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   Issue 23, Spring 2015

The Largest still in captivity. Lt. O.T. Davis, Sergt. J.D. McQuade, George Fowler of Internal Revenue Service and H.G. Bauer with the largest still ever taken in the national capitol and bottles of liquor.

Temperance Movement & Prohibition

The Temperance movement and Prohibition had a major impact on the alcoholic beverage industry in both the short and long term. Prohibition was not just about the 18th and 21st amendments - it has a much longer history. It is important to know the people and groups on both sides of the Prohibition and the earlier Temperance movement, so books by and about the some of the people and organization have been included. There is a sampling of the pamphlets, propaganda, and other materials but more of this type of literature - including publications from individual state organizations -can be found by searching the catalog.

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Issue 23: Spring 2015

Alcoholic Beverage Industry: Historical Resources at the Library of Congress

Table of Contents

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Temperance Movement & Prohibition
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Image (left): The Largest still in captivity.
1922 Nov. 11.
Repository: LC Prints and Photographs Division

One thing to note is that even during Prohibition there still were some alcoholic beverages being produced. Several distillers were granted a permit to continue operations during Prohibition for medicinal purposes in Title II, sections 6 and 7 of the Volstead Act (Pub.L. 66-66; ch. 83, 41 Stat. 305-323) and wine was still produced for religious reasons. Of course "entrepreneurs" did not hesitate to take advantage of these loopholes and those charged with enforcement on the federal, state, and local officials confiscated much alcohol. Among many issues they had to contend with bad and even poisonous liquor produced by unscrupulous bootleggers and sellers who diluted and sold bad alcohol. Because there was quite a bit written on the testing of confiscated liquor to determine purity, a few items around this topic have been included.

Lastly, search the Library's web page. It is a way to search for topics as well as on individuals and groups to find photographs, letters, audio recordings, and other material buried inside of larger collections that may otherwise not be an obvious source. For example the Clara Barton papers have material related to the National Women's Christian Temperance Union and there are letters in the papers of Abraham Lincoln from representatives from various Temperance unions. There are individual photographs of people like Frances E. Willard and photographs and other architectural information about her house which are part of the Historic American Building Survey. There are even audio recordings like "Save a little dram for me", "Goodbye booze", and "Dinnie Donohue, on Prohibition".


  General Information & History     People & Groups – Pro     People & Groups – Anti


General Information & History

Behr, Edward. Prohibition : Thirteen Years that Changed America. 1st North American ed. New York : Arcade Pub. ; [Boston] : Distributed by Little, Brown and Co., c1996.
LC Call Number: HV5089 .B424 1996
LC Catalog Record: 96024063

General historical overview of the Prohibition years with a look at the women, places, and groups that became a part of the story of that period.

Blocker, Jack S. "Did Prohibition Really Work? Alcohol Prohibition as a Public Health Innovation." American Journal of Public Health, v. 96, (February 2006): 233-243.

This has a general historical perspective of Prohibition and contains an extensive bibliography.

Coffey, Thomas M. The Long Thirst : Prohibition in America, 1920-1933. New York : Norton, [1975]
LC Call Number: HV5089 .C66
LC Catalog Record: 75017816

This is a history of Prohibiton when an emphasis on the characters involved. People mentioned: William Jennings Bryan, Methodist Bishop James Cannon, Jr., Al Capone, John 'Bathhouse' Coughlin, Isidore 'Izzy' Einstein and his partner 'Moe' Smith, Larry Fay, 'Texas' Guinan, President Warren G. Harding, Michael 'Hinky Dink' Kenna, Captain William McCoy, Jack 'Machine Gun' McGurn, George 'Bugs' Moran, Dion O'Banion, George and Imogene Remus of Cincinnati, Mrs. Pauline Morton Sabin, 'Dutch' Schultz, New York Governor Alfred E. Smith, William Hale 'Big Bill' Thompson, Chicago Mayor Johnny Torrio, Wayne Bidwell Wheeler of the Anti-Saloon League, Mrs. Mabel Walker Willebrandt, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Cummins, Hugh S. "And How it Kills." Ladies' Home Journal v 1940, (May 1923): 9.

