,, bolt ho will ihave his own Mark M
Pagan Association on the side, just a
I Colonel Dickinson and the democrat!
leader, Davis, have theirs on the side
The Mark M. Fagan Association startei
the other evening with a hcom?a boon
large enough to give color to Corporatloi
Counsel Record's claim last fall that then
were really more Fagan men in tho Dick
inson outing procession than there wer
j loyal and fast followers of the Colonel
iThe number of those who resigned i'ror
the Dickinson Association Wednesda;
j night at the call of the Mayor did nol
however, represent half the membershi
of the club; but it is said that some wh
might have resigned were balked by th
association's failure to furnish them wit:
statements of their dues. They could ro
resiign vfflhout settling; and they coul
not settle without their statements.
Meanwhile ward associations of th
Fagan variety are being formed in vari
ous parts or tne city. Alderman at i^aig
I James W. McCarthy, who is one of th
warmest adherents of the Mayor, enrolle
nearly 250 at an organization meeting i
one of the South Bergen wards last week
These things all go to show iwhat a strok
the apparently small officialism in Jerse
City swings. Most of those flocking t
the Mayor's standard hold places .by hi
favor or are their relatives or dependent;
Talking about Alderman McOarth
_ brings to mind the defeat of the effort t
repeal -the act that gives him an insignif
T oaVut salary. This was one of the (win
J" clipping bills which it had been said i
this column were to be aimed at the Mayc
and his friends. Another, foreshadowe
here, is the act wiping out the Mayor
I Excise Commissioner. Its enactmei
would restore the license granting fun<
tion to (the Board of Aldermen and tab
a big club out of the Mayor's hands.
One of the incidents of the struggle b<
tween the two forces is the opposition, the
promises (to be effective, to ithe scherr
that would make the water bonds a fin
lien on the new water plant. The war b<
f tween the factions is ibeing carried tnl
I every part of Africa, to the dismay of tb
good republicans of the county.
Remarkable Building in West A:
i linert/vn \xrin Rnrm "Re a Thin a?
of the Past.
it Arlington, N. J., Saturday.?'The We:
r Arlington station on the Greenwood Lai
1 division of the Erie Railroad has got to
k is the edict of the one hundred and flft
>fi commuters who patronize the railroad i
s'that point, besides the many women wh
,e: go to the city during the midday on shoj
ir ping tours. The present, movement, thi
[has had several predecessors with no n
o'sults, was inaugurated by Alderma
g Harry B. Caithness on Monday, and thoj
--'associated with him in the matter are A
"idermen E. J. Kraft and Charles O'Conn*
5,; Irwin.
hi The (building has an antiquated exterh
1,! appearance and is furnislhed with thr<
gj dilapidated benches and an old ha
n broken down stove that is always su
s. to have a Are on warm days and t.he rosl
is pierced with holes. No lights are nece
e. sary evidently, for none are observed, ar
y the floor is in such a ramshackle cond
tion that it is liable to give way at ar
g moment.
6 The patrons of the station reside
every section of the Heights and midd
rl !rlvirt+ r\ h a +-/-v.-r-f >o tVrot t' n n 11 or! oo Rclfrri n
"j Drive, North Midland and New Lawn av
-e; nues, Alpine, Pleasant and Terrace place
y Stewart, Seeley, Elizabeth, Bennett, Stu;
vesant and Magnolia avenues.
Id Board of Education in a Quandary?
"Bonnybell" Well Sung by
School Children.
New Brunswick, N. J., Saturday.?T1
Board of Education is making a search.Ii
investigation of all cases of truancy ai
n- compelling school attendance in aocor
ance with a strict interpretation of tl
ntjlaw, but a case Just brought to the aftei
n- tion of t'he truant officer has perplexed tl
Board of Education. A girl enrolled
the school lists gave up attendance
school. The truant officer learned th
w her father had been employed in
local machine shorn hut- miit wm
]fl with a number. of fellow employes wh<
they were refused extra pay for overtirr
it- His wife had taken a position In a loc
factory, but her wages were insufflcier
and the daughter being offered a posith
in a store, Left school to take it. T1
Board of Education has not taken ai
action in the case.
