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   Issue 19/20, Spring 2014
Steam engine of the Grand Canyon Railroad, circa 1980 and 2006

Periodicals & Other Journals

This section is devoted to the publications of general news and current events for the railroad industry, as well as the publications produced by the various unions whose members were employed by the railroads in various capacities. Most of the sources are American but a few are international and are included because they do cover the United States.

Due to the sheer variety I have not included many sources that may be of particular interest. Not included are journals for the various railroad lines like the Norfolk and Western Magazine (TF1.N7), Baltimore and Ohio Magazine (TF1.B3), and the Erie Railroad Magazine (TF1.E7).

BERA - Business & Economics Research Advisor - A Quarterly Guide to Business & Economics Topics

Issue 19/20: Spring 2014
Updated: Spring 2018

RAILROADS: Historical Research Sources at the Library of Congress

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Caption (image left):
Steam engine of the Grand Canyon Railroad.
    Carol Highsmith, photographer.
From the Carol M. Highsmith Archive
Library of Congress
Prints and Photographs Division
Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-highsm-15602

Also not included are official proceedings of various clubs like The New York Railroad Club (TF1.N6) or the proceedings of the New England Railroad Club (TF1.N5). Many of these publications can be found by searching our online catalog.

American Railroad Journal. San Marino, Calif., Golden West Books.
LC Call Number: TF1 .A33
LC Catalog Record: 65027039
LC Catalog Record: sv89092222

v.1-v.74 (1832-1900) are on microfiche and some of the title is available in the subscription database American Periodicals from the Center for Research Libraries.

Bulletin. Railway and Locomotive Historical Society. Boston, 1921-
LC Call Number: TF1 .R22
LC Catalog Record: a22001212

Library has holdings from 1921-2004. The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society is devoted to railroad history and is devoted to promoting research and encourages preservation of documentation and photography of business history, finance, labor history, and biography as well as technology. This publication is an avenue for writers to publish on various topics of interest.

International Railway Journal: IRJ. [New York, N.Y. : Simmons-Boardman Pub. Co.,
LC Call Number: TF1 .I626
LC Catalog Record: 66099116

Library has issues beginning in 1961 until is ceased in 1998.

The Journal of the Switchmen's Union of North America. Omaha, Neb. : Switchmen's Union of North America
LC Call Number: HD6350.R4.S8
LC Catalog Record: 45029638

The Library has issues from 1903-1951.

Locomotive Engineers Journal. Cleveland, Ohio : Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers,
LC Call Number: HD6350.R32 B8
LC Catalog Record: 49033331

Library has issues from1867-1959 (incomplete from 1869-1873) under slightly variant titles.

Locomotive Firemen's Magazine. Terre Haute [Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, etc., etc.] -1900.
LC Call Number: HD6350.R35 B8
LC Catalog Record: ca08001091

Prior to 1912, it was known as Firemen's Magazine, the Library has copies from 1882-1963.

Modern Railroads. [Chicago, Watson Publications]
LC Call Number: TF1 .M57
LC Catalog Record: 49025558

Also known as MR, Modern Railroads Rail Transit or Modern Railroads Rail Transit, the Library has issues from 1945 to 1991.

Railroad Gazette. New York, Railroad Gazette.
LC Call Number: TF1 .R2
LC Catalog Record: sf82007037

This title continue Western Railroad Gazette and was published Apr. 2, 1870-May 29, 1908. It was continued by the merger of Railway Age and Railroad Age Gazette. The Library's holdings for these titles begin in 1871 and some digitized versions of this are found in HathiTrust. For more information on the title see the entry for Railway Age.

The Railroad Trainman. [Cleveland, etc.] Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen [n.d.]
LC Call Number: HD6350.R45 R4
LC Catalog Record: 49036778

Library has issues from 1884-1948. The articles published were of interest to railroad workers.

The Railroad Worker; Official Organ of the American Federation of Railroad Workers. [Chicago, International Association of Car Workers, 1907-
LC Call Number: HD6350.R25 R3
LC Catalog Record: ca08003082

This is the news publication of the union. Library has issues from 1907-1930.

The Railroad Workers Journal. [Buffalo, Railroad yardmasters of North America, inc., 1940-]
LC Call Number: HD6350.R48 R55
LC Catalog Record: 44013079

Library holdings cover the years 1940-1947 and articles are of interest to railroad yardmasters/workers. Continued by Railroad Yardmaster.

