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   Issue 13/14, Summer/Fall 2008


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Agriculture & Food

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Print Resources: Agriculture & Food

Brooks, Karen McConnell, and others. Agricultural Reform in Russia : A View from the Farm Level. Washington, D.C. : World Bank, c1996. 75 p.
LC Call Number: HD1995.15 .A65 1996
LC Catalog Record: 96020414

Examines structural changes in Russian agriculture in the early 1990s. Chapters look at the legal framework for food and land markets, reorganization of large farm enterprises and demographics of farmers.

O'Brien, David J. and Stephen K. Wegren, ed. Rural Reform in Post-Soviet Russia. Washington, D.C. : Woodrow Wilson Center Press ; Baltimore, Md. : The John Hopkins University Press, c2002. 430 p.
LC Call Number: HD1333.R9 R87 2002
LC Catalog Record: 2001006559
Table of Contents
Publisher's Description
Publisher-supplied Biographical Information

This collection of articles by Western and Russian researchers reviews change in Russia's agricultural and rural life since 1990, mostly from a political and sociological prospective. Several chapters look at land reform and the economic transformation of agricultural enterprises.

Patsirkovski, Valery V. Selskaya Rossiya: 1991-2001. Moscow : Finansy i statistika, 2003. 366 p.
LC Call Number: HN530.2.A8 P377 2003
LC Catalog Record: 2003490415

BERA - Business & Economics Research Advisor - A Quarterly Guide to Business & Economics Topics

Issue 13/14: Summer/Fall 2008

Guide to Russian Business Information Resources

Table of Contents

Business & Economy
Foreign Trade & Investments
Finance & Banking
Labor & Management
News Sources
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Russia (Federation), lumber industry, City of Tobolsk, 1912.
Image (above):
Lumber Industry, Tobolsk, Russia (Federation). 1912.
    Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, 1863-1944,
Forms part of: Prokudin-Gorskii Collection
Library of Congress
Prints and Photographs Division
Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-prokc-20755
Monograph on economic and demographical changes in rural Russia by an authoritative Russian researcher. Author looks at land reform, structure of new agricultural producers, employment in rural areas, changes in structure of rural population, differentiation of incomes and poverty, and role of human capital in household economy.

Popov, Anatoly A. and Magomedsaid A. Iakhyaev. Agropromyshlennyi kompleks Rossii : problemy i resheniya. Moskva : Ekonomika, 2003. 405 p.
LC Call Number: HD9015.R92 P593 2003
LC Catalog Record: 2003481876

Authors analyze agricultural policy and the situation in Russian agribusiness in the beginning of 21st century. Covers food, machinery and capital markets, structural changes in agricultural sector, and suggests improvements.

Sedik, David J., Sotnikov, Sergey and Wiesmann, Doris. Food Security in the Russian Federation. Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2003. 114 p.
LC Call Number: HD9015.R9 S43 2003
LC Catalog Record: 2004430573

Examines food availability in Russia in the 1990s. Authors look at the structure of food use and supply, nutritional status of different subpopulations, and country's dependence on food imports. Contains a large amount of statistical data. Provides recommendations for improvements of food security.

Wehrheim, Peter with Klaus Frohbergm and others, ed. Russia's Agro-Food Sector : Towards Truly Functioning Markets. Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2000. 541 p.
LC Call Number: HD1995.15 .R87 2000
LC Catalog Record: 00039097

This collection of articles by Western European and Russian researchers analyzes the transition of Russia's agro-food sector from a centrally planned system to a market-oriented one. Topics covered include agricultural enterprise restructuring, household food production, and formation of food markets.

Internet Resources: Agriculture & Food Industry

Csaki, Csaba, John Nash and others. Food and Agricultural Policy in Russia: Progress to Date and the Road Forward.
Washington D.C. : World Bank, 2002, 176 p. World Bank Working Paper #523. External Link

Examines transformation of the agricultural sector. Contains analysis of agricultural production and distribution, and suggests measures for further reforms in the sector. Available in both text and PDF formats. [PDF Format: 12.32 MB / 176 p.]

Nash, John, Vera Matusevich and others. Agricultural Policy of Russia.
Washington D.C. : World Bank, 2002. 124 p. World Bank working paper # 29013. External Link

Analyzes performance and structure of the agricultural sector and developments in selected agricultural commodity markets. Looks at trade, pricing policies and government subsidies. Gives recommendations for building a competitive agri-food sector. Available in both text and PDF formats. [PDF Format: 1.64 MB / 124 p.]