0 One of the most attractive entertai
m ments in-New Brunswick in some tin
was the cantata "Bonnybell," sung fl
xl other evening iby the pupils of the Hig;
ie land Park Public School in the Bapti
Chapel. It was given to raise funds f
a piano for the school. One of the hits
a. the evening was the music drill by a dozt
little mothers recruited from the prima:
iw department of the school.
lf" Bordentown.
Lewis T. Shipps, of Lafayette College. spe
Sunday with his parents, Dr. and Sirs. W.
William Dieken has jone to Port Washtngtc
L. I.
n- Mr. and Mrs. William Tyler are visiting re:
tlves at New London, Conn!
Mr. and Mrs. Horatio Lee and son, of Philad
phia, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. il
rk Murray.
Harry Wilkinson and family are entertain!
Mrs. Chambers, of Brooklyn, X. Y.
th j Mr. and Mrs. Christian King have as th<
guests Mrs. Flatnger and son, Samuel,
a Paterson, N. J;
Mrs. Patrick Burns has as her guest Mrs Wi
ie, lam Johnson, of Beivielere. N. J.
I Mrs. Thomas Cryan is visiting friends at Sera
ss toil and Wllkestarre. Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Gorgas have as th<
visitor Miss Hannah Gorgas, of PhllUpsbui
81 N. J.
Miss Mary Lowell is visiting friends in Ne
le> ark.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Catling are entertaini
Miss C. H. Toping, of Phillipsburg, N. J-. a
a Miss Malisse Toping, of Easton, Pa.
Thocpas Bowlhy spending a two weeks' vis
ln with friends in Philadelphia and Camden.
Miss Josephine C. Rathbone and Miss Gertrut
st Phillips are being entertained by friends
s. William Downs and family are entertaining Mr
j Charles Beers, of Martin's Creek N. 1.

$?ns -cfervruie t zhiiojply
e Arlington, N. J., Saturday.?The annua
i. 'meeting of the Arlington Woman's Liter
ary Club for the nomination of officers fo
itha ensuing year, which are to be electe<
s on Tuesday next, was held on Tuesday af
c ternoon at the Country Club house, and re
suited in considerable strife among th
3 fifty members present.
-i Four of the offices will be contested. Fo
a the presidency the present incumbent, Mrs
ej Jennie E. Suderly, will be opposed by Mrs
d Winners in Bowling Tourney Receiv
e Their Prizes?Congregational
e Club's Annual Dinner.
n Montclaib,' N. J., Saturday.?The win
ners of the prizes in the bowling tourna
e ment recently held in Tegakwlta Hal
y have been announced by the committee i:
o charge:?First, $10 gold piece, J. J. Woll
3 139; second, $5 gold piece, W. J. Carr, 13S
3, third, set of Shakespeare, J. A. Meaghei
138; fourth, gold cuff buttons, J. A. Hah
y iman, 137; fifth, bowling ball and bag, IV
o Hetu, 137; sixth, Dutch clock, E. Robert!
135; seventh, $2.50 gold piece, G. Dodd, 131
g Mrs. Guyon Smith, accompanied by he
n daughter, Mrs. Herbert Speer, of Uppe
n- Montclalr, is spending several weeks e
.(j Palm Beach, Fla.
s The war drama, '61-'65," will be give
it in the Montclair Club Hall next Tuesda
evening with the Dutch comedian, C'harle
rAlo TRVit* TTa wi
J be supported by a cast of local talent, c
;.j which the members of the local militar
it i organization form a part. Incidents an
ie! scenes of the War of the Rebellion vyill t
st' given in a realistic manner.
Councilman and Mrs. John H. Scott gay
:o a- reception to a number of their friend
ie at their home, in Midland avenue, lai
Monday night.
Adelbert Kincaid, of Orange road, le
town last Monday for Denver, Col.
