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No databases specifically for Southeast Asia exist.  Below is a list of all databases organized by titles that also cover Southeast Asia.  Represented within these databases are Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.  Just these five countries are covered because the databases to which the Library of Congress currently subscribes only contains material on those five countries.  Some databases are FREE and can be accessed both from home and at the Library of Congress.  ON-SITE ONLY databases can be accessed solely at the Library of Congress.


Asan Forum from Asan Institute for Policy Studies  (FREE)                                                                                            
Description: The Asan Forum is an online publication for in-depth interpretation of rapid changes across the Asia-Pacific region. Its primary mission is to capture the latest currents of thought within Asia on transformative issues as expressed through voices from the region and assessments by outsiders. While current events and how they are interpreted are in the forefront, insight into the historical and cultural background relevant to distinct national responses is also stressed. The objective is to stimulate well-informed observations from diverse perspectives that highlight what political elites and the media in Asia are currently discussing
Coverage: Various Dates

Asian American Drama from Alexander Street Press  (ON-SITE ONLY)                                                                                            
Description: Brings together more than 250 plays, along with related biographical, production, and theatrical information. The collection includes the works of Sadakichi Hartmann in the late nineteenth century and will include contemporary playwrights, such as Philip Kan Gotanda, Elizabeth Wong, and Jeannie Barroga. Along with many works by writers of Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Chinese descent, the collection includes plays by writers of Hawaiian, Indian, Thai, Korean, Persian, and Malaysian ancestry, along with related biographical, production, and theatrical information. Some 50% of the plays have never been published before. The database also includes selected playbills, production photographs and other ephemera related to the plays. The plays have relevance well beyond the study of literature, drama, and Asian American studies. They present views of important historical events, such as the construction of the railroads in the nineteenth century, the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, and the Vietnam conflict. The plays also address sociological issues, such as assimilation, integration, and cultural identity in a Western context. The effect of Western religion is also examined.
Coverage: 19th century to present

Asian Development Bank  (FREE)                                                                                                           
Description: The Asian Development Bank (ADB), a multilateral development finance institution, promotes economic and social progress by fighting poverty in Asia and the Pacific.ADB extends loans and provides technical assistance to its developing member countries for a broad range of development projects and programs. It also promotes and facilitates investment of public and private capital for economic and social development.
Coverage: Various Dates

Asian Economic and Social Society Journals from Asian Economic and Social Society  (FREE)                                                                                                           
Description: As part of the Asian Economic and Social Society's objectives of "advancing and encouraging research in the field of scientific and social sciences and publishing high quality theoretical and empirical research papers," the AESS publishes a number of Open Access journals in the fields of business, finance, economics, social science, agriculture, scientific research, and English language and literature.
Coverage: Various Dates

Asian Film Online from Alexander Street Press  (ON-SITE ONLY)                                                                             
Description: Asian Film Online offers a view of Asian culture as seen through the lens of the independent Asian filmmaker. Through a selection curated by film scholars and critics, viewers can explore the impact of globalization and urbanization on people’s everyday lives throughout the greater Asian region. Faculty and students engaged in area studies, anthropology, film studies, philosophy, geography, education, religion, gender studies, world literature, urban development, cross-cultural communication, journalism, social sciences, and humanities will benefit from exploring this rare collection of films that make silent voices heard.
Coverage: Various Dates

Bibliography of Asian Studies from Ebsco (ON-SITE ONLY)                                                                             
Description: Contains nearly 825,000 entries covering books, journal articles, individually-authored monographs, chapters in edited volumes, conference proceedings, anthologies, and Festschriften on all subjects (but primarily in the humanities and social sciences) pertaining to East, South, and Southeast Asia. Citations are drawn not only from the 100 most important Western-language journals in Asian studies, but also from thousands of other journals. The Bibliography also contains hundreds of thousands of citations to monographs published between 1971 and 1991, and to edited volumes published since 1971.
Coverage: 1971 to present

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress from United States Congress (FREE)
Description: The Biographical Directory of the United States Congress is a biographical dictionary of all present and former members of the United States Congress as well as its predecessor, the Continental Congress. Also included are Delegates from territories and the District of Columbia and Resident Commissioners from the Philippines and Puerto Rico. The on-line version goes well beyond the scope of the printed Biographical Directory to include images from the large photo collections of the Senate Historical Office and the Legislative Resource Center, additional information previously published in separate volumes (Guide to Research Collections of Former United States Senators; Senators of the United States: a Historical Bibliography; and Guide to Research Collections of Former Members of the House of Representatives), links to other sources of congressional information, and continuously updated entries that provide biographical information in clear and easy-to-read formats. Database searchable by name, state, position, party and year.
Coverage: 1774-present