The Railroad Yardmaster. Park Ridge, Ill. [etc.] Railroad Yardmasters of America.
LC Call Number: HD6350.R48 R553
LC Catalog Record: 56039691

This is an association publication and is the official journal of Railroad Yardmasters of America. Library holdings under this call number cover 1951-1962. Articles are of interest to railroad yardmasters/workers.

Railway Age. Bristol, Conn. : Simmons-Boardman, 1918-
LC Call Number: TF1 .R2
LC Catalog Record: sf82007036

Also, known by Railroad Gazette and Railway Age Gazette, this title has been published since 1870 and the Library's collection begins in 1871. In older articles vary from general business to schematics on particular types of cars, design for railway stations, traffic news and statistics, news on executives, construction, etc. The Railway Financial News Section often included information from annual reports of individual companies. In the newer volumes most articles were of a similar nature though layout often changed. Their Industry Indicators section gave statistics on traffic, accident/incident, and ridership. In the September 2006 the magazine ran a series of articles relating to the Sesquicentennial that looked at the 150 years that the magazine had been publishing that was an interesting snapshot of railroad history and developments. Print volumes also include an Author Index and a General Index for the year. Indexing: Railway Age Gazette in Industrial Arts Index volumes 1 - 5 (1913 - 1917); Railway Age volumes 7-45 (1918 - 1957) in Industrial Arts Index; Railway Age in Business Periodicals Index volumes from 1958; and Biography Index volumes 1946 - 1958 and 1964 - 1967. Industrial Arts Index and Business Periodicals Index are print but also in the database Applied Science and Business Periodicals Retrospective.

Railway Carmen's Journal. Kansas City, Mo., Brotherhood Railway Carmen of the United States and Canada.
LC Call Number: HD6350.R25 R5
LC Catalog Record: 08001083

Library has issues from 1899-1996 but issues from 1968-1981 are incomplete.

The Railway Clerk. [Rosemont, Ill., Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express and Station Employees]
LC Call Number: HD6350.R28 R3
LC Catalog Record: 48027202

This union is also known as the Brotherhood of Railway, Airline, and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express, and Station Employees. The title was later known as Railway Clerk Interchange and Interchange. The Library has issues for the years 1918, 1942, 1944-2004 though the later years are incomplete.

Railway Conductor's Monthly. Elmira, N.Y. : Order of Railway Conductors, 1884-
LC Call Number: HD6350.R3 R3
LC Catalog Record: 55019665

Also known as Railway Conductor in print from 1899 (v16) -1953 and under the title Conductor & Brakeman from 1954-1963 (v80). The Library also has this title in microfilm.

Railway Engineer. London, England: Railway Engineer
LC Call Number: TF1.R47
LC Catalog Record: sv92089049

The Library has the years 1880-1935. The audience for this publication are those concerned with the design, construction, maintenance of railroad, bridges and structures, signaling, and locomotives. Volumes have an index.

The Railway Gazette. London: Railway Gazette
LC Call Number: TF1.R5
LC Catalog Record: 98657282

The Library's collection covers 1912-2006 under the various titles of Transport and Railroad Gazette, Railway Gazette and Railway News, and Railway Gazette International. This publication is a general interest publication from the UK but does include articles on activity the United States. It is a journal of railway management, engineering, operation and news.

Railway Journal. [Detroit] Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees.
LC Call Number: HD6350.R43 B7
LC Catalog Record: 77649108

Also known as Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Journal and BMWE Journal. Library has issues from 1915-1987 with some years as a folio (1915-1918). Articles cover topics of interest for railway workers like wages, conditions, etc.

Railway Journal. Chicago, Faithorn Co.
LC Call Number: TF1 .R53
LC Catalog Record: ca13000811
The Library has issues from 1910-1913.

Railway Master Mechanic. New York [etc.] Simmons-Boardman Pub. Co. [etc.]
LC Call Number: TF1 .R6
LC Catalog Record: ca18000268
The Library has issues from 1886-1918.

Railway Review. Chicago: Railway Review.
LC Call Number: TF1 .R4
LC Catalog Record: 15020053

The Library has holdings from 1880-1926. This is a continuation of Railway & Engineering Review and is a more railroad general news with a focus on the durable structures design, operation, and maintenance. Articles are of a general news interest. They do run an annual chart of the cars and locomotives purchased (for example in the January 3, 1914 they looked at 2013) which included an alphabetical by purchaser: number purchased, type, capacity, body type, underframe, draft trig., truck, and builder. Each volume should have an index but this title and under both names is selectively indexed in the database Applied Science & Business Retrospective for the years 1913 to 1926.