Summary of the Russian Agribusiness Survey. World Bank working paper #39556.
Washington D.C. : World Bank, 2006. External Link [PDF Format: 1.5 MB /63 p.]

This International Finance Corporation market survey includes overviews of the following sectors: meat, dairy, poultry, fish, grains, vegetable oil and fat, and fruit and vegetables. Contains brief profiles of major agricultural and food businesses.

Russian Food and Beverage Industry Survey 2009. Ernst & Young. External Link
[PDF Format: 724 KB / 28 p.]

Survey provides brief overview of the industry and examines growth potential by sector. Gives insight into strategic goals of major market players.

Всероссийская сельскохозяйственная перепись. External Link

2006 Russian agricultural census data: detailed agricultural statistics for the Russian Federation and each of its 89 constituencies. Contains tables and graphs. In Russian only.

Министерство сельского хозяйства. External Link

Official Web site of the Ministry of Agriculture. Regulations, price monitoring reports (beginning in 2003), agricultural statistics database (2002-2005), monthly milk production data (beginning in 1997), archive of ministry's press releases (beginning in 2002). In Russian only.


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Print Resources: Automotive Industry

За рулём. Moscow, Russia: 1928-
LC Call Number: TL4 .Z27
LC Catalog Record: 51051392

Za rule¨m is a popular monthly magazine on automobiles published since 1928. Includes news, interviews, auto reviews. Online version is available at Free access to searchable archive beginning in 1928. In Russian only.

Internet Resources: Automotive Industry

Авторевю. External Link

Web site of Auto Review, a biweekly magazine covering Russian and world auto industry. Includes news, trends, and new auto reviews. Searchable archive beginning in 1996. Free access, in Russian only.

Finding Quality Partners : A Review of the Russian Automotive Component Sector.
World Bank working paper # 39555. Washington D.C. : World Bank, 2004. 104 p. External Link

International Finance Corporation survey of major Russian automotive suppliers contains analysis of the automotive industry and car market. Includes a directory of more than 50 major players. Available in both text and PDF formats. [PDF Format: 3.92 MB / 104 p.]

The Central and Eastern European Automotive Market: Industry Overview. Ernst & Young.
External Link

Overview of the latest market developments and automotive statistics for investors considering market entry or growth of their businesses in 10 Central and Eastern European countries including Russia.

Getting Up to Speed: Russian & CIS Automotive Industry. Ernst & Young, 2011. External Link

Overview of the auto industry and markets in Russia and other former Soviet republics. Contains 2008-2010 market figures by brand or segment.

Metals & Mining

Print Resources: Metals and Mining Industries

Amirov, Anvar. Kto est kto v metallurgii Rossii, 2004 : biograficheskiy spravochnik. Moskva : Panorama, 2004.
191 p.
LC Call Number: TN675.5 .A45 2004
LC Catalog Record: 2005393669

Who Is Who in Russia's Metals Industry. Biographies of movers and shakers of the Russian metals industry. In Russian.

Fortescue, Stephen, "The Russian Aluminum Industry in Transition," in Eurasian Geography and Economics, Volume 47, Number 1, January-February 2006. pp. 76-94
LC Call Number: G1 .S65
LC Catalog Record: 2002213453

Overview of the Russian aluminum industry.

Prokopov, Igor, "The Russian Aluminum Industry: Trends and Reflections of the Global Market," in JOM : The Journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society. Volume 57, Number 2, February 2005, pp. 32-34.
LC Call Number: TN1 .A513
LC Catalog Record: 90640775

Also available electronically to users onsite in the subscription database ABI/Inform Global. Available by subscription only.

Rubinstein, J. and L. Barsky. Non-ferrous Metal Ores. Mineral Deposits and Resources of the Former Soviet Union, v.1. New York : Taylor & Francis, 2002. 411 p.
LC Call Number: TN758 .R73 2002
LC Catalog Record: 2002074006
Publisher's Description
Book Review (E-STREAMS - Archived) External Link

The 1st volume in this new publisher's series. Reviews the geographical distribution and geology of ore deposits in the former Soviet Union, location and practices of the mining and ore processing plants, and mining history. Contains many maps and tables. Non-ferrous metal ores are classified and mineral processing technologies are described. Directed primarily toward scientists, but may benefit mining industry professionals also.

