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Some of E.H. Harriman's greatest feats in railroad construction

General Resources

This section includes books, serials, etc. which are of a more general nature or are helpful with specific issues that are not addressed in other sections of the guide, such as accidents or finances. While this guide does not focus on specific companies and lines, the Library of Congress does have many items relating to individual companies. These can be individual titles written by non-affiliated authors or items the firm has written about itself.

BERA - Business & Economics Research Advisor - A Quarterly Guide to Business & Economics Topics

Issue 19/20: Spring 2014
Updated: Spring 2018

RAILROADS: Historical Research Sources at the Library of Congress

Table of Contents

General Resources
Cost of Operations
      Finance & Revenue
      Wages & Compensation
      Print Indexing
Maps and Time Tables
Accidents and Safety
The Transcontinental Railroad New Resource
Internet Resources
LC Subject Headings

Caption (left):
Some of E.H. Harriman's greatest feats in railroad construction.
New-York tribune. (New York [N.Y.]), 29 Aug. 1909. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Library of Congress.
Serial and Government Publications Division

We do not have many company records -- one exception is the records for the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway System Records from 1849-1909 -- however, many of the titles below can still be used to research individual companies and lines. Also, there are many prints and photographs in the Library's collection and on the Library website, including those from The World's Transportation Commission, 1894-1896 collection, the Fred Hultstrand History in Pictures Collection (part of the Northern Great Plains, 1880-1920), and many others.

Annual Report of the Interstate Commerce Commission. Washington, D.C. : The Commission, 1887-1993
LC Call Number: HE2708 .I6 (1887-)
LC Catalog Record: 09014679
LC Call Number: HE2708 .I5 (1903-1906)
LC Catalog Record: 04018123

Reports on the activities of the ICC for that year. There are a few years where some of the ICC Bluebooks are place holding. Some digitized versions may be part of The Internet Archive External Link or Google Books.External Link

Annual Report on the Statistics of Railways in the United States, the Interstate Commerce Commission for the year ending ... Washington, D.C. : U.S. G.P.O., 1889-[1954]
LC Call Number: HE2708 .I73
LC Catalog Record: 05011209

Often referred to as the Bluebook, this title covers very general statistics for things like mileage per state to freight, class of cars, employees, equipment, etc. by region Group. There are also statistics on general balance sheet data, accidents, earnings & expenses, etc. The statistical tables are done by region Group and then alphabetically by "name of road" with miles owned and miles operated. Each has a remarks section which often covers current event like large purchases of land, other railroads, mergers, name changes, etc. Other tables go over earnings & income (and if they are derived from passenger, mail, freight), general expenditures, etc. There is an index to railways for finding where the rail line is mentioned as well as a general index. Some digitized versions may be part of The Internet Archive External Link or GoogleBooks.External Link. Covers 1888 - 1990 (for the year 1954 it becomes Transportation Statistics in the United States).

Bulletin. United States Railroad Administration.
LC Call Number: HE2704.A3
LC Catalog Record: x18026452
See also United States Railroad Administration. [Documents] volume 4 Contains Bulletins 1 - 13.

Bureau of Railway Economics. Special Studies. Washington, D.C,
LC Call Number: HE2715 .B8
1911: Bulletins nos. 4, 11, 15, 17, 18, 21, 23, and 24
1912: Bulletins nos. 28, 34, and 39
1914: volume includes 1910 - 1914 External Link
1915: volume included Bulletins from 1913 - 1915

The studies cover a wide range of topics: comparative railway statistics and comparative wages for United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany), employee compensation and railway employees, list of publications pertaining to government ownership of railways, comparison of values (agriculture, manufactures, and the railways), etc. the 1914 volume is available on Open Library. External Link