Railway Signaling and Communications. Chicago: Simmons-Boardman Publishing Co.
LC Call Number: TF1.R66
LC Catalog Record: sv89015002
Library has issues from 1909-1970.

Railway Times. Boston, Mass. : Robinson & Co., 1849-
LC Catalog Record: sf89092269
LC Catalog Record: sf89092271
LC Catalog Record: sf88091331

Also known as American Railway Times. The Library's holdings are mostly in microfilm but cover roughly 1849-1872. All aspects of railroads were covered, from the construction of the railroad cars to the economics of the railroad business-articles dealt with iron and steel processing, new equipment and methods, railroad safety, construction of rails, bridges, and tunnels, and the problems of various railroads. In addition, timetables of various railways were published. American Railway Times 1849 - 1859 and Railway Times from 1860 - 1872 are full text in the database American Periodical Series.

Railway World. Philadelphia
LC Call Number: TF1.R68
LC Catalog Record: sv 89096465

Library has issues from 1875-1915 in print but also have microform holdings. It is general news on companies, financial information on companies, industry, goods transported, etc. and has an international coverage with strong coverage of North America. A regular article is the "Official List of Purchasing Agents" with the railroad name, agent name, residence.

The Signalman's Journal. Mt. Prospect, Ill., Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen of America.
LC Call Number: HD6350.R39 S5
LC Catalog Record: 37013636
Library has issues from 1920-2004.

United Railroad Employees. Newark, N.J. : Railroad Employee Publishing Co.
LC Call Number: HD6350.R1 R3
LC Catalog Record: 08011185

Library has issues from 1899-1942 referred to as Railroad Employee there are issues in folio from 1919-1921 and under the United Railroad Employees title from 1943-1952. The masthead from 1939 says: Journal of Railroad Veteranism and Official Publication of United Associations of Railroad Veterans, Lackawanna Veterans' Association, New England Association of Railroad Veterans, Central Railroad of N.J. Veterans' Association, Lehigh Vale Railroad Veterans' Association, Ontario & Western Ry. Veterans' Association, Lehigh and Hudson River Ry, Veterans' Association, Lehigh and New England R.R. Veterans' Association.

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Indexing services are the primary way to access many of the historical articles found in trade literature. Included below are many of the standard and relevant indexing titles. While many of the below indexes are available in electronic format, these print indexes may be more widely accessible.

Historical abstracts. [Santa Barbara, Calif., etc., American Bibliographical Center-Clio Press, etc.]
v. 1-16; Mar. 1955-Dec. 1970
LC Call Number: D299 .H5
LC Catalog Record: 56056304
Vol. 17, no. 1 (spring 1971)-vol. 51, no. 4 (2000)
LC Call Number D299 .H512
LC Catalog Record: Part A, Modern history abstracts, 1775-1914
LC Call Number: D299 .H513
LC Catalog Record: Part B, Twentieth century abstracts, 1914-2000

Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature. Minneapolis : H.W. Wilson Co., 1905-
LC Call Number: AI3 .R48
LC Catalog Record: 06008232
Dates: 1900- (see Database section of this guide - Readers' Guide Retrospective)

Business Periodicals Index. New York, H.W. Wilson Co.
LC Call Number: Z7164.C81 B983
LC Catalog Record: 58012645
Dates: 1958- (see Database section of this guide - Applied Science and Business Periodicals Retrospective)

Industrial Arts Index. White Plains, N.Y. : H.W. Wilson, 1914-1958.
LC Call Number: Z7913 .I7
LC Catalog Record: 2001201675
Dates: 1913-1957 (see Database section of this guide - Applied Science and Business Periodicals Retrospective)

F & S Index United States Annual. Information Access Company. Foster City, Calif., U.S.A. : The Company, c1994-
LC Call Number: Z7165.U5 F23
LC Catalog Record: 94657040
Also known as Funk & Scott Index of Corporations & Industries. Dates: 1960-

Bulletin of the Public Affairs Information Service; Annual Cumulation. New York [etc.] Public Affairs Information Service.
LC Call Number: Z7163 .P9
LC Catalog Record: 16000920
Dates: 1915- (see Database section of this guide - PAIS)

Poole's Index to Periodical Literature. Rev. ed. New York, P. Smith, 1938.
LC Call Number: AI3 .P7 1938
LC Catalog Record:
Dates: coves the 19th century. (see Database section of this guide - 19th Century Masterfile)

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