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Head-and-shoulders portrait of Uncle Sam, Census 1940.



This section of the guide includes various sources of Census data tabulated by congressional districts.

Decennial Census is mandated by the Constitution and the data collected are used to determine the number of seats each state has in the U.S. House of Representatives. After the apportionment of congressional seats among the states based on decennial census population counts, each state is responsible for establishing congressional districts for the purpose of electing representatives. Thus Census data is retabulated by congressional districts only after the districts are established by states.

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Spring 2013

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A Guide To Locating Selected U.S. Decennial And Economic Census Publications In The Library Of Congress

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Head-and-shoulders portrait of Uncle Sam, Census 1940.
    U.S. Bureau of the Census
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Reproduction Number: LC-USZC4-1801

The Census Bureau published Congressional Data Books in recent decades starting with the 1960 Census where you can find population and housing data tabulated by congressional districts. There are other efforts by academic and research institutions to retroactively aggregate county-level data into congressional districts for prior decades. Current data for congressional districts are readily available from the Census Bureau in a user friendly format.

While most of the resources come from the U.S. Census Bureau there are some government agencies that present their data by congressional districts that are included here. Also included are geographic information sources such as atlases, maps, and digital shape files. Some of the geographic information sources are available in the Geography and Map Reading Room.

U.S. Census Bureau Data Sources

2010 Census Congressional District Summary File (113th Congress) – American Fact Finder

Provides 2010 Census data retabulated for the congressional district boundaries of the 113th Congress. Includes age, sex, race and Hispanic or Latino origin, household type, relationship, population in group quarters, whether the residence is owned or rented (tenure) and vacancy status. The default display is by state. To see congressional district data for all or select districts go to Geographies tab and select congressional district as a variable.

Congressional Districts – 2015

Organized by state this page links to data tables in American Fact Finder by congressional district from Geography Area Series: County Business Patterns that include industry, number of establishments, employees and payroll data.

Congressional districts of the United States [electronic resource] : summary tape file 1D, summary tape file 3D : 105th Congress. Census of population and housing (1990). Washington, DC : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Administrative and Customer Services Division, [1997]
LC Call Number: HA201
LC Catalog Record: 98802103

Provides retabulated 1990 census data for U.S. congressional districts for 105th Congress. Summary tape file 1D provides complete population data based on the Census “long form”. Summary tape file 3D contains sample data weighted to represent the total population based on the “short form.

My Congressional District

Provides quick and easy access to demographic, social, economic, and housing statistics as well as data for businesses with paid employees at a detailed geography and industry level. The statistics are collected by the U.S. Census Bureau through the American Community Survey (ACS) and County Business Patterns (CBP).

Population and Housing Characteristics for Congressional Districts of the 103rd Congress (CPH-4)
1990 Census of Population and Housing.

One report for each State and the District of Columbia showing population and housing data for Congressional Districts, counties, places of 10,000 or more inhabitants, and minor civil division's (MCD's) of 10,000 or more inhabitants in selected States within each Congressional District. State tables in full text can be accessed via the Census of Population and Housing page under 1990 Census.

Redistricting Data

Census Bureau provides state legislatures with the small area census population tabulations necessary for legislative redistricting as required by Public Law 94-171. This page provides 2010 Census data sets that are of specific interest to those in the redistricting and elections communities as well as historical data sets for 2000 Census.

Historical Congressional District Data

Provides options for obtaining Census 2000 data tabulated for the 110th Congressional Districts as well as links to other related products.

Congressional District Data Books

The following titles are series of Congressional district data books published as supplements to Statistical Abstract of the United States after the 1960 Decennial Census through the 1980 Census. They provide state maps by congressional districts, votes cast as well as population and housing, banking, agriculture, business, manufactures, minerals and governments data by congressional district.

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) provides online access to the data for Congressional District Data Books, 1961-65.External Link Please note that data are available only to users at ICPSR member institutions. In addition to the voting data by major parties this project provided data "for population and housing characteristics, including total population by household, group quarters, institutions, age group, gender, marital status, race, nationality, and urban and rural residency. Additional demographic variables describe the congressional districts in terms of education, income, employment status and occupation, veteran status, births, deaths, and marriages."