Cargo Waybill Analysis (statistics). Interstate Commerce Commission, Bureau of Transport Economics and Statistics.
Mileage Block Distribution of traffic and revenue by commodity, class, territorial movement, and type of rate. (1947 - 1966)
LC Call Number: HE2355.A265
LC Catalog Record: a60009338
Carload waybill statistics - state to state distribution of all commodities, traffic, and revenue. (1949 - 1960)
LC Call Number: HE2355 .A28
LC Catalog Record: a60009065
State-to-state distribution of manufactures and miscellaneous and forwarder traffic (C.L.) traffic and revenue. (1948 - 1965)
LC Call Number: HE2355.A284
LC Catalog Record: 1948-1952
LC Catalog Record: 1953-1965
Carload waybill statistics. Distribution of freight traffic and revenue average by commodity class and rate territories. (1948 - 1966)
LC Call Number: HE2355.A287
LC Catalog Record: a60009923

Cases and Opinions of the Interstate Commerce Commission. (Reported and Unreported)
LC Call Number: HE2708 .I85 v345 (1973-1976) and v353 (1976-1977), v354 Finance Reports (1977-1979)
LC Call Number: HE2708 .I851 1927 Cases covering 1887 - 1927
LC Catalog Record: 27027652
LC Call Number: HE2708.I8512 1957-1962 Cases involving Finance
LC Catalog Record: 66034444
LC Call Number: HE2708.I8515 Unreported Cases. Two volume Index Digest covering cases 1909 - 1913 (some cases until 1915). Volumes covering Reparations 1 - 113 and 213 - 365. Decisions volumes covering 1912 (A1) - 1915 (A1064)
LC Catalog Record: 19005013
LC Call Number: HE2708 .I853 1913 Covers cases 1887 - 1913
LC Catalog Record: 27014956

Circulars. United States Railroad Administration.
LC Call Number: HE2708.R3 A34 Circular no. 1-128.
LC Catalog Record: 46035811
LC Call Number: HE2708.R3 A37 Division of Finance and Purchases. Circular no. 1-6.
LC Catalog Record: 46028900
LC Call Number: HE2708.R3 A4 Division of Law. Circular no. 1-56.
LC Catalog Record: 46029283
LC Call Number: HE2708.R3 A42 Division of liquidation claims. Circular no. 1-11.
LC Catalog Record: 46035812
LC Call Number: HE2708.R3 A45 Division of Transportation. Circular no. 1-9.
LC Catalog Record: 46036249
LC Call Number: HE2708.R3 A45 Division of Operation. Circular no. 1-33.
LC Catalog Record: 46036249
LC Call Number: HE2708.R3 A46 Accounting Circular no. 1-164.
LC Catalog Record: 46036275
LC Call Number: HE2708.R3 A5 Division of Traffic. Circular no. 1-12.
LC Catalog Record: 46029279
See also United States Railroad Administration. [Documents] volumes 1 and 2 below.

Cochran, Thomas C. Railroad Leaders, 1845-1890: The Business Mind in Action. Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1953.
LC Call Number: HE2752 .C6
LC Catalog Record: 52009383

Part of Studies in Entrepreneurial History series, this title looks at the leaders and developers of the railroads and traces the history of one of America's first Big Business industries. While this title focuses on the people themselves, it does so in context of a few themes: labor, competition, innovation, customer, strategy, etc.

Davison, G.M. The Traveller's Guide Through the Middle and Northern States, and the Provinces of Canada. 8th ed. Saratoga Springs, G.M. Davison; New-York, S.S. & W. Wood, 1840.
LC Catalog Record: 01016166
Available online

Covers eastern seaboard, with steam and railroad miles, stops, etc. Several editions are also available via Google Books External Link.

Decisions of the United States Railroad Labor Board with addenda and interpretations. Washington : G.P.O., 1921-1926.
LC Call Number: HD5503 .A335
LC Catalog Record: 21026844
v.1 1920, v.2 1921, v.3 1922, v.4 1923, v.5 1924, v.6 1926

The U.S. Railroad Labor Board was created by the Transportation Act of 1920 with the power to issue non-binding proposals for the resolution of labor disputes and was required to periodically publish their decisions and related data. Each volume includes roughly the same types of materials -- Decisions, any Addenda, Interpretations and an Appendix. Some volumes (1921 at the time of this guide) may be available on the Internet Archives). A helpful index for some years was published, see Index-Digest of Decisions of United States Railroad Labor Board in this guide. HeinOnline contains Decisions of the United States Railroad Labor Board (Jan. 01, 1920- Dec. 31, 1925).