Bioline International (BI) (FREE)
Description: Bioline International (BI) is a not-for-profit electronic publishing service committed to providing open access to quality research journals published in developing countries. BI's goal of reducing the South to North knowledge gap is crucial to a global understanding of health (tropical medicine, infectious diseases, epidemiology, emerging new diseases), biodiversity, the environment, conservation and international development. With peer-reviewed journals from Brazil, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe and more to come, BI provides a unique service by making bioscience information generated in these countries available to the international research community world-wide.
Coverage: Various Dates

Digital Library for International Research from Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC) (FREE)
Description: Building on the established libraries and research collections of its twenty-three constituent centers, the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC) in 1999 launched the Digital Library for International Research (DLIR), formerly the American Overseas Digital Library (AODL). The DLIR is a cost-effective, efficient, centralized, Internet-based mechanism for the standardization and electronic delivery of important bibliographic and full-text primary and secondary source information from all CAORC member centers. E-resources on the DLIR website currently include:

  • DLIR Digital Archive: digital access to rare research materials;
  • African Language Materials Archive (ALMA): e-books in indigenous African languages;
  • Photo Archives of AIIS (Center for Art and Archaeology): photographs and slides of South Asian art and architecture;
  • Mapping Mediterranean Lands (MEDMAPS): sixteen important early maps and related information from the Mediterranean region;
  • Middle East Research Journals (MERJ): full-text access to five journals, as well as bibliographic records for 1,900 journals;
  • Digitalized Legal Texts of Outer Mongolia: nearly 1,600 digital scans of laws and regulations written in Mongol script;
  • Tod Nomin Gerel Collection: Oirat religious, historical and literary documents from collections in Khovd and Bayan Ulgii provinces in Mongolia;
  • Khmer Language Books: digital versions of novels, textbooks, and educational journals from the National Library of Camodia's colonial and pre-1975 collection;
  • Furniture and Decorative Arts of Sri Lanka: about 1,000 images of 400 unique items from the 17th-19th centuries;
  • Mustapha Bouchoucha Photograph Collection: 8,155 images depicting people, events, views and objects relating to Tunisia;
  • American Board Pamphlet Collection, American Board Periodicals Collection, and American Board Personnel Card Collection: pamphlets, journals, and personnel records, respectively, of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM).

Other DLIR resources include the OPAC, which contains the records of all the holdings in all participating CAORC libraries, an Area Studies Bibliography Database, and a Local Archives and Libraries Directory.