This is an article written to go with another in that issue "Bootleg Liquor" by A.B. McDonald. This is a more scientific article on poisons or other materials used to create some bootleg liquor.

Damrau, Frederic. "The Truth about Poison Liquor." Popular Science Monthly, v 111, (April 1927): 17.

A contemporary article written to clarify the government mandates (denatured alcohol formulas) for industrial alcohol and how that alcohol ends up being used to make bootlegged liquor. Related to "Appendix to Regulations No. 61, Formulae for Completely and Specially Denatured Alcohol" which set formulae for manufacturers of industrial alcohol to use in order to make the alcohol they sell undrinkable.

Feldman, Herman. Prohibition; its Economic and Industrial Aspects. New York, London, D. Appleton and Company, 1927.
LC Call Number: HV5089 .F45
LC Catalog Record: 27024758

This is a book written during Prohibition looking at the economic and industrial impacts of the law. There is discussion about the consumption and purchasing power as well as production. Other areas are discussed including the high cost of crime, the possible increases of automobile accidents, long term effects, impact on hotels, conventions, and real estate values since Prohibition began.

Free, E. E. "Where America Gets Its Booze." Popular Science Monthly, v 16, no. 5, (May 1930): 19.

Contemporary article based on an interview with Dr. James M. Doran head of the Industrial Alcohol and Chemical Division of the Prohibition Unit one and author of The Problem and Policy of Prohibition.

Funderburg, J. Anne. Bootleggers and Beer Barons of the Prohibition Era. Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 2014.
LC Call Number: HV5089 .F88 2014
LC Catalog Record: 2014007937

This book is an account of the illegal liquor traffic during the Prohibition Era based on FBI files, legal documents, old newspapers and other sources.

McDonald, AB. "Bootleg Liquor" Ladies' Home Journal, v 1940, May 1923: 8.

This is an article written to go with another in that issue "And How it Kills" by Hugh S. Cummins. This is more of an investigative story into bootleg liquor. The author visits several cities Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York purchasing and testing the liquor that is sold.

McLoud, Norman C. "Poisons that Lurk in Bootleg Booze." Popular Science Monthly, v 16, no. 5, September 1925: 41.

Article that looks at what, other than alcohol, was in some bootleg liquore including those materials that may be poisonous to humans.

Merz, Charles. The Dry Decade. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, Doran, 1931.
LC Call Number: HV5089 .M53
LC Catalog Record: 31003604

This is a history of Prohibition written in what ended up being the last years of Prohibition. There is a chapter on Temperance history before World War I, as well as chapters on more contemporary topics like the law, enforcement of the law, propaganda, the rise of organized opposition, and the situation in 1930.

Minnick, Fred. Whiskey Women: The Untold Story of How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish Whiskey. [Dulles, Virginia] : Potomac Books, an imprint of the University of Nebraska Press, [2013]
LC Call Number: HD9395.A2 M56 2013 OVERFLOWA5S
LC Catalog Record: 2013024346

This book tells the story of how women have been involved in the industry from Mesopotamia to America's bootleggers during Prohibition, and were part of building brands, including Bushmills, Laphroaig, and Maker's Mark.

Nelson, Derek. Moonshiners, Bootleggers & Rumrunners. Osceola, WI : Motorbooks International, 1995.
LC Call Number: HJ5021 .N44 1995
LC Catalog Record: 95005913

Contains historical information as well as a significant amount of pictures. Presents the history and organization/structure of bootlegging and moonshiners. There are also stories of people and places and government actions. Very pictorial.

Okrent, Daniel. Last Call : The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. First Scribner hardcover ed. New York : Scribner, 2010.
LC Call Number: HV5089 .O47 2010
LC Catalog Record: 2009051127

This is a general history on Prohibition and its demise. It begins with the Temperance Movement and moves to Prohibition looking at enforcement and illegal activity. It also looks at the ongoing battle between wet v. dry and ends with the drive to end Prohibition and its eventual demise.

