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Kanikōsen [The Crab Factory Ship]
[The Crab Factory Ship]
Takiji Kobayashi, 1930
Revised edition, copy for censorship examination submitted to the Interior Ministry
Japanese Collection, Asian Division,
Library of Congress (011.00.00)

Kanikōsen is a novel by Takiji Kobayashi (1903–1933), the most famous author in the proletarian literature movement in Japan.  In 1929, Kobayashi wrote this pessimistic story which ends when a workers’ strike against the manager of their ship is suppressed by the Imperial Navy.  Kobayashi was arrested by undercover police on February 20, 1933, tortured during interrogation, and died the same day.

The displayed copy is part of the Naimusho Ken’etsu Shiryo [Interior Minister’s censorship collection] which consists of approximately 1,100 copies of monographs that were submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Japanese Imperial Government for the purpose of passing censorship.  The Collection was part of the Washington Document Center materials transferred to the Library after World War II.


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