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   Issue 13/14, Summer/Fall 2008

Labor, Management & Industrial Relations

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Print Resources

Ashwin, Sarah and Simon Clarke. Russian Trade Unions and Industrial Relations in Transition. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2003. 293 p.
LC Call Number: HD6735.15 .A8 2003
LC Catalog Record: 2002068332
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Excellent introduction to Russian trade unions and industrial relations written by long-time experts on the subject. Focused on post-Soviet Russia and based on field research. Analyzes industrial relations in the workplace and the role of trade unions in the political sphere. Authors look at the structure and functions of the trade unions and legislative framework of industrial relations.

Clarke, Simon, ed. Management and Industry in Russia : Formal and Informal Relations in the Period of Transition. Aldershot, Hants, England ; Brookfield, Vermont : E. Elgar, c1995. 244 p.
LC Call Number: HD8530.2 .M36 1995
LC Catalog Record: 95004048

Clarke, Simon, ed. Conflict and Change in the Russian Industrial Enterprise. Cheltenham , UK ; Brookfield, VT, USA : E. Elgar, c1996. 298 p.
LC Call Number: HD8530.2 .C66 1996
LC Catalog Record: 96154946

Clarke, Simon, ed. Labour Relations in Transition : Wages, Employment and Industrial Conflict in Russia. Cheltenham, UK ; Brookfield, VT, USA : E. Elgar, c1996. 282 p.
LC Call Number: HD8530.2 .L3 1996
LC Catalog Record: 95049536

BERA - Business & Economics Research Advisor - A Quarterly Guide to Business & Economics Topics

Issue 13/14: Summer/Fall 2008

Guide to Russian Business Information Resources

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Labor & Management
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Russia (Federation), lumber industry, City of Tobolsk, 1912.
Image (above):
Lumber Industry, Tobolsk, Russia (Federation). 1912.
    Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, 1863-1944,
Forms part of: Prokudin-Gorskii Collection
Library of Congress
Prints and Photographs Division
Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-prokc-20755

Clarke, Simon, ed. Russian Enterprise in Transition : Case Studies. Cheltenham, UK ; Brookfield, Vt., US : E. Elgar, c1996, 405 p.
LC Call Number: HD70.R9 R863 1996
LC Catalog Record: 96015888

The four volumes of the series Management and Industry in Russia are products of an extensive program of qualitative research into the restructuring of social relations in Russian industrial production which was conducted in the early 1990s under the aegis of the best Western expert on Russian labor relations. About 30 articles authored by Russian researchers, translated and edited by Simon Clarke, analyze how workers responded to the changes in wages, employment and industrial relations during economic transition. Using interviews, surveys and thorough case studies conducted in four contrasting regions (Moscow, Samara, Kuzbass and the Komi Republic) authors examine production relations in the post-Soviet enterprise. Among topics covered: trade unions and industrial conflict, paternalism, changing status hierarchies within the workforce, position of women in production, process of bankruptcy, insider and outsider control, management strategies in response to the challenge of transition.

Clarke, Simon. The development of capitalism in Russia. New York : Routledge, c2007.
LC Call Number: HD8530.2 .C52 2007
LC Catalog Record: 2006028118
Table of contents

The author builds on his previous field work on Russia's industrial relations with case studies conducted in 2002-2006 of 52 successful Russian enterprises of various property forms and sectors of economy. The biggest changes in management practices are driven by sales and marketing departments, and changes are more radical in enterprises owned by outsiders, particularly by foreign companies.

Ledeneva, Alena V. How Russia Really Works : The Informal Practices that Shaped Post-Soviet Politics and Business. Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2006. 270 p.
LC Call Number: JN6695.A55 C639 2006
LC Catalog Record: 2006023279
Table of Contents

Author explores informal practices in politics, business, media, and the legal sphere in Russia in the 1990s, from hiring firms to create negative publicity about one's competitors to sophisticated schemes of tax evasion and 'alternative' techniques of contract and law enforcement.

Internet Resources

Rashid, Mansoora, Andrews, Emily, and others. The Russian Labor Market : Moving from Crisis to Recovery. World Bank Working paper #29018. Washington D.C. : World Bank, 2003. 270 p.,,, External Link

This report examines Russia's labor market and suggests measures for its further development. Looks at employment trends, wage structure, compensation practices, and Russian programs for unemployed. Contains tables and graphs. Available in both text and PDF formats. [PDF Format: 1.22 MB/ 270 p.]

Tan, Hong; Savchenko, Yevgeniya. Skills Shortages and Training in Russian Enterprises. World Bank research working paper no. WPS 4222. Washington, D.C. : World Bank, 2007. 50 p. External Link  [PDF Format: 483 KB/ 50 p.]

Authors examine changing supply and demand for skills in Russia, look at labor turnover, compensation policies and effects of labor regulations.

Федерация независимых профсоюзов России. External Link

Official web site of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia, the umbrella organization for Russian labor unions.

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   Issue 13/14, Summer/Fall 2008
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