Pegram, Thomas R. Battling Demon Rum : The Struggle for a Dry America, 1800-1933. Chicago : Ivan R. Dee, c1998.
LC Call Number: HV5292 .P44 1998
LC Catalog Record: 98015875

This is a history of the move toward Prohibition looking at those that fought for it. It isn't as much a timeline as a study of those people and forces that pushed the movement forward. It begins long before the movement - especially when it really started gained steam after the Civil War. It looks at some of the significant events and people - Frances Williard and the WCTU, the energetic advocacy during the Progressive Era, the Anti-Saloon League, as well as the politics of Prohibition. There is one chapter on the end of Prohibition and some of the people and organizations that played a role in that.

Prohibition in Washington D.C.: How Dry We Weren't

This is a lecture by Garrett Peck on October 26, 2011 on how Washington, D.C. was far from a model dry city.

Popular Science Monthly. New York : McClure, Phillips and Co., 1900-1950.
LC Call Number: AP2 .P8
LC Catalog Record: 01008317

This publication is good for looking at the scientific end of Prohibition and is written for a broader audience. Included are articles like "Poisons that Lurk in Bootleg Booze," "Millions of Americans are Slowly Committing Suicide," and "The Truth about Poison Liquor."
"Results of Prohibition (A Selected Bibliography)." Journal of the American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology, vol. 17, no. 2, (Aug. 1926): 283-297.

This bibliography is grouped along positional lines - neutral, for, against - and as it was done at the time, is an interesting window into published literature created during Prohibition. It also includes articles, source on the economic and social effects. There are reference to some discussions in the Congressional Record.

Schmeckebier, Laurence Frederick. The Bureau of Prohibition, its History, Activities, and Organization. Washington, The Brookings institution, 1929.
LC Call Number: HV5089 .S3
LC Catalog Record: 29017566

The historical coverage in this title includes Prohibition but also traces its history to before World War I. There are appendix sections for outline of organization, classification of activities, publications, laws, a bibliography. This book has been digitized and is on the Internet Archive.

Selected Articles on Prohibition of the Liquor Traffic, comp. by Lamar T. Beman ... White Plains, N.Y., New York city, The H.W. Wilson company, 1915.
LC Call Number: H69.D5 B4
LC Catalog Record: unk83001527
Digitized version External Link
Digitized version from HathiTrust External Link

This was written before Prohibition but well into the movement that eventually was successful in getting the 18th Amendment passed. It includes a bibliography of pamphlets, speeches, and articles.

Selected Articles on Prohibition, Modification of the Volstead law, compiled by Lamar T. Beman . New York, The H.W. Wilson company, 1924.
LC Call Number: HV5089 .B47
LC Catalog Record: 25004197
Digitized versionExternal Link

Written 4 years after Prohibition took affect it includes a write-up and bibliography. It looks at the physiological, economic, and social results of alcohol. Some of this is an expansion on his 1915 title also included. There is also a brief write up and bibliography of the Prohibition movement, the law, enforcement of the law, arguments for, and arguments against.

Sinclair, Andrew. Prohibition, the Era of Excess. With a pref. by Richard Hofstadter. [1st ed.] Boston, Little, Brown [1962]
LC Call Number: HV5089 .S56
LC Catalog Record: 62008071

This is a general history of Prohibition from its roots to going dry, and through to repeal.

Warburton, Clark. The Economic Results of Prohibition. New York, 1932.
LC Call Number: HV5089 .W2 1932
LC Catalog Record: 32034488

This title looks at the economic aspects and effects of Prohibition. It looks to estimate consumption by looking at death rates and production numbers as well as expenditures related to it both before and during Prohibition. Other areas of interest include: industrial efficiency, public health and safety, and effect on economic groups (wage earners, producers, etc.).