Edson, William D. Railroad Names : A Directory of Common Carrier Railroads Operating in the United States, 1826-1997. 4th ed. Potomac, Md. : W.D. Edson, c1999.
LC Call Number: HE2721 .E27 1999
LC Catalog Record: 99071098

Name changes of common carrier "steam" railroads. Totaling about 7300 listed railroads.

Edwards, E. J. "The Men Who Control the Nation's Railways." New York Times, June 27, 1909, p.SM7.

Written in 1909, this article gives a brief history of railroad development with an emphasis on the personalities that drove it, with particular attention to J. P. Morgan, J. J. Hill, William Rockefeller, George Gould, E. H. Harriman, and W. K. Vanderbuilt.

Flint, Henry M. The Railroads of the United States; Their History and Statistics Comprising the Progress and Present Condition of the Various Lines with their Earnings and Expenses. To Which are Added a Synopsis of the Railroad Laws of the United States, and an Article on the Comparative Merits of Iron and Steel Rails. Philadelphia, John E. Potter, 1868.
LC Call Number: HE2751 .F6
LC Catalog Record: 09017065

There is an interesting piece on how the railroads were built as of 1868 as well as a small piece on railroads in Russia. Obviously most of the item were focused on the railroads in the United States as of 1868 with smaller sections on specific directions (i.e. New York to the West, Chicago to the South, etc.) and specific lines (B&O, Pennsylvania Railroad, etc.). Also available on GoogleBooks.External Link

Freight Commodity Statistics, Class I Steam Railways in the United States for the Year Ended December 31 ... Interstate Commerce Commission, Bureau of Statistics. Washington, D.C. : The Bureau, 1924-
LC Call Number: HE2355.A3
LC Catalog Record: 41041827

This has reported data from railroad companies with over one million in revenue. The Library has 1924-1950, 1965 in folio size and years 1967 - 1976 in regular size.

The Freight Traffic Red Book. New York : Traffic Pub. Co.
LC Call Number: HE2355 .F7
LC Catalog Record: 21001898

This is an annual with information most people dealing with shipping freight would need. It includes rates for freight, mail, private car service, parcel post as well as information on tariffs, tariff rates, information on specific Congressional legislative acts, rules and regulations, etc. There is a nice description of the freight classifications used. The Library has 1920-1955.

Gerstner, Franz Anton, Ritter von. Early American railroads : Franz Anton Ritter von Gerstner's Die innern Communicationen (1842-1843); edited by Frederick C. Gamst ; translated by David J. Diephouse and John C. Decker. Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 1997.
LC Call Number: TA1023.G4713 1997
LC Catalog Record: 95026214

This is an English translation of a well-known comprehensive and detailed work on the development, construction, finance, and operation of early American railroads and canals that was originally commissioned by the Russian government seeking a model for their own rail network.

Guide to railroad historical resources, United States and Canada / compiled by Thomas T. Taber III. Muncy, Pa. (504 S. Main St., Muncy 17756) : T.T. Taber III, c1993.
LC Call Number: Z7235.U5 T32 1993
LC Catalog Record: 93187612
Also available online

Index-Digest of Decisions of United States Railroad Labor Board to May 1, 1922 (decisions nos. 1 to 949, inclusive); Washington, D.C., Railway accounting officers association [1922]
LC Call Number: HD5503 .A34 no. 1-949
LC Catalog Record: a 22001217

There are several parts to the Index. The major part is alphabetical by topic (ex. assignment of crews; foreman; minimum rates). There is also a index by Railroad Parties which lists all of the decisions that railroad was a party to as well as an index by organizations (usually various labor organizations) that lists the decisions that organization was party to.

Interstate Commerce Commission Activities, 1887-1937. Wash., 1937.
LC Call Number: HE2708 .I97
LC Catalog Record: unk82047556

Covers the history of the ICC from 1887 to 1937 with attention paid to particular divisions or functions like the Bureau of Statistics, Bureau of Traffic, Bureau of Accounts, Bureau of Valuation, Bureau of Service, Bureau of Finance, Bureau of Safety, etc. Includes organizational charts from 1899, 1911, and 1917 with individuals names.