Digital National Security Archive from ProQuest (ON-SITE ONLY)
Description: The Digital National Security Archive (DNSA) contains the most comprehensive set of declassified government documents available. Each of these meticulously indexed collections is compiled by top scholars and experts and exhaustively covers the most critical world events, countries, and U.S. policy decisions from post-World War II through the 21st century. These collections offer unparalleled access to the defining international strategies of our time. Glossaries, chronologies, bibliographies, overviews, and photographs are included. Accessible collections include:
·        Afghanistan: The Making of U.S. Policy, 1973–1990
·        Argentina, 1975-1980: The Making of U.S. Human Rights Policy
·        The Berlin Crisis, 1958–1962
·        Chile and the United States: U.S. Policy toward Democracy, Dictatorship, and Human Rights, 1970–1990
·        China and the United States: From Hostility to Engagement, 1960–1998
·        CIA Covert Operations: From Carter to Obama, 1977-2010
·        CIA Covert Operations II: The Year of Intelligence, 1975
·        Colombia and the United States: Political Violence, Narcotics, and Human Rights, 1948-2010
·        The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962
·        The Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited: An International Collection of Documents, From the Bay of Pigs to the Brink of Nuclear War
·        Death Squads, Guerrilla War, Covert Operations, and Genocide: Guatemala and the United States, 1954-1999
·        El Salvador: The Making of U.S. Policy, 1977–1984
·        El Salvador: War, Peace, and Human Rights, 1980–1994
·        Iran: The Making of U.S. Policy, 1977–1980
·        The Iran-Contra Affair: The Making of a Scandal, 1983–1988
·        Iraqgate: Saddam Hussein, U.S. Policy and the Prelude to the Persian Gulf War, 1980–1994
·        Japan and the United States: Diplomatic, Security, and Economic Relations, 1960–1976
·        Japan and the United States: Diplomatic, Security, and Economic Relations, 1977–1992
·        Japan and the United States: Diplomatic, Security, and Economic Relations, Part III, 1961-2000
·        The Kissinger Telephone Conversations: A Verbatim Record of U.S. Diplomacy, 1969-1977
·        The Kissinger Transcripts: A Verbatim Record of U.S. Diplomacy, 1969-1977
·        Mexico-United States Counternarcotics Policy, 1969-2013
·        The National Security Agency: Organization and Operations, 1945-2009
·        Nicaragua: The Making of U.S. Policy, 1978–1990
·        Peru: Human Rights, Drugs and Democracy, 1980-2000
·        The Philippines: U.S. Policy During the Marcos Years, 1965–1986
·        Presidential Directives on National Security, Part I: From Truman to Clinton
·        Presidential Directives on National Security, Part II: From Truman to George W. Bush
·        South Africa: The Making of U.S. Policy, 1962–1989
·        The Soviet Estimate: U.S. Analysis of the Soviet Union, 1947–1991
·        Terrorism and U.S. Policy, 1968–2002
·        The United States and the Two Koreas, 1969-2000
·        The United States and the Two Koreas, Part II, 1969-2010
·        U.S. Espionage and Intelligence, 1947–1996
·        U.S. Intelligence and China: Collection, Analysis and Covert Action
·        The U.S. Intelligence Community After 9/11
·        The U.S. Intelligence Community: Organization, Operations and Management, 1947–1989
·        U.S. Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction: From World War II to Iraq
·        U.S. Military Uses of Space, 1945–1991
·        U.S. Nuclear History: Nuclear Arms and Politics in the Missile Age, 1955–1968
·        U.S. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policy, 1945–1991
·        U.S. Policy in the Vietnam War, Part I: 1954-1968
·        U.S. Policy in the Vietnam War, Part II: 1969-1975
·        Also available: CIA Family Jewels Indexed, a freely accessible, searchable subject index created by the National Security Archive and available on the DNSA site. This index and its 67 full-text documents are not integrated into DNSA, but may be searched and browsed separately.
Coverage: Various Dates

Encyclopaedia of Islam (ON-SITE ONLY)
Description:  The Encyclopaedia of Islam sets out the present state of our knowledge of the Islamic World from religion and history to politics and culture. It embraces articles on distinguished Muslims of every age and land, on tribes and dynasties, on the crafts and sciences, on political and religious institutions, on the geography, ethnography, flora and fauna of the various countries and on the history, topography and monuments of the major towns and cities. Its geographical and historical scope encompasses the old Arabo-Islamic empire, the Islamic countries of Iran, Central Asia, the Indian sub-continent and Indonesia, the Ottoman Empire and all modern Islamic states. Access is available to the 2nd (new) edition, the 3rd edition, and the Encyclopaedia of Islam Glossary and Index of Terms. Additionally, access is provided to the Historical Atlas of Islam, 1st and 2nd editions.

EMIS Emerging Markets Information Service from Internet Securities, Inc. (ON-SITE ONLY)                                               
Description: Collection of news and financial information for over 100 emerging market countries in Africa & the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe, Central Asia (Caucasus) and Asia, and Latin America. Included are primary news sources (full-text), financial data (including reports on financial markets, companies and industries), over 1 million listed and private company profiles, statistics, macroeconomic forecasts and analysis, and legal and regulatory information. Arranged by country, ISI emerging markets also includes country profiles, exchange rates, and business and political news – approximately 9,000 publications of data, research and news from unrivalled sources (from the Economist Intelligence Unit and ViewsWire, as well as other local and global sources).
Coverage: mid-1990s to present

Foreign Law Guide from Brill (ON-SITE ONLY)
Description: Acclaimed by librarians, academics, and researchers alike, the Foreign Law Guide (FLG) is an essential database offering relevant information on sources of foreign law, including complete bibliographic citations to legislation, the existence of English translations and selected references to secondary sources in one virtual destination. Broad in content and global in scope, the FLG is an indispensable resource for comparative law research and a fundamental tool for developing a foreign and comparative law collection. Approximately 190 jurisdictions are systemically covered and updated by a global team of experts.
Updated Countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States
Coverage: Current

Freely Accessible Asian Studies Online Resourcesfrom Library of Congress (FREE)
Description: A collection of publicly available Asian Studies online resources selected by Library of Congress staff.
Coverage: Various dates