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People & Groups – Pro

American Prohibition Year Book. Chicago: Prohibition National Committee
LC Call Number: HV5286 .A7
LC Catalog Record: x 01031405
1910 example External Link

Holdings 1901, 1902, 1904 1907-1911. This was a factbook and Worker's Manual.

American Temperance Society. Report. Andover [etc.] 18--
LC Call Number: HV5287 .A53
LC Catalog Record: ca 09001249

Holdings: 1827-1836. These are single bound annual reports for the American Temperance Society.

American Temperance Society. Permanent Temperance Documents of the American Temperance Society. Boston, S. Bliss; New York, J. P. Haven; [etc., etc.] 1835.
LC Call Number: HV5287 .A513 and HV5287 .A512
LC Catalog Record: 36024116

This is a single volume that contains the annual reports for the American Temperance Society for the years 1831 (4th annual report) though 1835.

Carrie Nation

Image (above): Carrie Nation
Bain News Service, publisher
Repository: LC Prints and Photographs Division

American Temperance Union. Annual Report. Philadelphia [etc.] 18
LC Call Number: HV5287 .A55
LC Catalog Record: ca09001251

Holdings 1838-1840m 1842, 1855, 1856, 1859. Imaged copies of additional years available the HathiTrust link in the catalog record.

Anti-Saloon League of America. Proceedings...Annual Convention of the Anti-Saloon League of America ... Washington, D.C. [etc., 1895-]
LC Call Number: HV5287 .A6
LC Catalog Record: 06007440

Holdings 1895-1916. Proceedings of the convention held by the Anti-Saloon League of America.

The Anti-Saloon League Year Book; An Encyclopedia of Facts and Figures Dealing with the Liquor Traffic and the Temperance Reform. Columbus [and] Chicago, The Anti-Saloon League of America [1908]
LC Call Number: HV5286 .A8
LC Catalog Record: w09000033

Holdings 1908-1933. This is a compilation of facts, figures, and other information, as well as a year in review of the activities and progress. For the years leading up to Prohibition they had coded maps of the wet v. dry counties.

Banks, Louis Albert, comp. Ammunition for Final Drive on Booze. New York and London, Funk & Wagnalls company, 1917.
LC Call Number: HV5089 .B25
LC Catalog Record: 17024512

A collection of articles and speeches that could be used by proponents of Prohibition.

A Brief History of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union : Outline Course of Study for Local Unions. 2nd ed. Evanston, Ill. : The Union Signal, c1907.
LC Call Number: HV5227 .S8
LC Catalog Record: 07011008
Digitized version

This title is a history that goes back to the 1870's and looks at the organizations in the states and the organization itself. It also includes a required readings section which would be good for understanding the organization and the wider Temperance Movement.

Doty, Boyd P., comp. Prohibition Quiz Book; vexing questions about prohibition asked and answered, why let the wets bluff you? Be informed. [Westerville, Ohio, Printed by the American issue publishing company, 1929]
LC Call Number: HV5089 .D65 1929
LC Catalog Record: 31010014

This is a title created to help those pushing Prohibition and is affiliated with the Anti-Saloon League. A direct quote explains its purpose - “Prohibition depends upon an intelligent understanding of the reasons why it was adopted and why it should be maintained.”

Grace, Fran. Carry A. Nation : Retelling the Life. Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2001.
LC Call Number: HV5232.N3 G73 2001
LC Catalog Record: 00063252

This book takes readers on a chronological and geographical trip with Carry Nation. It begins in Kentucky and moves to Missouri, Texas, Kansas, the Oklahoma Territory, back to Kansas, Topeka, abroad, and then to Arkansas.

Guide to the Microfilm Edition of Temperance and Prohibition Papers / edited by Randall C. Jimerson, Francis X. Blouin, Charles A. Isetts ; [sponsored by] Michigan Historical Collections, Ohio Historical Society, Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Ann Arbor : University of Michigan, c1977.
LC Call Number: Z7721 .G84
LC Catalog Record: 78620743

This is a bibliography undertaken by the Ohio Historical Society, Michigan Historical Collections (University of Michigan), and the Women's Christian Temperance Union. For a better idea what is in the collection see below for the Temperance and Prohibition Papers.