Randall Spaulding, Superintendent
Schools, returned last Monday from
meeting of school superintendents held i
Louisville, Ky.
The second cantata, "The Daughter
Jairus," (was given in the First Congreg;
tional Church 'last Sunday evening, befoi
r5 an audience that filled the large ediflc
j The choir, which 'was under the direotk
;0jof Mr. Frank Tafit, acquitted itself vei
y I creditably.
lt;| The annual dinner of the 'Congregation
10 j Club was held on Friday evening of th
week, in the Wilde Memorial Chapel. Til
addresses were made by the Rev. Dr. Ke
e"j Boyce Tucker, pastor of the Madison Av'
n;nue Baptist Church, New York; Mr. Ro]
?e j ert IB. Smith, secretary of the Y. M. C. j
I'iOf Yale University, and the Rev'. D
>r j Charles L. Thompson, of New York. T1
[subject discussed was "Present Problen
3r in American Life."
so' On Monday evening last, at Leach's /Hal
If'the winners of the various prizes offen
re by the Elks at their recent carnival wei
of j announced, it having been impossible 1
s-1 make the result known at the close of tl
id carnival a week ago. Alexander Stillwe
i-1 of this place, held the lucky number in tl
ty' contest for a $250 diamond ring, while
j valuable piano was won 'by Dr. Sylvesti
in; L. Nestor, of Newark. The affair w:
ie;quite successful and netted a considerab
''ejsum for the treasury of the organization.
s, I Milford.
y- j John P. Apgar, of East Orange. N. J., Is spen
I ing a several days' visit with John H. Statts ai
I Paul P.'Apgar and family.
Mrs. J. H'ummer. of Brooklyn, Isabel)
entertained by A. W. trace anu i?mnj, m
Miss Clara Kenedy Is entertaining tier slste
Miss Anne Kenedy, of Philadelphia, for sever
Mrs. Mary IRiufe and daughter, Mary Steim, a
visiting friends at Ferndale, Bueks county, Pa.
ie Pattenburg.
ig Charles Wolverton Is visiting friends at Sldne
Moses O. Glausert Is the guest of friends
a" Falrmount. Hunterdon county, N. J.
le Mrs. IMary Kufe and daughter, Mary Steim, a
i- visiting friends at Ferndale, Bucks county, Pa.
ie Mrs. Johnson Martin Is visiting her daught<
jjj Mrs. Charles Harm, at Phillipsburg, N. J.
n t Miss Emma Backer was the recent guest
Jutland, N. J., friends,
a Glen Gardner.
1 v Miss Grace Cleager, of Olestmore. y. J.,
?n visiting her sister, Mrs. Joseph C. Slgfirled, f
ie. two weeks.
a) Miss Susie C. Amimerman is visiting her frlen
Mrs. Carrie Gardner, at Dunellen, (N1. J.
3^ I Watson C. Green and family are entertalnli
Mr. and Mrs. John Edmonds, of Annandale, Hu
terdon county, N. J.
J ?r?nir oro visiting friends
iy i jonn ana uaiiom
Somerville, N. J.
"el Washington.
ie Mrs. Charles Barber ami daughter Mary a
i, visiting friends at Easton., Pa.., and Phillipsbui
n: N*. J.
s I Miss Anna Meager Is entertaining Miss Lei
or; Gordon, of East Orange, OS. J.
?f Mrs. Charles B. Hall has as her guests M
en and Mrs. John Bailey, of Hope, iN. J.
ry Mrs. Amos Merrill and Mrs. Russell Woolf a
spending u tuvo weeks' visit in Philadelphia.
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Dalrymple is spending a U
nt weeks' visit with Rockaaway, N. J., relatives.
Miss Ethel F. Cleager is entertaining Miss Je
nie L. Gulick, of Washington, N. J.
,n> j Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ashley have gone
Kingston, Is". J., to spend several weeks wl
la- friends.
Mrs. David Cull, of Passaic. J., Is visit!
el- her daughters, Mrs. Oil. S. Valentine and Mrs.
Ic-1 J. TunLson.