Freely Accessible Country/Regional Profiles Online Resources from Library of Congress    (FREE)
Description: A collection of publicly available Country and/or Regional Information and Profiles online resources selected by Library of Congress staff.
Coverage: Various Dates

GlobalCapital AsiaMoney from GlobalCapital  (ON-SITE ONLY)                                                                                            
Description: GlobalCapital is a leading news, opinion and data service for people and institutions using and working in both the Asian Pacific and international capital markets. It provides clearly-voiced, lively coverage of key markets based on the comments of those who work in them, together with a wealth of transaction data and archive material. GlobalCapital Asia incorporates Asiamoney, which has been covering in-depth analysis of Asian economies and financial markets for 25 years. Joining the platform are also several key capital markets publications from the Euromoney Institutional Investor Group: Euroweek, Total Securitization and Derivatives Week. GlobalCapital also sees the introduction of a brand new service on the internationalisation of the RMB. The site also provides downloadable PDF versions of publications, including Asiamoney.
Coverage: Various dates

HeinOnline Pentagon Papers from William S. Hein & Co. (ON-SITE ONLY)
Description: The Pentagon Papers, officially titled "Report of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Vietnam Task Force", was commissioned by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in 1967. In June of 1971, small portions of the report were leaked to the press and widely distributed. However, the publications of the report that resulted from these leaks were incomplete and suffered from many quality issues. In June of 2011, the 40th anniversary of the press leak, the National Archives, along with the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon Presidential Libraries, released the complete Report. Now, for the first time, approximately 34% of the Report is available. What is unique about this version is that: the complete Report is available with no redactions; it is presented as Leslie Gelb presented it to then Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford on January 15, 1969; all supplemental back-documentation is included; and this version includes the complete account of peace negotiations, significant portions of which were not previously available either in the House Armed Services Committee redacted copy of the Report or in the Gravel Edition.
Coverage: 1940-1968

India, Raj & Empire from Adam Matthew Digital (ON-SITE ONLY)
Description: Provides historical material from the manuscript collections of the National Library of Scotland covering South Asia between the foundation of the East India Company in 1615 and the granting of independence to India and Pakistan in 1947. India, Raj and Empire traces social and urban history, Indian politics, the growth of Nationalism, and colonial administration. The Raj typically refers to areas directly administered by the United Kingdom, as well as the princely states ruled by individual rulers under the paramountcy of the British Crown - which in this resource includes Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Malaysia and Singapore. Thematic areas that can be browsed:
·        The East India Company: Government and Administration c.1750-1857
·        Agriculture and Trade c.1750-1857
·        Society, Travel and Leisure c.1750-1857
·        The Mysore and Maratha Wars Indian Uprising 1857-58
·        The Raj: British Government and Administration of India after 1858
·        Agriculture and Trade after 1858
·        Society, Travel and Leisure after 1858 India: Literature, History and Culture.
Coverage: 1615 - 1947

Mohamed Ali Eltaher (FREE)
Description: This website tells the story of Mohamed Ali Eltaher (also known by his traditional Arab nickname, Aboul-Hassan). It is also the story of his wife. It provides the sources and references needed for those who are interested to learn more about him, and, more importantly, to learn about the history of the Near East and North Africa between 1912 and 1974, and the political and historical issues of the countries spanning from Morocco to Iraq, and from Syria to Indonesia. Those who know Egypt through the writings of Lawrence Durrell and Konstantin Kavafi and other famous Western writers, will be able to have a glimpse of that side of Egypt these talented writers did not write about.
The complete historic archives and papers of Mohamed Ali Eltaher have been acquired by the Library of Congress. To consult the Collection on-site for research and academic purposes please contact Nawal Kawar ([email protected]).
Coverage: 1912-1974

NewspaperSG from National Library Board of Singapore (FREE)                                                              
Description: NewspaperSG is an online resource of current and historic Singapore and Malaya newspapers. You can search the digital archive of newspapers between 1831 - 2009, or find information on over 200 newspaper titles in the National Library's microfilm collection.
Coverage: Various Dates

Philippine E-Journals (FREE)                                                                                            
Description:  Compiled by the National Library of the Philippines, this website provides links a multitude of free databases or e-journals around the world.