Haynes, Roy. Prohibition Inside Out. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, Page & Company, 1923.
LC Call Number: HV5089 .H45
LC Catalog Record: 23014423

Digitized version External Link

The author, Roy Asa Haynes was United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in charge of Prohibition enforcement from 1920-1925 and this is his account of what the department was doing.

Jutkins, Andrew J. Hand-book of Prohibition [1884]. By A.J. Jutkins. Chicago [R.R. McCabe & co., printers] 1884.
LC Call Number: HV5286 .J8
LC Catalog Record: 10003877 and 1885
Digitized version External Link

This is a book not a serial so there are individual catalog records for both the 1885 and 1884 editions. Jutkins was the Corresponding Secretary for the National Prohibition Party and saw this book as a tool to use for those wanting to prohibit alcohol. It reported on the previous year's activities nationally and by state, particularly with regards to temperance legislation.

Richmond Pearson Hobson papers, 1889-1966
Finding aid

Hobson was a naval officer and United States representative from Alabama and was sometimes called "The Father of American Prohibition". The collection includes: correspondence, memoranda, speeches, lectures, articles, reports, notes, analyses, naval orders, press clippings, photographs, and other papers relating chiefly to his naval career and to his efforts on behalf of prohibition, restrictions on international drug trafficking, and opposition to the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration.

The National Temperance Almanac... [Boston?] [n.d.
LC Call Number: HV5286 .N25
LC Catalog Record: unk82070573

The only version in the Library is for 1936. It is quite similar to other almanacs with moon phase information. Also there is a state by state section with those government office/courts for those interested in agitating and petitioning to be used by advocates in their mission.

The National Temperance Almanac and Teetotaler's Year Book.New York, National Temperance Society and Publication House [n.d.]
LC Call Number: HV5286 .N3
LC Catalog Record: ca08002512

Holdings 1888-90, 1892, 1894-96, 1898, 1900. This mostly has statistical information, a list of related and relevant organizations and societies. HathiTrust has digitized version of the 1869 External Link edition. GoogleBook has the digitized version for 1900.External Link

National Temperance Society and Publication House, New York. Annual Report. New York, 18
LC Call Number: HV5287 .N3
LC Catalog Record: ca09001248

Holdings 1867-1912. This is a typical annual report with discussion of activities and events that happened in that year.

The Periscope. New York City, H. F. Fox [1925-31]
LC Call Number: HV5285 .P4
LC Catalog Record: 46037838

Holdings 1927-1931. This was a news publication that covered Prohibition enforcement and efforts to repeal or get around the laws.

Pamphlets on Prohibition in the United States.
LC Call Number: HV5089.Z9
LC Catalog Record: unk82079463

This is an 8 volume set that was created by binding up individual pamphlets from various sources. All of the pamphlets have their own record but use the same call number so there isn't just one record. Volumes are: 1-60, 61-103, 104-130, 131-192, 193-225 (oversize), 226-272, 273-290, and 291-327. Examples include: “Wet and dry map record of the United States; showing progress since 1893 the birth year of the Anti-saloon league” (number 106), “Present status of the American Anti-saloon league and the prospectus of the plans for the coming year, 1901” (number 11), “World-wide prohibition program; plans inaugurated by the conference of the Anti-saloon league of America, held in Columbus, Ohio, November 19-22, 1918” (number 12), “National German-American alliance and its allies - pro-German brewers and liquor dealers (190); a disloyal combination ...” (number 190), and [Statistics from the records of the police department of 32 important cities, 1920-1925] (211), etc.

Prints & Photographs

There are a number of photographs related to Prohibition and people including images of Al Capone, Carrie Nation, the activities of law enforcement like pouring out confiscated liquor, editorial cartoons, pro Temperance illustrations, etc. There is also a collection of whiskey labels between 1850-1870.