Mrs. George Johnson and Miss Marguerite Job
ng BOn are visiting friends at iWest Creek.
George Garwood has been visiting friends
>ir Baltimore.
of Neal Glackin has gone to Trenton.
Jllss Martha Gammere and Miss Martha P<
ii- rine will spend the summer In Europe.
South River.
The Epworth League held a dollar social
Wednesday evening at the home of Miss M:
n alker.
?ir ,Henry Abrams has been visiting his sister,
y, New York.
George Hill and Miss Viola Conover were m:
w- ried on February 2S.
Ml?s Elenore Van Dusen, of Livingston Par
n^ is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Selover.
The Monmouth County Druggist Association he
a banquet at the Monmouth House on Tuesd!
,It evening.
anc* ^rs- John A. Miller are at Llttleto
Je N JI.
at ""J Hpi- John B. Oonover have been spen
ing a week In Washington, D. C.
s' tfounr ^Y11.1.5'2711 Vani Horn Is entertaining ill:
-Mount, of New York.
J. H. Faraday; the first vice presidency
will have two candidates, Mrs. Florence
Frapnell and Mrs. Rachel K. Albee; Mrs.
Kate Lambert will be opposed by Mrs. G.
D. Baumgarten, and the recording secretary,
Mrs. Harriet C. Irwin, the present
incumbent,, will be opposed by Mrs. Grace
B. Nutting. Mrs. Ella Lawrence was
unanimously nominated for corresponding
secretary, and for treasurer Mrs." Ella Kilborn
was named.
The auditors nominated are Mrs. Belle
M. Beckwith and Mrs. Clara L. Piatt. The
Library Board will be composed .of Mrs.
Luciana Beadell, Mrs. Caroline P. Marion,
Mrs. C. Chamberlain, Mrs. Margaret Dorner,
Mrs. M. Jennie Lathan and Mrs. Nellie
Presley. The nominating of officers and
other business transacted was interspersed
with an excellent musical and literary
programme. Mrs. Clara Laddey read an
excellent paper on "Characteristics of
Baroness Bertha Von Suttner." Miss Belle
Chasmar rendered piano solos, as well as
Miss Irene Peet. Miss Helen Dorner sang
"Sing Me to Sleep" faultlessly, and gave
as an encore a descriptive ballad.
The president, Mrs. Suderly, has done in the interests of the club;
auriiig the last year; in fact, since its organization
she has always been foremost;
in every undertaking that would in any:
way advance|the Interests of the organization.
She is one of the most enthusiastic
j advocates of club life for women in this
section. 'Her experience in club I life began
r i while she was attending a private school
2 in Troy, where at the age of fifteen she
was elected, president of the literary so.
ciety of the institution. She was one of
e the founders of the Woman's Literary
Club here and has served as chairman, of
r its important committees,
s. Mrs. Faraday, her opponent, is orie of
i. the leading! church workers in this section i
e Topics of Importance Will Be Discussed
at the Meeting of the
Woman's Club.

Eloomfiepd, IN. J., Saturday.-/The cur- j
rent events department of the Woman's
n Club of Glen Ridge will meet at the resl:,
dence of Mrs. Strdichenberg, Summit.
'J street, Wednesday, March 21, to discuss I
the subject of "iChina's Awakening." l)r.
[_ Mary D. Hussey, of East Orange, will be
3, the principal speaker. The current events
3- department will hold but one meeting dur;r
j ing March. The English literature dei
nnrfmAnt urill cof ncvl Tnnri.-;I;n' mlt'h
jMrg. Roberts, on Summit street, and
j Thursday, March 29, at the residence ofj
n i Mrs. Henry Wood, on Hamilton road. The
f department of French literature wild hear
'^papers on "French Reading's and Conver jsation,"
Thursday, March 22, at the resl-j
v i dene? of 'Mrs. Joseph M. Mann, Austin
jiplace, Rloomfleld. "The Object of Cook)ejing"
and "Effect of Cooking on Food:
j Principle" -will be discussed by the de-!