Interstate Commerce Commission Activities, 1937-1962; Supplement to the 75th Annual Report. Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1962.
LC Call Number: HE2708 .I973
LC Catalog Record: 62061174

Covers the Commission activities from 1937 - 1962 and was a supplement to the 75th Annual Report. It has the same coverage as the volume that covered the years 1887 - 1937 but is organized differently. Includes two pull-out documents, one is an organization chart as of 1962 the other is a listing of names and tenures of Commissioners from 1887 - 1962.

Investigation of Railroads, Holding Companies, and Affiliated Companies. Washington, U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1940-
LC Call Number: HE2705.1940 .C32
LC Catalog Record: 40026367

This is Senate Report 1182 from the 76th Congress, 3rd Session and is 5 parts long. Each part has multiple chapters on specific topics.
Part 1 has some historical information relating the situation specifically about the combinations of the industry in the 19th century and the concept of "community of interest" and it's later collapse. There are specific mentions of Jay Gould and his collapse. There are also appendices relating to particular lines.
Part 2 Starts with a look at the Transportation Act of 1920 as well as a look at eastern railroads in 1920. There is information on the Ripley Report and the Commission's tentative plan (re the Ripley report) and the combinations and consolidations during the Commission's hearings.
Part 3 Looks at the first series of 4-party conferences as well as activities by the eastern systems from 1924-1926. This section has specific appendices regarding the Pennsylvania system, New York Central, and the Baltimore & Ohio.
Part 4 The first chapter is about the Van Sweringens and the Chesapeake & Ohio. The other chapters look at how the railroads "resort of self help," how the Loree's projected 5th system collapsed, how there is a second failure of the 4-party conference how the Commission invoked the Clayton Antitrust Act, how companies scramble in the wake of the Commissions action. The last chapter is specifically about the Commission's 1929 plan.
Part 5 talks specifically about how the Depression impacts railroads with specific attention paid to The Van Sweringens. There is also attention on the revival of the 4-party conferences, the 4 systems reading and agreement and their plan for the eastern region.
Done chronologically though the 1939 done by report/company. Other years as well.
LC Call Number: HE2705.1939 .C32
LC Catalog Record: 39026284
LC Call Number: HE2705.1941 .C32
LC Catalog Record: 41050115
LC Call Number: HE2705.1941 .C33
LC Catalog Record: 41046481

Klein, Maury. "Southern Railroad Leaders, 1865-1893: Identities and Ideologies" The Business History Review, Vol. 42, No. 3 (Autumn, 1968), pp. 288-310.

Attention is paid to the development of railroads in the south after the Civil War as well as the prominent men involved. Men mentioned: Edwin W Cole, John Screven, William Mahone, Robert R. Bridgers, John M. Robinson, William Wadley, James Guthrie, John P. King, etc. Klein has written many books relating to railroads including biographies of E.H. Harriman and Jay Gould and histories of the companies of Union Pacific and Louisville & Nashville.

"Largest Stockholders in the Leading Railroad Systems" Wall Street Journal, January 1, 1909, pp.1-2.

Names and values of the major holder of stock for the larges railroad companies as of 1909.

Low's Railway Directory. New York, E. R. Bennet & co. [18 ]
LC Call Number: HE2721 .L8
LC Catalog Record: 09032472

Even though this was published beginning in roughly 1858, Library only has 1861. It includes the names of the officers and directors, company head quarters as well as the start of the line, the destination, and number of miles.

Moody, John. The Railroad Builders; A Chronicle of the Welding of the State. New Haven, Yale University press; [etc., etc.] 1921.
LC Call Number: HE2751 .M6
LC Catalog Record: 22012160
LC Catalog Record: 75301836 (in our reference collection this is a 1919 edition)

This is an early title, tracks the roughly 100 years (to that date), looking at the history of the railroads. Specific attention is paid to Erie Railroad and some of the bigger names like Harriman, Hill, and Vanderbilt but there is also attention to railroad lines in the south, crossing the Appalachian's, and railroads along the Sana Fe trail. Copies available on Project Gutenberg External Link and GoogleBooks.External Link

Moody, John and George Kibbe Turner. "The Inevitable Railroad Monopoly" McClure's Magazine, vol. XXXVI, no 3 (January 1911), p334.