The Sailor's Temperance Almanac... Albany [n.d.]
LC Call Number: HV5286 .S3
LC Catalog Record: unk82097578

Holdings: 1836, 1837. Prepared and Published Under the Direction of the Executive Committee of the New York State Temperance Society. This is connected to the American Seaman's Friend Society which seems to be related to the Mariners' Church Gospel. This was a guide for those whose Temperance message was directed at sailors so the arguments and persuasive language were geared to them. There was information on the phases of the moon and even the declination of the sun as well as some statistics.

Scientific Temperance Journal. [Westerville, Ohio, The American Issue Publishing Company] [n.d.]
LC Call Number: HV5285 .S35
LC Catalog Record: ca24000286
Sample from 1919 External Link

Holdings 1920-1970 with a few from 1975-1977. This was a publication from the Temperance Education Foundation and Scientific Temperance Federation. It was international in scope and was less about the politics or the movement. Articles on alcoholism, the effects of alcohol on people; etc. It often included bibliographies of books and pamphlets that were published.

Songs of the Temperance Movement and Prohibition

This is an article on the music sung by the Temperance movement during the years leading up to and during Prohibition. It references the Library’s collections. There are other songs like Rye Whiskey performed by Frank Goodwyn ( and recorded by John and Ruby Lomax and other sheet music like Crooked Whiskey ( and King Whiskey (

Sons of Temperance of North America.Journal of Proceedings of the National Division. Philaelphia [etc.] 18
LC Call Number: HV5287.S7 A2
LC Catalog Record: ca09001246

Holdings 1844-1961. This is the proceedings from the conference/meeting with discussion of activities and events that happened in that year.

Taylor, Earl R. Massachusetts Temperance Societies' Publications : a bibliography of nineteenth-century materials held in the Boston Public Library, the American Antiquarian Society, and the Massachusetts Historical Society / Earl Taylor, Roberta Zonghi. New York : Garland Pub., 1984.
LC Call Number: Z7721 .T39 1984
LC Catalog Record: 82049125

The Temperance Almanac... Albany, New York State Temperance Society; [etc., etc., 1833?-]
LC Call Number: HV5286 .T4
LC Catalog Record: 22007577

Holdings 1834-1845. There is a copy from 1833 from the same organization under the call number HV5286 .T38 and most cover a month by month listing of the moon's phases as well as stories about the evils of liquor and drinking. Also included are other items that would be of assistance for those speaking on the evils of liquor like biblical sources and other facts. The 1833 version had even has a drawing of the “anatomy of a man's body” as governed by the 12 constellations, according to ancient astronomy and profiles of stereotypical drinkers. This is a very small title in page count and physical size. A 1934 version External Link has been digitized by the IUPUI University Library.

The Temperance Almanac, of the Massachusetts Temperance Union ... Boston [n.d.]
LC Call Number: HV5286 .T45
LC Catalog Record: unk83015117

Holdings include 1841-1843, 1845. This was printed by Whipple & Damrell and includes officer information as well as information on the phase of the moon. There is also a specific write up about particular liquors as well as the evils of the liquor and other things that might be useful for the Temperance advocate. The different years vary some in content.

Temperance Almanack ... Philadelphia [n.d.]
LC Call Number: HV5286 .T5
LC Catalog Record: unk83014551

This was printed by Uriah Hunt and we hold a single issue from 1835. It is very similar to the 1833 version of the Almanac from the New York State Temperance Society with a lot of attention paid to the moon cycles and includes some court information as well. This is a very small title in page count and physical size. The Internet Archive has the 1834 External Link and 1835 External Link digitized.