Congressional district data book (districts of the 87th Congress); a Statistical abstract supplement. United States. Bureau of the Census. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1961.
LC Call Number: HA205 .A5 1961
LC Catalog Record: a61009351

Congressional district data book (districts of the 88th Congress); a Statistical abstract supplement. Prepared under the direction of Edwin D. Goldfield, chief, Statistical Reports Division. Washington, For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Govt. Print. Off. [1963]
LC Call Number: HA205 .A5 1963a
LC Catalog Record: a63007725 
Available via Hathi Trust Digital Library External Link

Congressional district data book: 93d Congress, a Statistical abstract supplement. Prepared under the direction of William Lerner, chief, Statistical Compendia Staff, Data User Services Office. Bureau of the Census. [Washington; For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1973]
LC Call Number: HA205 .B87 1973
LC Catalog Record: 74601251
Available via Hathi Trust Digital Library External Link

Congressional district data, 94th Congress. Washington : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Social and Economic Statistics Administration, Bureau of the Census, 1974-
LC Call Number: HA205 .U53 1974
LC Catalog Record: 74603410

Census of population and housing (1980). Congressional district data book of the 98th Congress : 1980 census of population and housing. U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. Lanham, Md. : Bernan Associates ; Millwood, N.Y. : Kraus International Publications, 1984-
LC Call Number: HA201 1980q
LC Catalog Record: 83018753

The following works are not published by the Census Bureau but they do use Census data.

The Almanac of American politics. 1972-<1974> : [Boston?] : Gambit, ©1972-1976- : New York, NY : E.P. Dutton<1988-> : Washington, D.C. : National Journal Group<2014-> : Chicago, IL : University of Chicago Press 1972-
LC Call Number: JK1012 .A44
LC Catalog Record: 70160417

Provides detailed information about elected officials as well as their states and districts including key statistical data.

Congressional Quarterly's politics in America. Washington, D.C. : CQ Press, ©1989-©1997. 1990-1998.
LC Call Number: JK1012 .C63
LC Catalog Record: 92657690

This title had several title changes. From 1999 to 2009 it was published as CQ's politics in America, 2012 to present as Politics in America. Organized by state this title provides detailed information on each of the elected representatives in the Congress. Entries for each of the Congress members include a section on the economy of their congressional districts.

CQ census analysis: congressional districts of the United States; population, education, income, employment, age, Negro population, foreign stock, farm data--by State and district. Congressional Quarterly, Inc. Washington [1964]
LC Call Number: HA217 .C62
LC Catalog Record: 64007968

This special report interprets the raw data included in the Congressional District Data Book published by the Census Bureau in 1964. Covers key data for each state and district and ranks districts by all major data categories: education, income, employment, age, race and origin of the population as well as agricultural data.

County and city extra : annual metro, city, and county data book. Lanham, MD : Bernan Press, c1992-<1999-> : Washington, DC : Bernan Press<2012-> : Lanham, MD : Bernan Press 1992-
LC Call Number: HA203 .C68
LC Catalog Record: 92657333

Includes demographic, economic, and geographic data, by State, county, metro area, city, and congressional district, with rankings. Also provides maps showing congressional districts and counties.

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Other Academic and Government Sources

Congressional Directory

The Congressional Directory is the official directory of the U.S. Congress, prepared by the Joint Committee on Printing (JCP). 1995 (104th Congress) to present available online on FDSys. Provides congressional district maps for each state and some statistical information on votes cast in each state by district and by party, as well as cumulative data on number of representatives by state under each apportionment.

Congressional District Data Books (ICPSR 10) External Link

In addition to the voting data by major parties this project provided data "for population and housing characteristics, including total population by household, group quarters, institutions, age group, gender, marital status, race, nationality, and urban and rural residency. Additional demographic variables describe the congressional districts in terms of education, income, employment status and occupation, veteran status, births, deaths, and marriages." Data are available only to users at ICPSR member institutions.