One part in a series titled "Masters of Capital in America," this article deals specifically with the development of the railway. The big names like Morgan, Harriman, Hill, Rockefeller, etc. are mentioned. It includes two nice charts one from data from 1906 about how interrelated the owners of the railroads were with mileage, stock, capitalization, and earnings information. The other chart illustrates how ownership by the public changed from stock to bonds from 1893 to 1906.

Office of the Commissioner of Railroads. Report to the Secretary of the Interior. Washington, Govt. Print. Off. [n.d.]
LC Call Number: HE2708 .C7
LC Catalog Record: 09014671

Annual report includes various statistics and other financial data for the agency and the railroads themselves. Covers the years 1878 - 1903

The Official Railway Equipment Register. New York : Railway Equipment and Publication Co.
LC Call Number: TF340 .O5
LC Catalog Record: sn 78005586

Monthly publication - the Library holds issues beginning in 1923. Covers the United States, Canada, and Mexico. "Showing by car number, the marked capacity, length, dimension, and cubical capacity of freight cars used to transport freight. Information presented by rail line.

Passenger Traffic Statistics (other than commutation) of Class 1 Steam Railways in the United States, Separated Between Coast Traffic and Parlor and Sleeping Car Traffic. Interstate Commerce Commission. Bureau of Transport Economics and Statistics. Washington, D.C.
LC Call Number: HE2708.I728
LC Catalog Record: a38001273

Covers passenger statistics. Library has in folio size 1938-1963.

Pfeiffer, David A. "Riding the Rails Up Paper Mountain: Researching Railroad Records in the National Archives." Prologue, Vol. 29, No. 1 (Spring 1997).
Available online External Link

Three part article that is written as an overview of National Archives material on the railroads with some explanation of what information is reported. Obviously there is material from the ICC like valuation records and accident records as well as other material like annual reports, patent application files, Railway Mission to Mexico, Reconstruction Finance Corporation Railroad Division, etc. This is the author of a more comprehensive guide "Guide to Railroad Records at the National Archives" on the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society.

The Pocket List of Railroad Officials. [Hightstown, NJ, etc. Primedia Information, etc.]
LC Call Number: HE2723 .P7
LC Catalog Record: 07041367

Covers the United States and is good for tracking executives and some employees. 1895-current.

The Pocket List of Railroad Officials. New York, N.Y., The Railway equipment and publication co., c1938-
LC Call Number: HE2723 .P72
LC Catalog Record: unk82084358

Information is by rail and by state. This is mostly for the United States but does include international listings. 1938 - current

Poor, Henry V. History of the Railroads and Canals of the United States of America. New York, A. M. Kelley, 1970.
LC Call Number: HE2721 .P7 1970
LC Catalog Record: 68056564

This is a reprint of an 1860 title that has history on the Progress, Cost, Revenues, expenditures and Present Condition on the states of: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

Preliminary Abstract of Railway Statistics (steam railways, Railway Express Agency, inc., and the Pullman Company) 1910/11-1953. Washington [U. S. Govt. Print. Off., etc.] [n.d.]
LC Call Number: HE2708.I7
LC Catalog Record: 12010009

This covers "common carriers" and includes a list of carriers by steam that are included and the organization is by District then by line/item. There is information, by line from the general balance sheet, income account, revenues, expenses. There is statistics by line on rail line operation for freight, passenger, mixed, and special as well as information on road operated at the close of the year. A separate chart looks at the specifics of the freight (grain, hay, tobacco, cotton, ores, livestock, lumber, sugar, etc.).
The Library has the years 1911 - 1933 in the standard size collection and 1935 - 1953 in folio size.

Railroad Abandonments, 1920-1943. Interstate Commerce Commission. Bureau of Transport Economics and Statistics, Washington, D.C., 1945.
LC Call Number: HE2751 .A53
LC Catalog Record: a45002412

This title is mostly analysis and discussion however, there are many informative tables and graphs. Section one is generally on abandonments, section two is denials of requests for abandonment, section three has discussion on the effect of abandonments on local communities. The Appendix is where the more detailed tables are located here are a few examples: Appendix Table C has number and miles of railroads abandonments by state; Appendix Table D has the number of miles by state by class (for Class I, II, and III); Appendix Table E has data for abandonments by cause; Appendix Table G is list of railroad abandonment for railroads operating over 500 miles.