Temperance and Prohibition Papers [microform] / edited by Randall C. Jimerson, Francis X. Blouin, Charles A. Isetts. Columbus : Ohio Historical Society, 1977-
LC Call Number: Microfilm 21,284-149P
LC Catalog Record: 85891165

The finding aid for this title is above and both the microform and the finding aid are in the manuscript reading room. It looks at people (Ernest Hurst, Francis Scott, Howard Hyde, Thomas Justin Steuart), periodicals (American Issue, American Patriot, Union Signal, etc.), and organizations (Prohibition Party, WCTU, Intercollegiate Prohibition Association, Ohio anti-Salon League, DC Anti-Saloon League, General Counsel of the Anti-Saloon League of America; Scientific Temperance Federation, and World League Against Alcoholism.). This guide is also in the reference collection in the Manuscript Reading Room.

Union Signal. Chic., Evanston, [n.d.] : National Women's Christian Temperance Union
LC Call Number: HV5285.U6
LC Catalog Record: unk83021830

Holdings information 1903-1994 with incomplete but good holdings from the 1970's – 1990s. This is an official publication of the National Women's Christian Temperance Union. News and discussion of Temperance and the Prohibition written for White Ribboners – members of the Union.

United States. Bureau of Prohibition. Annual Report. Washington, U. S. Govt. print. off., 1927-
LC Call Number: HV5089 .A3
LC Catalog Record: 27027764

Holdings information 1927-1931. Report on activities of the Bureau of Prohibition. Includes many tables with statistical data.

United States. Department of the Treasury. Circular ... [Washington, 1925-
LC Call Number: HV5089 .A35
LC Catalog Record: unk81045425

Holdings cover #1 (1925) - #155 (1927). Topics cover the range of activities, administrative and mission, of the Prohibition Bureau. Many be one page notifications other may be many pages to testimony.

Willard, Frances E. Autobiography of an American Woman, Glimpses of Fifty Years. Chicago, Woman's temperance publishing association, 1892.
LC Call Number: HV5232.W6 A3 1892
LC Catalog Record: 36016728

This was a autobiography of Frances E. Williard who founded and led the most prominent of the Temperance Movement groups - Woman's Christian Temperance Union.

Willard, Frances E. Let Something Good Be Said : Speeches and Writings of Frances E. Willard / edited by Carolyn De Swarte Gifford and Amy R. Slagell. Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2007.
LC Call Number: HV5232.W6 A5 2007
LC Catalog Record: 2007005142
Table of Contents

Wittenmyer, Annie. History of the Woman's Temperance Crusade. A complete official history of the wonderful uprising of the Christian women of the United States against the liquor traffic, which culminated in the gospel temperance movement. Philadelphia, Published at the office, The Christian Woman, 1878.
LC Call Number: HV5229 .W6
LC Catalog Record: 10004682
Digitized version External Link

The introduction was written by Miss Frances E. Willard and it is a history of the Woman's Temperance Crusade from its beginning with significant attention to Ohio and towns in Ohio. There is attention given to activities in Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, California, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, and Delaware.

Writing out My Heart : Selections from the Journal of Frances E. Willard, 1855-96 / edited by Carolyn De Swarte Gifford. Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c1995.
LC Call Number: HV5232.W6 W55 1995
LC Catalog Record: 94043878

This title has five parts, which cover Willard's early adulthood, her two-year journey overseas, and her final journal entries two years before her death, selected from the original forty-nine volumes--eight thousand pages of source documents. Willard's papers are held by Northwestern University External Link which also has information on the journal transcriptions.External Link [PDF format: 62 KB / 4 pp.]

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People & Groups – Anti

[Interior of a crowded bar moments before midnight, June 30, 1919, when wartime prohibition went into effect New York City]

Image (left): [Interior of a crowded bar moments before midnight, June 30, 1919, when wartime prohibition went into effect New York City]
1919 June 30
Repository: LC Prints and Photographs Division

Association Against the Prohibition Amendment records, 1917-1933.
Finding aid

Association Against the Prohibition Amendment was established in 1918 by Naval Captain William H. Stayton. It is chiefly printed matter together with a copy of the group's certificate of foundation, annual reports, bibliographies of anti-prohibition writings, and a mailing list.