Congressional Statistics. Social Security Administration

OASDI and SSI fact sheets for each state and Congressional district.

Congressional District Data (University of Colorado Boulder) External Link

This site is by E. Scott Adler, Professor of Political Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder, offers a data set that includes a wide range of economic, social, and geographic information for every U.S. congressional district, from 1943-1998.

Population Data by Congressional District (Columbia University Libraries) External Link

Lists available options for obtaining population data by congressional district.

Federal government site that provides "the total dollar amount of award transactions in each state and territory, as well as total transaction amounts by contracts, grants, loans, and other financial assistance." Includes data by congressional districts.

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Geographic Information Sources

Congressional District Atlas. Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., 1960- Scales differ.
LC Call Number: G1201.F7 U45
LC Catalog Record: 84643169 1960
LC Catalog Record: 84643174 1964-
LC Catalog Record: 2002623247 1993
LC Catalog Record: 2006458693 2005
Available in Hathi Trust: 1960-64 and 1964-2008

U.S. Census Bureau published the first Congressional District Atlas in 1960 and presented the boundaries of the congressional districts for the 86th Congress. The atlas was published in print until 2008 for the 110th Congress. Maps for 109th-113th Congresses are available on the Census Bureau's Geography site.

Congressional District Maps. U.S. Census Bureau

Reference Maps include a variety of map types that show the boundaries and names of geographic areas for which the Census Bureau tabulates statistical data.

Martis, Kenneth C. The historical atlas of United States Congressional districts, 1789-1983. New York : Free Press ; London : Collier Macmillan, c1982. Scale not given.
LC Call Number: G1201.F9 M3 1982
LC Catalog Record: 82070583

This is a bound volume of maps of all United States congressional districts from the effective date of the U.S. Constitution through the congressional redistricting after the 1980 U.S. Census.

The following three titles contain maps and population counts by congressional district from 1788-1913.

Parsons, Stanley B. and William W. Beach, Dan Hermann. United States congressional districts, 1788-1841. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1978.
LC Call Number: G1201.F7 P3 1978
LC Catalog Record:  77083897

Parsons, Stanley B. and William W. Beach, Michael J. Dubin. United States congressional districts and data, 1843-1883. New York : Greenwood Press, 1986. Scale not given.
LC Call Number: G1201.F7 P35 1986
LC Catalog Record: 85675782

Parsons, Stanley B. and Michael J. Dubin, Karen Toombs Parsons. United States congressional districts, 1883-1913. New York : Greenwood Press, 1990. Scale not given.
LC Call Number: G1201.F7 P353 1990
LC Catalog Record: 89675315

Lewis, Jeffrey B., Brandon DeVine, Lincoln Pitcher, and Kenneth C. Martis. Digital Boundary Definitions of United States Congressional Districts, 1789-2012. (2013) [Data file and code book]. External Link

"This site provides digital boundary definitions for every U.S. Congressional District in use between 1789 and 2012."

National Historical Geographic Information System IPUMS External Link

"Provides population, housing, agricultural, and economic data, along with GIS-compatible boundary files, for geographic units in the United States from 1790 to the present." Includes congressional districts in the geographical levels.

SimplyAnalytics (Simply Analytics, Inc.)

This geographic information database offers thousands of data variables related to demographics, employment, housing, market segments, businesses, consumer spending and brand preference. It allows for extraction and comparison of data for specific geographic areas including congressional districts.
Note: This is a subscription database available to onsite patrons and other subscribers.

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LC Subject Headings

Additional works on United States federal censuses and federal election districts in the Library of Congress may be identified by searching the Online Catalog under appropriate Library of Congress subject headings. Choose the topics you wish to search from the following list of Library of Congress subject headings to link directly to the Catalog and automatically execute a search for the subject selected. For assistance in locating other subject headings which relate to this subject, please consult a reference librarian.

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