,e! partmenit of household economies next
ls j Wednesday and again on Wednesday,
1 March 28, at No. 78 Winsor place,
j At all the masses in the Church of the
Sacred Heart on 'Sunday the Rev. Joseph
jM. Nardiello, the pastor, asked his parish3f
loners to use their influence in the pasa'sage
of the "bishops' bills," now before
it the Legislature. He said that a liquor
I seller should be just as respectable as
3f a grocer. The priest declared that screens
i-jand rear rooms produced immorality. (He
re asked that his people write to their Repe.
resentatives In the Legislature to vote
in for the bills regulating the liquor traffic',
*y and said that if the measure failed to
pass the legislators who Voted against
a.11 them should be buried out of sight at the
is next election.
ie The Rev. Edwin A. White, of Christ j
rr j Episcopal Church, has made the an0
j nouneement that the Easter offering will
I not be needed this year to pay off the
V* i floating de^t, owing to the generous donations
of a few mepnbers of the parish,
5d Treasurer Announces the Receipt of
$1,000,000 for the Endowment of
ie| the Preceptorian System.
ii? I Princeton', N. J., Saturday.?The annual
fcej report of the treasurer of tihe university,
a;which has just 'been made public, ansrj
nounces that $1,000,000 has been raised by
ls the Committee of Fifty toward the fund
le that will be the permanent endowment of
the new preceptorlan system. As it takes
the interest on $2,500,000 to pay the salaries
of .the tutors, the remainder has been
raised by special subscription.
1 j The general report shows a surplus above
ngiall expenses of $61,753. On the whole, the
cn university has passed a very successful
year. In addition to the regular receipts)
Ti and endowments, the alumni from the year
1891 to 1901 have contributed $130,000 for the
re new dormitory now under construction,
while an anonymous donor has presented
$350,000 for the construction of one of the
finest recitation halls at any American coly.
at Bayonne Incidents.
re Bayonne, N. J., Saturday.?'The main social
event of the week was the ann/ual ensr,
tertalnment and reception- of Bayonne
Council, Junior. Order of United American
I Mechanics, which was held at Columbia
(Hall Tuesday night and enjoyed by fifteen
j hundred persons. Councillor C. A. Ruhl.Jmann
led the grand march.
oi', The Alpha L/iterary and Musical Club
jme't at the residence of Mrs. Howell, West
d, I Thirty-fifth street. Mrs. JTall'lday, Mrs.
Cook, Miss Stevens, Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs.
af5|Peal, Mrs. Sohlottman and Mrs. Stout took
n" part in 'the programme.
g(; Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Annett and
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Chamberlain left
this -#eek on a tour of several months
through California.
re Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. McClallan, of the
g, Boulevard, are at Palm Beach for a few
New Pastor of a
Installation of the Rev. William Barn
to ker Is Witnessed by a Larre
With the usual ceremonies and in the
presence of a large congregation, which
n- Included many prominent residents, the
at Rev. William Barker was \ast evening installed
as pastor of the Bergen Baptist
Church, Bayonne. The ediiflee was pret?r
tily decorated with flowers and plants.
Judge iHorace Roberson presided, and the
charge to the new pastor was given by
the Rev. Mitchell Bronk, pastor of the
First Baptist Church.
a" t The Rev. G. A. Francis, of Westfield, deu^livered
the charge to the church, and a
review of the church's work was given by
it- the' Rev. Charles P. MacGregor, of New
York, a former pastor of the Bayonne
church. The Rev. Ferdinand S. Wilson,
pastor of the Fifth Street Reformed
Church, extended greetings to the Rev.
ia Mr. Barker, and short addresses were made
iy by the Rev. William Trumbower, pastor
of th$ Sixth .Street Methodist Church; the
D- Rev. E. V. King, of the Summit Avenue
Baptist Church, Jersey City, and the Rev.
