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Tetsuwan Atomu


Tetsuwan Atomu [Mighty Atom]
Tetsuwan Atomu
[Mighty Atom]
Osamu Tezuka, 1979 / Imagi Animation Studios, 2009
Comic book and DVD
Japanese Collection, Asian Division,
Library of Congress (015.00.00, 16.00.00)

Tetsuwan Atomu, known in America as Astro Boy,is Tezuka’s most famous manga(external link) (comic book).  Starting in 1951, it continued publication for seventeen years, with a cartoon version being created for television in 1963.  The series, set in a world of the future where humans and robots live together, relates the adventures of Tetsuwan Atomu, a heroic robot boy.

In accordance with the Library’s past collection policy, manga were acquired only in very limited numbers.  This was revised in 2008 in acknowledgement of the tremendous worldwide popularity of manga.  The Library’s Japan Team now carefully evaluates and selects manga for purchase.  As for Tezuka’s production, the Library recently acquired 400 volumes of his work containing more than 150 titles which are currently being processed.  A computer-animated feature film version of Astro Boy(external link) was released in 2009.  Updated for contemporary audiences, the new film has lost much of the artistry of Tezuka’s original creation.  The Library strives to keep collections of originals in cases like this so that the vision of the artist will not be lost.


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