Rail Road History. Railway and Locomotive Historical Society. Boston, 1921-
LC Call Number: TF1 .R22
LC Catalog Record: 73642261

Formerly known as the Bulletin, this publication has been published since 1921. Articles are on various topics and often include photographs and rail maps and are often about particular lines and particular lines in particular areas. Indexing: America: History and Life (print, also in EBSCO database), Historical Abstracts (print, also in EBSCO database), and Writing on American History.

Redfield & Campbell's American Railway Register. Indianapolis, Ind., Redfield & Campbell, 1867.
LC Call Number: HE2725 .R3
LC Catalog Record: ca09004080

This is an alphabetical list of railway stations on the American continent, including the principal cities, towns and villages of the United States, Canada, etc., with the names of roads on which each is situated, and distances from prominent points.

Regulation of Interstate Commerce. History of Bills and Resolutions Introduced in Congress Respecting Federal Regulation of Interstate Commerce by Railways, etc., from the Thirty-seventh Congress to the Sixty-second Congress, Inclusive, 1862-1913. Comp. by Samuel W. Briggs
LC Call Number: HE2751 .A7
LC Catalog Record: 13035357

There are three parts. Part 1 is a "History of bills and resolutions introduced in the Congress of the United States respecting the regulation of railway transportation from the Thirty-seventh Congress, second session, to the Fifty-eighth Congress, third session. Part 2 is a "History of bills and resolutions regarding safety on railroads, protection of employees, and settlement of controversies from the Thirty-ninth Congress, first session, to the Fifty-eighth Congress, second session. (Parts 1 and 2 were published as Exhibit N to the Report of the Senate Committee on Interstate Commerce, 1905) Part 3 is a "History of bills and resolutions introduced in Congress relative to the regulation of interstate commerce from the Fifty-ninth Congress, first session, to the Sixty-second Congress, third session.

Report of the Senate Select Committee on Interstate Commerce. 49th Cong., 1st sess. Washington : Govt. Print. Off., 1886.
LC Call Number: HE2705 1886 .C1
LC Catalog Record: ca30001446

This is a two volume set that is a general overview of the railroad system in the United States as of 1886. It is dated January 18, 1886 and the report number is 46. Part one includes powers of the Congress and the ICC over railroads, information on the state railroad commissioners, regulations over railroads, rates, and index to volume 1. Interesting discussions on the importance of the eastbound and westbound trunk lines as well as its relationship with agricultural commerce particularly cotton. Part 2 is testimony of various interested parties. This volume does include an index to the testimony.

Saunders Jr. , Richard. Main Lines : Rebirth of the North American Railroads, 1970-2002. DeKalb : Northern Illinois University Press, c2003.
LC Call Number: HE2751 .S338 2003
LC Catalog Record: 2003052711

This work looks at the time from 1970-2002 in railroad development. Attention is paid to CSX, Norfolk Southern, Conrail (rise and demise), Union Pacific, Burlington Northern, legislation like the Staggers Act, development of Amtrak, etc. Included is an extensive end notes section.

Stover, John F. American Railroads. 2nd ed. Chicago, Ill. : University of Chicago Press, 1997.
LC Call Number: HE2751.S7 1997
LC Catalog Record: 97000449
Table of Contents

This title is an account of the rise, decline, and rebirth of railroads in the United States including the vital part played by the railroads during the Civil War and the two World Wars and charts the railroads' decline due to the advent of air travel and trucking during the 1950s. This is an updated version of his 1967 title and includes two new chapters.

Stover, John F. The Railroads of the South, 1865-1900; A Study in Finance and Control. Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press [1955]
LC Call Number: HE2771.A13 S8
LC Catalog Record: 55013913

Stover has written many titles dealing with the history of the railroads including History of American Railroads, Iron Road to the West : American Railroads in the 1850s, histories of Baltimore & Ohio and Illinois Central. This title traces the history of railroads in the American south beginning in the 1850's but focusing on the years 1865-1900. Particular chapters include southern railroads during the war, as well as chapters on northern lines like the Pennsylvania Railroad and Illinois Central's intentions in the south.