Frank Potter, pastor of the People's Bap5#'tist
i The Rev. Jlr. Barker comes from T'UU
pArv, J jH
and has always taken an active interest in
Christian work. Besides her church duties
she finds time to conduct three, large
Bible classes, two 'here ant^ one in Newark,
and is president of the Ocean.. Grove
Assembly, where she spends the summer
Handsome Home of Woman's Club J
Nearing Completion?Re-election M
for Mrs. G. W. Blackwell.
Oranoe, N. J., Saturday.?The flattering
progress made toward completing the
handsome home of the Woman's Club of
Orange and the likelihood of having the
structure in shape for next month were
the principal topics at the annual meeting
of the club on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. 1 I
Stewart Hartshorne, who retired from the
presidency, having been succeeded by Mrs.
William Thayer Brown, has seen a year of
material as well as social progress for the
organization, and her efforts were appreciated
by her fellow members. The other
officers chosen by the club were:?First
Vice President, Dr. Sara C. Spottiswoode;
Second Vice President, Mrs. A. W. Palmer; f
Secretary, Mrs. J. P. Gordon; Corresponding
Secretary, Miss Helen Wood; Treasurer,
Mrs. W. T. Baird; Chairman of Committee
on Legislation, Mrs. J. R. Paddock;
Committee on Membership?Mrs. C.
M. Wiley, chairman; Miss Mary Piercy,
Mrs. William Baker. Jr.; Miss E. H.
Shelton and Mrs. R. S. Sinclair. The people's
concert on Thursday night in Union
Hall was a success, and plans are now under
way for a concert to be given on April
18, when the opening of the club house
takes place.
The Rev. Frank MoDanlel, pastor of the
Orange Methodist Episcopal Church, has
been unanimously invited to continue aa
pastor. His success in building the handsome
edifice at Park avenue and Day
street has been the subject of compliment-
ary resolutions from the Quarterly Confe.renoe.
j i
Orange society is anticipating the wed- M
ding, on March 27, of Miss Jennie Otis,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. iE. Otis, of
No. 125 Prospect street, East Orange, to
Mr. Parker Wilkinson, of Newark.
An unusual honor was paid Mrs. George
W. Blackwell on Tuesday by/the Political
Study Club of Orange, when she was reelected
president for the fourth time. The
meeting took place at the home of Mrs.
Walter I>odge, Cleveland street, Orange.
Judge Benjamin F. Jones, who was
.'Speaker of the New Jersey House of Representatives,
and Councilman Farnhaim
Yardley, of East Orange, who is slated for
Mayoralty candidate next fall, were tihe
speakers at the meeting of the Munn Avenue
Presbyterian Church Men's Club, East
Orange, Friday night. The two political
leaders spoke of "Politics and Morals in
County and City."
Miss Mary M. Tooker, of Evergreen
place, East Orange, is expected home
from California next week.
The Rev. Dr. Henry N. Cobb, of No. 60
Glenwood avenue, East Orange, will re-
join Mrs. Cobb in California. He will
leave March 12.
St. Patrick's Church, in Elizabeth- I
port, to Give Way to Parish M
Hall and School.
Elizabeth, N. J., Saturday.?The old St.
Patrick's Roman. Catholic Church, Ellzabethport,
will be torn down next month,
and upon its site will be erected a new
parish hall and high, school. The church
is a landmark in the lower section of the
city, and although it has been of no practical
use for yehrs it is so familiar a site to
thousands of people in the city that the announcement
of its destruction came as a
The church was erected in 185S. It was
the first Catholic church erected in the
port, and is the oldest church standing in
that section of Elizabeth port to-day. The
church was /built at a time when Elizabethport
was practically a wilderness.
Enough money to start the building was
obtained by each member of ;he congregation
volunteering1 a day's pay a month.
Several -years ago the steeple of the church
was blown down in a windstorm and since
that time it has remained steepleless.
Bayonne Church j
li 1 n
?ev.\$lli2un W Barker.
Ptioro By caa*a* r j rt^^/o
llpsburg, where he was pastor of the First
Baptist Church, which he erected, for fourteen
years. He is well known throughout
rb? Statn In nhurab n-ork.

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