Oil & Gas

            Print Resources             Internet Resources

Print Resources: Oil and Gas Industries

The Almanac of Russian and Caspian Petroleum. New York, N.Y. : Energy Intelligence Group, 2001-
LC Call Number: HD9575.R8 A46
LC Catalog Record: 2006204047

This serial publication combines a company directory and statistical yearbook. Provides historical prices for Russian and Caspian crudes (by producer) and key refined products (by product and refinery). Profiles of Russian oil companies include maps of major fields and pipelines, as well as production and export data.

Considine, Jennifer I. and William A. Kerr. The Russian Oil Economy. Cheltenham ; Northampton, Mass. : Edward Elgar, c2002. 360 p.
LC Call Number: HD9575.R82 C57 2002
LC Catalog Record: 2002019529

Gives detailed historical overview of oil industry in tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union. Provides overviews of the legal framework governing the evolution of the oil industry in the 1990s. Describes evolution of the fiscal regime and regional development of the industry. Provides a great deal of statistical data.

Grace, John D. Russian Oil Supply : Performance and Prospects. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press for the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, 2005. 288 p.
LC Call Number: HD9575.R82 G68 2005
LC Catalog Record: 2005296716
Table of Contents
Publisher's Description
Publisher-supplied Biographical Information

Excellent source covering the development of the Russian oil industry from its inception in the 1870s through the present. Reviews technical, economic, and policy aspects of oil exploration and development in Russia. Analyzes performance, oil reserves, technical potential, and prospects of domestic oil companies.

Lane, David, ed. The Political Economy of Russian Oil. Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c1999. 288 p
LC Call Number: HD9575.R82 P65 1999
LC Catalog Record: 99015556

Collection of articles focused on privatization and recovery of Russia's oil industry in the 1990s.

Stern, Jonathan P. The Future of Russian Gas and Gazprom. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press for Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, 2005. 270 p.
LC Call Number: HD9581.R92 S725 2005
LC Catalog Record: 2006295940
Table of Contents
Publisher's Description
Publisher-supplied Biographical Information

Provides overview of the development of the gas industry in Russia. Analyzes industry's geography and economics. Looks at gas exploration, production and distribution, domestic market and exports, restructuring, regulation and taxation.

Internet Resources: Oil and Gas Industries

Country Analysis Brief: Russia. Washington, D.C. : Energy Information Administration, 2007.

Overview of Russia's energy resources and policies. Provides country overview and profiles of energy-related industries such as oil, natural gas, coal and electricity. Free access.

Russian and Caspian Energy. External Link

Provides Internet news and research reports on energy sectors, specifically oil and gas in Russia and other parts of the world from Database searchable by geographic locations, subjects, and content types, dates and authors. Includes conference calls and interviews of experts. Most content available by subscription only. Not available at the Library of Congress.

2012 Russian Oil & Gas Outlook Survey. Deloitte & Touche. External Link [PDF format: 278 KB / 28 p.]

Survey of Russian and foreign oil company executives on the condition and prospects of the Russian oil industry.

Reform of the Russian Gas Sector. World Bank working paper #36091. Washington D.C. : World Bank, 2004. 13 p. External Link [PDF Format: 358 KB / 13 p.]

Gives brief SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis of the Russian natural gas industry and offers recommendations for its further reform. Available in both text and PDF formats.

Нефтегазовая вертикаль. External Link

Internet portal for oil service industry by the Neftegazovaya Vertikal magazine. Offers news, research, and business events calendar. Free access to archive.

Нефть России. External Link

Oil of Russia, Internet portal for oil industry. Includes news, market data, and analysis. Free access to news archive and abstracts for the Oil of Russia magazine. Full content available to subscribers only.


Holt, Jane et. al. Transport strategies for the Russian Federation. World Bank Report No. 12345. Washington D.C.: World Bank, Jan. 2012. [PDF format MB / 278 p.] External Link

Comprehensive study of Russia's transportation sector with recommendations for stopping its decline. The study also analyzes the economic and fiscal impact of each transport mode on the national economy and assesses how that role may change in the future.

Министерство транспорта. External Link

Official Web site of the Ministry of Transport. Contains sub-sites for government agencies that supervise railroad, air, sea, river and road transportation. Includes news, statistics, price information, federal programs for modernization of transportation infrastructure, and description of seaports.

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