The Traffic Bulletin. Chicago, Ill., The Traffic Service Bureau, began in 1913.
LC Call Number: HE2714 .T65
LC Catalog Record: 16016753

This is a weekly publication that according to the explanatory information from the publication is: "to inform the traffic man of the origin and development of freight rates, charges, rules and regulations, and second, to enable him to maintain a check on his tariff file, by listing all supplements to existing tariffs, all reissue of tariffs, and all new tariffs of carriers filing their rates with the Interstate Commerce Commission…." Library's collection begins with volume 1 from 1913 and continues to get copies.

Decisions Railway Board of Adjustment. United States Railroad Administration.
LC Call Number: HE2708.R3 A58 Multiple volumes covering January 1919 - March 1920. Board 1.
LC Catalog Record: 20026087
LC Call Number: HE2708.R3 A6 Board 2.
LC Catalog Record: 46035716
LC Call Number: HE2708.R3 A62 Board 2 and 3
LC Catalog Record: 46035717
See also United States Railroad Administration. [Documents] volume 5.1 below.

United States Railroad Administration. [Documents]
LC Call Number: HE2708.R3 A15
LC Catalog Record: unk82002946

This is a compiled collection of circulars from the various agencies of the United States Railroad Administration. Since this set may not be complete there are alternate sources for the items as many of them are contained in other areas of the collection. No attempt has been made to compile a listing of all of the individual circulars, however, the tab sections that represent various Divisions, Sections, and Departments have been noted for each volume. Some tabs have more circulars than others so this may not be a complete collection. The documents are from various dates but date roughly from 1919 - 1920.

1. Division of Public Service and Accounting, Division of Public Service, (sections: Short Time Section), Division of Purchases, ( sections: Central Advisor Purchasing Committee, Forest Products Section, Procurement Section, Stores Section, Division of Traffic), Division of Traffic, Board of Railroad Wages & Working Conditions, exports Control Committee, Division of Law (sections: Claims & Property Protection), Auditors Office, Division of Capital Expenditures, Division of Finance & Purchases (sections: Fire Loss & Protection Service, Marine Insurance, Treasurers Office), Division of Inland Waterways, Division of Labor (sections: Railway Boards of Adjustment, Women's Service. See Circulars above.

2. Division of Operations sections: Car Repair, Car Service, Car Service Bulletins, Fuel Conservation, Health & Medical Relief Committee, Marine Section, Mechanical Department, Operating Statistics Section, Safety, Secret Service & Police, and Troop Movement. See Circulars above.

3. Report to the President for 1918 and 1920. Documents relating to the Report to the President from the various Divisions: Capital Expenditures Division, Division of Inland Waterways Division of Labor, Division of Operation, Bureau of Suggestions & Complaints, Division of Public Service, Division of Purchases, Central Coal Committee, Board of Railway Wages & Working Conditions, Allegheny Region, Central Western Region, Eastern Region, Pocahontas Region, Southern Region, and Southwestern Region.

4. This volumes has specific Bulletin's by number and covers 1 - 13 (number 1 is called a circular). Bulletin 4 is "Public Acts, Proclamations by the President Relating to the United States Railroad Administration, and General Orders and Circulars issued by Directory of Railroads to July 1, 1918 there is a revision of this which has the same title but has the dates to December 31, 1918 and another revision to February 29, 1920. Bulletin 10 has the "Decision of Railway Boards of Adjustment Nos. 1, 2, and 3" to December 31, 1918. Bulletin 11 has the Circulars and Bulletins issued for the year 1918 and looks to be the full text. See record for United States Railroad Administration. Bulletin.

5.1. This contains just Bulletin 10 "Decision of Railway Boards of Adjustment Nos. 1, 2, and 3" to December 31, 1918. See Decisions Railway Board of Adjustment above.

6. volume 6 is not on shelf

7. This volume contains a series of booklets on individual states agricultural and various livestock opportunities in the various states. This series was produced by the U.S. Railroad Administration Agricultural Section in roughly 1920. Also referred to as the Agricultural Series.

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