Association Against the Prohibition Amendment. Report to the Directors for the Year... [New York, 1929-]
LC Call Number: HV5089 .A75
LC Catalog Record: unk82094939

Holdings 1928-1933. This is in brochure form and reports on the group's activities.

Auerbach, Joseph S. An Indictment of Prohibition. 1st ed. New York ; London : Harper, 1930.
LC Call Number: HV5089 .A9
LC Catalog Record: 30023812

This title was written during Prohibition and is the author's personal thoughts. However, he goes into how the states thought that Prohibition was going to be positive but how unintended consequences resulted in just the opposite. It also discusses Congress' role in the passage and how they should be the body to repeal it.

Davis, Marni. Jews and Booze : Becoming American in the Age of Prohibition. New York : New York University Press, c2012.
LC Call Number: HV5185 .D38 2012
LC Catalog Record: 2011028199
Book review External Link

This book looks at the role Jewish Americans during Prohibition from those who had long-standing businesses selling alcohol or those who got into the illegal end of selling, to those that enforced and supported the law like Izzy Einstein.

Dobyns, Fletcher. The Amazing Story of Repeal. Chicago, New York, Willett, Clark & Company, 1940.
LC Call Number: HV5089 .D62
LC Catalog Record: 40010511

This is about the history of repealing the 18th Amendment. There is a nice section on propaganda.

Kavieff, Paul R. The Purple Gang : Organized Crime in Detroit, 1910-1945. New York : Barricade Books, c2000.
LC Call Number: HV6439.U7 D475 2000
LC Catalog Record: 00028903

This is a book about a Detroit gang called The Purple Gang, also known as the Sugar House Gang. Most of the members were Jewish including the brothers Abe, Joe, Raymond and (Isadore) Izzy Bernstein. This gang's violence and control of the liquor market in Detroit meant even Al Capone kept out of Detroit. There are chapters devoted to notorious incidents like the Milaflres Apartment massacre, the cleaners and dyers war, St. Valentine's Day massacre, the Collingwood Manor massacre and then goes onto their decline and eventual time in jail.

Kobler, John. Capone; The Life and World of Al Capone. New York, Putnam [1971]
LC Call Number: HV6795.C17 K6
LC Catalog Record: 78150267

Basic biography on the life of Al Capone.

National Wholesale Liquor Dealers Association of America. The Anti-Prohibition Manual; a Summary of Facts and Figures Dealing with Prohibition. Cincinnati, Ohio, National wholesale liquor dealers association of America, c19
LC Call Number: HV5089.N32 and HV5089 .N325
LC Catalog Record: x 16015989 and 17022063

Holdings 1915-1918. This is a compilation of facts and figures to be used by the opponents of Prohibition created to fight the efforts of those pushing Prohibition.

Repeal Review ... Washington, D.C., Repeal Associates, Inc. [1936-]
LC Call Number: HV5285 .R4
LC Catalog Record: 43034253

Holdings 1936-1965. This was from the Repeal Associates which was set up as a Citizens Council for Liquor after the Association Against the Prohibition Amendments was dissolved. Their purpose was to educate their readers about the laws in the wake of Prohibition's failure but also to inform and educate members about efforts to tightly control abolish liquor at the local level in the wake of the failure of national Prohibition. They published a “Know the History of Your State” article as well as an article on the history of the passage and repeal of prohibition in their July-September 1937 edition. Also, the first volume contained a report to members.

Root, Grace Cogswell. Women and Repeal; The Story of the Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform; authorized by Mrs. Charles H. Sabin; by Grace C. Root. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1934.
LC Call Number: HV5089 .R65
LC Catalog Record: 34001690

This looks specifically about the rise of women's voices to end Prohibition especially the Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform (WONPR).

Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform records, 1896-1933.
Finding aid

Chiefly responses to queries about international liquor policies and regulations collected from consuls general and other foreign representatives between 1931 and 1933 by Mrs. Edward Wales Root, research director of the Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform, which advocated repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment.

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