Philippine Journals Online from PhilJOL (FREE)
Description: Philippines Journals OnLine (PhilJOL) was initiated in May 2008. It is a project supported by the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publication (INASP). It aims to promote the awareness and use of Philippines-published journals in all disciplines by providing access to tables of contents (TOCs), abstracts and full text on the Internet. Publications are scholarly in content, peer reviewed, and contain original research. The journals are all published in the Philippines; management of publishing strategy, business development and production operation are also all run from Philippines.
Coverage: Various Dates

ProQuest Asian & European Business Collection from ProQuest (ON-SITE ONLY)                 
Description: ProQuest Asian & European Business Collection contains the merged content of two formerly separate databases: ProQuest Asian Business and Reference and ProQuest European Business. This merged English-language database offers detailed information on companies, economies, markets, business conditions, and international trade, providing in-depth coverage of the world's most important areas of economic activity. It provides news at national and regional levels from key newspapers, magazines, and journals and offers core national and regional statistics, business profiles, as well as frequently updated economic, financial, and demographic series and analysis. Organizational, directory, and biographical information for national government, the civil service, and business and cultural organizations is searchable, as is a full-text archive of government documents, legislation, and policy and analysis papers and publications from more than 110 leading titles, including The Economist, Fortune, and European Business Journal. Proquest Asian & European Business Collection also includes information on specific economic and market conditions in countries and regions throughout Europe and Asia.
Coverage: 1971 – Current

Times Digital Archive, 1785-2009 from Gale (ON-SITE ONLY)
Description: Contains facsimile images of every issue of the "world’s newspaper of record," The Times of London, from 1785 through 2009. Covers every major historical event over 200 years, from the French Revolution to the Vietnam War, as well as chronicling all significant social, economic and cultural trends.
Coverage: 1785 to 2009

UNESCO General and Regional Histories from UNESCO (FREE)
Description: UNESCO has launched a series of collected works which aim to provide a greater understanding of civilizations. Through this broad perspective, readers gain a global understanding of the evolution of societies, flourishing of cultures, major currents of exchange, and interaction with other parts of the world. The series includes:

  • The History of Humanity, a universal history of the human mind that encompasses the multiplicity of points of view, memories, and opinions that are found in the various cultures of the world. The International Commission of the History of the Scientific and Cultural Development of Humankind, consisting of thirty scholars of international repute, is the intellectual and scientific authority behind the project.
  • The eight-volume General History of Africa (phase I of the project) has been translated into thirteen languages including English, French, Arabic, as well as into into three African languages. The second phase of the project which is entitled “The Pedagogical Use of the General History of Africa” has just been lauched.
  • The multi-volume History of Civilizations of Central Asia, which covers the vast region stretching from the Caspian Sea to Mongolia and western China, is the first attempt to present a comprehensive picture of the cultures that flourished and vanished at the heart of the Eurasian continent from the dawn of civilization to the present day.

Coverage: Various Dates

U.S. Declassified Documents Online from Gale (ON-SITE ONLY)
Description: Provides full-text access to over 500,000 pages of previously classified government documents. Covering major post-World War II era international events from the Cold War to the Vietnam War and beyond, this source enables users to locate a selection of US government documents from the Central Intelligence Agency, the State Department, the Department of Defense, the National Security Council, the White House, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as many other government agencies. The documents range in size and scope from telegrams, correspondence, and unevaluated field reports, to lengthy background studies and detailed minutes of cabinet-level meetings.
Coverage: c.1950 to present

Vietnam Journals Online from VJOL (FREE)                                                                                                           
Description: Vietnam Journals Online, a database of journals published in Vietnam, was officially launched in 2007 with support of INASP. It aims to promote scientific knowledge covering the full range of academic disciplines, and to seek to improve understanding of the academic world of Vietnam. VJOL is now managed in Vietnam by NASATI, and provides readers with access to tables of contents, abstracts, and full text articles. All the material on VJOL is free to view, search and browse.
Coverage: Various Dates

WiseSearch from Wisers Information Ltd. (ON-SITE ONLY)                                      
Description: WiseSearch is a Chinese and English language database providing information from more than 900 major Chinese and English language newspapers, news magazines, TV networks, radio broadcasts, newswires, Web sites, and other sources. Wisers' news archive is updated every day, direct from over 1,500 content providers, including all 18 Chinese and English newspapers of Hong Kong and other top tier news sources of Greater China. Search features include:
·       Company Search - browse News Snapshot, Overview and Financial Highlights of Hong Kong listed companies by entering the name or stock code, or selecting industry filter or company financial data filter such as Turnover (Operating Income), Profit Before Tax, P/E Ratio, and ROAA.
·       Financial Brief - contains daily updated financial news.
·       My NewsStand - provides news highlights of the day around-the-clock, including first hand news from TV and radio broadcasts.

Country coverage includes: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, and other Asian countries.
Coverage: 1988 to present


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